Mother's Addiction

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I've done it!!! My God, I think I've finally done it!!! I've been working on it for so many years I didn't know if I could really get the formula right, but I think I've finally gotten right!

Hold on, I guess I should clue you in on what I am going on about.
Hello, my name is William, everyone just calls me Will. I hold Master degrees in several studies, but I've focused for the most part on Bio-Chemistry. Ever since I was 16, I've been working on a formula that would make a man's sperm addictive like a powerful drug when absorbed into the human body. I had my reasons for doing this, I'm not looking to sell this formula to anyone. On the contrary, I plan to keep it all to myself. I also have no intention of using it to have my way with women everywhere or keep a house full of girls slave to my wishes. I have been driven to this by a need for a certain woman that otherwise I can never have, and that is a future I just cannot allow to happen.
I have since my sexual drive came to life been completely in love with my mother. There's no dealing with it. There's no finding someone else to work through it. I crave her touch and love and I have been working tirelessly for 10 years to bring my dreams to a reality.
It started with a formula my grandfather was working on to make animals mate that weren't wanting to. It was a government contact he got to use for mattings indangered animals. I took up his formula and have been reworking it and tweaking it to my ends ever since. Iv had so many failures and close misses that I've almost given up a few times, but not being with her is just not an option for me. The way I see it, she's my mother and if anyone should be inside her it's me. I've already been there, she was once my home, her body was once the source of my food and drink. It's only right I be let back in, it's my birth RITE!!

Growing up with her so close to me every day and not being able to be with her was pure torcher. I fantasize of her with every stroke of my adolescent cock.
I guess I should describe her to you.
Her name is Cadence. She is 5'11 and has jet black shiny curly hair down to her lower back. Her eyes are sky blue and she has full succulent lips. She's 140 LBS of breasts and ass. Her breasts are huge and hang on her body like pear shaped fleshy bags of joy. Her waste is narrow and her hips flare out. Her ass is simply massive and sticks out behind her like it's own entity. Her upper thighs are on the thick side, but she has long legs and the whole package works out beautifully. She always keeps herself cared for and kept up and her finger nails and toes are always painted red. Her skin is ivory white and her sexy feet drive me insane. Her voice and personality drip with confidence and sexuality. She is a goddess in my eyes. She was 26 when she had me.

Growing up with her in the wake of puberty was as I said, maddening.
To be perfectly honest, the only thing that saved me from rapping my beautiful mother was Saddie, our African American house keeper.

When I was 13, Saddie was 40.
She was 6'2 and looked like a big beautiful black Amazon queen to me.
She had a well kept afro and large drooping breasts. Her big fat ass moved deliciously with every moment she made. She had long powerful looking legs and big long feet.
She wasn't my mother, but I got hard around her constantly.

Saddie was a live in maid and had her own apartment like place in the lower level of the house with it's own entrance to the side yard. She had moved in with us when I was 5 and my father and grandparents died in a car accident. Our family was very wealthy and mom will never need to worry about money for the rest of her life, I won't either for that matter. My mother's father is the one who showed me the path in science, and God bless him for it.

Anyhow, Saddie was like a second mom to me through the years. She bathed me as a child and took care of me in many of the same ways my mother did. For all intents and purposes, she was family.

Being in love with my mother meant that I was extremely jealous whenever she went out a date. She was beautiful and rich so there was never a shortage of assholes trying to get to her. Buy the grace of God, she never seemed to find one that she cared for, but that didn't stop the pain of having to watch her walk out the door with different assholes.

One evening when I was 13, mom was walking out the door with some new dip-shit and I was dripping with anger. When she left, Saddie saw how upset I was and said, oh sugar, come here to Saddie. I walked over to her and she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight to her boosem.
Her arms around me felt so nice and she smelled so good, then there was the fact that my face were resting on some incredible milk bags, well all that led to a very hard boner coming to life in my pants. Saddie was holding me so close and tight that there was no hiding it from her. The good Lord blessed me with a very nice piece of meat down there and even at 13, I was 8 solid inches long and as thich as my own wrist. Over the years I had overhead my mother and Saddie talking about it and mother saying my father was blessed that way as well. But this was the first time I had sprang a boner and had it pressed into another person.

