It never seemed like rape to me??

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It just never seemed like rape to me? I never would have hurt her, I loved her. She was my mother after all, and I loved her with my whole heart. I was just horny and we'll, she was there.

My name is Rob. I was 14 when this part of my life began.
I was a average kid from an average single parent home in the suburbs of Michigan.
Da and mom divorced when I was 5 and I saw dad on the weekends and lived with my mom the rest of the time. We had a pretty nice suburban home in a upper-middle class neighborhood.

Mom never looked for a man after dad, I guess she wasn't interested in them, she always said I was her special man and I was all she needed. I always liked hearing her say that.
In hindsight, I can tell you now that my mother was a very submissive person, even twords me. At a young age I was already acting like the man of the house and she call me as much. Of course she saw it as a cute little joke between us, but I took it as a serious matter as some young sons will at times. She was "my mommy", and I felt a certain ownership over her I suppose. It was always just her and I after all, she belonged to me as I saw it. Mind you it wasn't sexual yet, just a way of thinking about her. Simply put,... She was mine.

I guess this way of thinking might be how it started me on my path to rapping my mom. I never thought of it as rape until many years later as I looked back on my teenage years through the eyes of a grown man. Weather it truly was rape, I shall leave up to you,the reader to decide?

It was 1998, and I was 14 as I said. I had come out of my room to come downstairs and watch some TV. When I got to the living room, I found my mother (Carol), sleeping on the couch in her bathrobe. I didn't think much of it and sat down by her feet at the end of the couch and started flipping through the channels. I came to the Cinamax channel and stopped. It was a late night skin flick and I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen. Man was on top of a woman, fucking her with long,slow strokes as he sucked on her tit. I got hard as a rock right away. Out of instinct, I grabbed my dick and started to rub it through my pants. At first I forgot myom was right there next to me. When I remembered, it was like a blind man suddenly getting his sight. It hit me like a bolt of lightning all at once!!
My mother was a girl !!
My mother had a pussy !!
My mother was right there !!

I didn't really think any further than that.
I stood up and dropped my pants and freed my throbbing cock from its prison and stood over my sleeping,sexy mother.

Let me describe my mom at this time in life.
My mom Carol was 42. She had jet black hair and blue eyes. She was about 135 lbs, with 36C breasts and curvy hips with a big butt.

Anyhow, there I was standing over her with a raging boner and a one track mind. My cock was telling me to breed and my mom was mine after all,(at least in my mind). So I nelt on the couch next to her up-turned ass and lifted her robe up and off her jelly filled butt. It was simply beautiful. Mom was still sound asleep as I crawled up next to her and started to push my cockhead into her crack. She was dry and it wasn't working. Mom was a heavy sleeper and even with my nudging at her pussy lips, she was still asleep. Then it hit me, I had seen it on a video. The man spit on the women's pussy before he put his dick in her!
I went the other way with it and spit ony dickhead. It worked perfectly! When I put my wet dickhead back to Mom's cunt lips, my head slipped right in!
I pushed in and shoved my whole 71/2 inch cock right up into my mom. Her head jumped up and her hand grabbed my chest as she gasped out!

Oh my God!! She yelled!!

I wasn't waiting for permission.
I began to thrust in and out of her, she felt so incredibly good and warm and velvety around my dick. I was in heaven.
She hollered out in between gasps,..What..Are..You.. Doing.. Robbie!!???

I just said,.. I'm loving you mommy and it feels so good!!!

No baby, you can't do that!!

When she said that, it made me angry and I yelled out,.. YES I CAN!! YOUR MY MOMMY AND I CAN LOVE YOU ALL I WANT!!!

Then I thrust into her a few more times and emptied my balls into her warm body as she watched in horror as her son seeded her womb.
Then I collapsed on top of her breathing hard. She rolled on her back on the couch as I laid on top of her. Neither one of us said a word.
I started to kiss her neck after a while and I could feel her tensing up every time I kissed her, but I didn't care. I kissed my way down to her beautiful tits and opened her robe up and nursed from her for a very long time. I was hard again and I was already between her legs so I found my way back inside her and began to slowly fuck her again as she cried on my shoulder. I couldn't stop though, the feeling was just to incredible.
I got sick of her sniveling iny ear, so I got up on my knees and fucked her while I held her ankles.
Then I noticed how sexy her little feet were with her little painted toe nails and I began to kiss and lick them as I fucked in and out of her shaking body. I was so very happy inside her.
As I felt my cum boil over I sucked on her toes as I filled her belly up again with my boy cum and collapsed once again on top of her.

After a while I sat up and pulled her lifeless body with me and laid her head on my chest and stroked her hair while I watched TV.

There was still some skin flick on and a woman was blowing a guy. I had often wondered what that would feel like and told my mom as much.
When she realized what was on my mind, she began to try and move away from me,but I was having none of it.
I put my hand on the back of her head and slowly pushed her down until my hard dick was stabbing her in the face. Eventually she gave in and took me into her mouth and slowly sucked her son off until I finished in her warm mouth. Afterwards, we just layed there. Me on the couch and her with her head on my stomach and my deflated dick still in her mouth until I fell asleep.

In the days and year's after that, I just fucked mom when ever I felt like it. Of course she would always act like it was wrong and she really didn't want to do it, but she never tried to stop me. I'd watch porn movies and then try everything out on my sweet sexy mother afterwards.
After all, she was mine!

Mom is 67 now and I still fuck her every day and she still acts like I'm rapping her, but as always she never tries to stop me.

So what do you think??.... Was it rape?? Or a loving life time relationship??


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