I started to panic. I wasn't sure what to do. Saddie ran her fingers through my hair and hummed softly.
I for some reason blurted out, I love you Saddie. She squeezed a little tighter and said, oh will, Saddie loves you too.
Then she said, it feels like my little man is growing up.

I didn't know what to say so I just said, yes ma'am.

I know why you get so mad when your mother goes out with a man, I know my boy better than anybody.
I know you have feelings for her that you can't tell her about.
It's ok Will, Saddie won't tell no one, you have the right to love who ever you want, and old Saddie knows something else, you've been messin around in my dirty panties, and that's just fine too. I know that you just love old Saddie so much that you need to do those things.
I will never tell a soul, you can always know you can trust me no matter what, you hear me Will?

I just said, yes ma'am, as she held me tightly to her.

As we held each other I couldn't help myself and I started to rub my acking hard on against her and my hands dropped down to her big wide ass.
Saddie said, OH MY! My special boy is feelin in need of some loven ain't he?
Then she took one of her hands from around me and started to unbuttoned the buttons on her blouse. When she had it unbuttoned down to her skirt, she reached in a pulled one of her giant breasts out of her bra and put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me to her big chocolate nipple and latched me onto it.

That's it she said, that's it baby, you just nurse on Saddie.

I was sucking my first time and it was like a dream. It was the greatest thing to have ever happened to me up to that point in my 13 years. My cock throbbed and acked in my pants. I couldn't take it anymore, it hurt to much. I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and freed my pre-cum oozing hard on. When I did it stabbed into Saddie. She said, OH MY! I think my baby needs a little something more, don't he?

Again I said, Yes ma'am.

We were in the kitchen standing next to the breakfast bar and there was a tall wooden bar stool right behind Saddie. She reached down and pulled up her skirt and sat back on the edge of the stool. She pulled me to her between her parted legs and I watched her pull her panties to the side. With the other hand she took hold of my leaking cock and guilded me to her opening with my bloated cock head just touching her black pussy lips. She was looking down at my cock and said, good Lordy boy, you have a big ole lovely thing between your legs. You a lucky boy.
Then she said, ok Will, when ever you ready, you can just push in me.

I couldn't believe it, I was finally going to feel real pussy and it was with my beautiful Saddie!!
I pushed my cock forward with Saddie guiding me in. The second my cock head opened her cunt we both gasped with pleasure. I push in more until I had my whole cock in her and my balls were resting against her.
She cried out and wrapped her arms around me and put her head into my shoulder and neck. Oh William! OH WILLIAM!! You so big in Mama!!

It felt incredible inside her. I had seen enough porn to know what to do and I began to work my log in and out of her holding on to her wide meaty hips as I started really fucking hard into her and hearing her moans and grunts caught me off guard and before I could stop anything my orgasm came like a lightning bolt and I hollered out in pure joy as my young body spewed forth a gallon of boy cum into saddie's wet frothy cunt and I pounded it deep into her belly as she yelled, yes baby give it all to Mama!! Give Mama all your cum!!!
I kept pounding into her until I was spent. Saddie held me tight against her and ran her fingers through my hair and whispered softly how much she loved me and how she's always going to be here for me whenever I need her. I was so very happy in her arms and my half hard cock still inside her.

As she comforted me I began to get fully hard again and Saddie said, OH MY baby, you just go ahead and do your business sugar.
I fucked her more slowly that time while she held her big saggy tits up for me to nurse from as I fuck away between her parted thighs. After awhile I blew another big load into her warm moist dark cunt and almost collapsed to the floor but Saddie held me tight and we stayed coupled together for a long time. She tucked me in that night and laid with me until I drifted off with one of her big chocolate nipples in my suckling mouth..... And that's how it went through my teenage years. Saddie pleasured me in every way possible to keep me from going mad with the frustration of the lust and love I had for my mother. Even when I got older and experimented with other women and girls, Saddie always was there for me, and even now at 26 and Saddie is 55, I still fuck the shit out of her at least every other day, she's incredible in bed and indaulges my every fantasy. I really love her.
But the absolute need for my mother would never go and I've been working on this formula to make my dream come true. I know this can't make her fall in love with me, but if she can't get through the day without having my sperm in her body, then at least I will be able to lay with her and work on making her fall in love with me through intimacy. It's no where near a perfect plan, but I've been in hell all these years and this is all I have. I haven't been able to do human testing because I can't let anyone else know what I have created, but it worked perfectly on six separate pairs of monkeys. I've decided to go forward with my plan in two weeks on New year's Eve. I will inject myself with the serum two days before and then I will have to get my sperm in my mother either orally or vaginally. Of course I plan to do it orally the first time, lm hoping she will be drinking heavily and will be sleeping very hard that night and I can pour my sperm into her sleeping mouth. If it works, by the next night she will have cravings even stronger than a out of control heroin addict. She will have to come to me in she wants to satisfy her need, and I will cure her.
I will pause here and get back to you after New year's Eve and tell you if my plans have become reality.
My mother is 53 now but as beautiful and sexy as ever in my eyes, if this fails, I don't know how I will ever find peace in this life.
Please, wish me well.

..... January 30th, it's been an emotional rollercoaster since I last paused this, my story. But I suppose I should go back to New year's Eve.
I had injected the formula into my body on December 28th, so far so good, I didn't notice any side effects. I had also created a antidote for my mother, just in case.
I had told Saddie of my plan a month before, she was dead against it at first, but after a long talk and after telling her about the antidote, she realized how much I needed this and trusted in my work.
I was given her consent. I thought I sensed a bit of jealousy, but when all is said, Saddie knows she's family and will be with me for the rest of her days and that is that.
But there was one drawback to this, if Saddie and I were to continue our sexual relationship together, she to would need to consume my cum once every day, I told her I had frozen at least a hundred batches of my sperm for emergencies and that would do if for any reason I was not available. She could use the antidote 3 maybe 4 times, but after that it might not be healthy to keep using it, it would be to hard on the liver and kidneys. She thought about it and said she loved me to much not to have me inside her and she was already taking my sperm into her body on a pretty regular basis anyway and a little thawed out cum here and there never hurt no one.

God, I really love that woman.

So New year's Eve came and I convinced mom to stay with Saddie and I to celebrate. She said she was flattered I wanted to hang out with my old mother on New year's instead of going out with my friends to party the night away. I told her she was my first choice and I have been missing her with being so busy with work. When I said that, I could share she blushed?
Anyway, I kept the wine flowing that night and at midnight when she was very drunk, I slipped something in her glass of wine just to be safe. 20 minutes later she was dead to the world unconscious. I carried her to her bed and got a whiskey glass from the bar. I couldn't cum straight into her mouth while she slept, with the amount I cum, it would most likely choke her or even drowned her in her sleep. I would have to cum in the glass and slowly feed it into her mouth. I could just rape her, but I didn't want to do that, I wanted our first time to be her choice. Well, her choice in a way I guess, but it seemed better than rapping her in her sleep. It's not a perfect world and I'm not a perfect person, just a man in love.

I walked back into her room and Saddie followed in behind me.
I looked at her with a confused expression on my face.
Oh hell baby boy, ole Saddie gonna help you get that cream out of that beautiful dick of yours. I smiled at her and said thank you Mama.
Ok baby, you just sit there on the bed next to your mother and just let me take care of you like I always do. I sat on the bed as she said and Saddie pulled my pants down and got between my legs on her knees. She took hold of my cock and put me in her heavenly mouth and went to work.
As she sucked me I couldn't help but look over at my sleeping mother.
She was so fucking beautiful and sexy. I couldn't help myself, I picked up one of her sexy feet and took off her high heel. I put her foot to my face and breathed her intoxicating aroma. Her smell wasn't like some smelly foot oder, her had a erotic womenly sent that drove me mad with lust. I started rubbing her pantyhose covered foot all over my face and sucking her toes through her hose. With Saddie sucking me and playing with my mother I was going to cum in record time. I put mom's leg down grabbed the glass and warned Saddie. She took my dick out of her mouth and stroked me while I held the glass. I came hard with Saddie sucking my balls and pumping her hand up and down my shaft. When I had emptied my load into the glass I rested a few moments before starting to feed mom my cum and see if all my work and dreams would bare fruit. I slowly dripped my sperm into her sleeping mouth over the next half hour, kissed her goodnight and turned in to bed also.

Morning came for me around 9am.
I was a little hung over, but mostly just nervous as all hell. Mom was still in bed but Saddie was up and made me breakfast and sat with me while I waited for my mother to wake up. It wouldn't happen right away, but by my calculations by 8 or nine tonight she should be craving more of my sperm. At first she won't know what she is craving, I would have to some how share that knowledge with her and that would be a difficult thing to do. I had a little time to figure that out. That first day she was so hungover that I didn't think she would be able to tell much difference between the craving and being sick, so that night I came in a glass of orange juice and gave it to her and just got her to bed.

Day two January 2nd,... The day went normal and as evening came I waited to see what would happen.
Around 6pm she started acting twitchy and edgy. By 7pm she was starting to sweat and was getting cold and hot flashes. By 8pm she was coming to me and saying she needed something but she didn't know what, she was acting desperate and very needy. She was hanging on me trying to think of what she needed, her mind was at a loss of what could be happening. I began to feel terrible about what I was putting her through, but I had been suffering most of my life and I just couldn't go on that way any longer.
She started feeling weak and dissy so I helped her to her bed at got her under the sheets. It was now 11:30 and she was absolutely desperate for something but didn't know what? I thought maybe it was time. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and I would be right back.
She said hurry up baby, I need you with me. I told her I would.
I went into the bathroom and got my cock out and began to stroke myself while I thought about licking mom's pussy. I got my self close and back off letting some pre- cum leak out, I did it again and then once again until my pre-cum was all over my cock head and leaking down my cock shaft. Now it was the moment of Truth.

I walked back into the bathroom with my cock hanging out of my pants. Mom was twisting and rolling around on the bed, she didn't even look up as I walked in. I walked up right to the side of the bed and waited with my cum covered cock hopefully sending out the smell she would recognize as the source of her need. Mom was breathing hard and groaning. She called out to me with her head down and not looking at me.

William!! William I need something!!

I knew she was becoming delirious with need.

My semi-hard cock was now maybe 12 inches from her sweat covered head.
She was laying on her stomach and had her face down across her arms.
She sensed me next to her and said, Oh god William, I need it so bad!!
I feel like Im going crazy!

I said, what mommy? What do you need?

I don't know Will, I DON'T KNOW!
But oh my God I need it!

Then she lifted her head to look at me. It took her a second to clear her vision.



Your private is out of your pants!

Oh good mom I'm sorry, I must of forgot to put it back in when I went to the bathroom, I was just in a hurry to get back to you!

I started to act like I was going to put my cock away when all the sudden mom started to sniff, and sniff and sniff some more.

WAIT! WAIT A Second!.... No!... No it can't be? She said talking to herself. No!

Then she got up on her hands and knees and got a little closer and kept sniffing like a dog.

What's that smell William? What is it???

Umm, I don't know what you mean mom?

I went to go put my cock away and she said, WAIT!... I'm sorry Will, but wait a second.

Ok mom, anything you need. Just tell me what I can do for you?

Then she moved in closer now, only a few inches from my hardening sticky sperm covered cock.

That smell she said, that wonderful smell! Then she looked up at me and said, oh good Will, I'm so sorry! I can't help it, I need it so bad and I don't know why or what's happening to me!! Please forgive me son!!

With that she came forward on all fours on the bed as I stood next to it and in one Bob of the head, she took half my cock into her mouth.
The feeling and sight of this over powered my brain and senses. I went weak in the knees and barely held myself up. She was like an crazed junkie sucking and licking all over my rock hard meat.

She said, oh God William, that it! That's what I need! I need more now!
I'm sorry baby but I need you to come for mommy, it's an emergency darling, I NEED IT!!

Then she shoved me back into her mouth and began to suck me like a madwoman! The feeling was indescribable! I new I wouldn't last long looking down at her beautiful face and seeing my cock going in and out of her. I grabbed her head and said, ok mommy, here it comes, it's all for you!! Oh God!! I yelled as I let loose of a huge blast of cum into her sucking desperate throat.
I just kept fucking her mouth and shooting blast after blast into her and she couldn't get enough.
I kept going until I was emptied and then I fell to the bed beside her.
She rolled me over and went back to nursing from my half hard penis.
I just looked at her as my greatest hopes and dreams appeared to be coming true before my eyes.

As I lay there mom was licking up my balls and up the sides of my cock searching for any left over drop of sperm. When her eyes met mine she froze. I could see that she had come out of her haze and just realized what she had just done. She dropped my dick and staired at me like a deer frozen in the headlights.

Oh dear God, what have I done!

Mom it's alright I said as I took her by the arms and pulled her to me in a hug.

Do you feel better now mom, it looks like you feel better, are you ok??

She mumbled a few things and then said, yes... Yes whatever it was has seemed to passed. She still seemed disoriented and completely confused.
I don't know what happened, I was in suck agony and when I smelled you and then tasted you, I knew somehow that is was exactly what I needed.
I know that sounds insane, I can't believe what I'm even saying!
Oh Lord, what have I done!!

And she started crying in her hands as I held her and told her everything was going to be ok, I would help her figure this out.

Yes, I felt like shit about putting her through this, but I couldn't see any other way and I was already up to my eyeballs in it now anyways.

I got her settled down and got her to lay down on the bed and I laid down with her and held her until we both fell asleep.

.... The next morning. Mom and I woke up at the same time. At first she couldn't even look me in the eyes. She got out of bed and went to shower and freshen up. I did the same. Afterwards I went and got her from her room and told her we had to talk this out.
She just started crying again saying how sorry she was and how she hopes I still love her. I finally said, STOP THIS MOM!.. of course I love you and I always will! Whatever happened we will figure out together, and let's be real, it's not like you hurt me mom, and I have to be real as well, it's not like it felt terrible! So just stop saying sorry and let's figure this out together,ok??

She stopped crying and seemed to be confused at my statement but also somewhat relieved as well. She calmed down and I told her, mom I'm the smartest person and doctor you know, if anyone can figure this out I can. Right off the top of my head, I'm thinking something like an acute protein or vitamin deficiency that cause you to go into shock and disorder. There's a lot of protein and vitamins in a man's sperm, maybe your body sensed this and went into auto pilot to try and get what it needed, iv heard of things much more unusual. But again, that's just off the top of my head. I'm going to my lab at work and bring home what I need and set up a lab here at home in the basement. I'm going to take a leave of absence and I promise we will get to the bottom of this. Hell, who knows? Maybe it's out of your system or an anomaly of some sort. But we have to be sure, I love you too much to take any chances.

Oh thank you William, I don't know what I would do without you my love.

Don't worry mom, I'm here and I always will be for you.

She put her head on my shoulder and we held each other. My God how I loved this woman.

.... I rushed to work and got a bunch of things from my lab to make it look good to Mom. I put everything in the van and then went to the office to inform them I would be taking an indefinite leave because of an family issue. They were very understanding. They really had no choice, they needed me and they knew with my family money, this was more of a passion for me than anything else. I got in the van and rushed home to my mother.

Saddie was looking after her. I told Mom that I told Saddie that she was not feeling well and that was all.
I didn't want her feeling any more uncomfortable then she already had been. Mom saw me carrying in all the medical equipment and I know it made her feel better to know I was on the case. She knew how intelligent I was and what I was capable of when motivated. I set up a make shift lab in the basement and even took blood and urine samples from mom through the day. I could already tell she was feeling much more at ease.

... Then evening came. It was about 6:30 when she started to feel the first twindges of discomfort. She tried to dismiss it as nerves. By 7:30 she was markedly more unsteady.
Her paulse was faster and her couldn't stop fidgeting. She told me that she felt it starting again.

I said, ok mom. I want to try something, a test of sorts,ok?

Yes son, anything.

Ok, wait here and I'll be right back.
... I went to the fridge and got a sperm sample I took from the lab earlier that day when I got this idea in my head. I had to let her know that MY cum was the only one that would work. I didn't want her out trying to find cum from other men so she didn't have to get it from her baby boy. That would not do.

I came back to the room and I could see a real change in her state. It was coming on her strong now, the craving, the need.

I told her about the sperm sample. I said I know how bad she felt about last night and if this is the only way to help her while I figure this out I thought it might help if I got this for her so she didn't feel so bad about getting the sperm from me.
She smiled at me and said what a thoughtful, wonderful son I am, and yes that had been on her mind all day.

I got to admit, her not wanting my cum stung a little bit, but what could I expect really. This wasn't going to all happen over night. It was somewhat like getting a wild animal to eat from your hand I guess, but then I have to get the wild animal to let me fuck it and hopefully want me to fuck it. Not such an easy undertaking. But this was the mission.

Mom was know so uncomfortable, that she just plain out asked me for the sperm sample I had brought home.
That actually shocked me a bit, mom mother asking for a stranger's sperm to drink. But I guess I could understand, even though I already knew it was pointless for her.
I took the top off the small plastic bottle and handed the sample to her.
She looked embarrassed when she took it from me but also as if she truly needed it. She took it and slowly brought it up to her nose. Right away I could see that something was wrong by her face. She looked at me puzzled but said nothing. She was shaking now and in withdrawal. She pressed forward and shot the cold cum down in one shot. She looked as if it tasted terrible. Then we waited in silence a few moments.

Something's wrong Will, it's not working!

Wait and give it a minute mom, it might take a few minutes?

No! It's not working damnit!! I know it! When it was yours I could feel relief right away! Damnit, I feel nothing but need!! What are we going to do?!!!

She fell over on the couch and started to shake and tear up.

Don't worry mom, I'll help you no matter what, I swear!

Then I got up and walked over in front of her on the couch and started undoing my pants.

She looked up, what are you doing?

Well mom, this fixed you last night, maybe it will again and right now I don't have any other ideas to try yet.

I pulled my pants and boxers down and right off. I got right in front of her and started to stroke my cock while looking at her. She seemed mesmerized by it at first and then caught herself stairing and acted as if she was not looking right at it.
As I stroked, I could feel pre-cum leaking out and mom could not only see it, but I could tell now that she could smell it and it was having a hard effect on her.

That's it William, that's the smell that drove me to insanity last night. That stuff you brought home was revolting. But my god, you smell incredible! I can't take it son! I need some NOW! Hurry up I need it!

I'm trying mom, I'm really trying.
.. I really wasn't, I wanted her to learn she would have to get it out of me herself, I just couldn't come out and say that. I had to try and be a gentleman about it and let her make all the first moves.

So I kept stroking and leaking pre-cum until she couldn't take it anymore and said, for God's sake, just give it to me and I'll get it myself!!

Now that's what I wanted to hear! I thought to myself.

See reached out and took hold of my cock and began to stroke me. I heard her whisper to herself, SO HUGE.
Then she leaned forward and took me in her velvety mouth and went to town on me. She was giving me pleasure like I had never experienced. I just put my hands on her head and stood there looking down at her as she worshipped at my alter of cock. When I happen to look up I saw Saddie standing in the hallway watching. She kinda had a sad look on her face. When she saw me look at her, she just slowly turned and walked away. I felt a pinch of guilt but it quickly passed as I looked back down at my sexy mommy sucking me with all she had. She was getting desperate now and took her mouth off me long enough to say, come on baby, give Mommy what she needs! Hearing her say that and feeling her desperate mad sucking was what sent me over the edge and I erupted into her incredible mouth. She milked me for every drop I had and licked me clean and then collapsed back on to the couch. I picked her up and carried her into her room and put her to bed. She fell quickly asleep.

I then made my way down to saddie's room and told her how much I had missed her and still needed her. She seemed to really perk up and we got naked and I had her sit her huge fat black ass on my face and I ate her asshole and pussy for an hour before she mounted me and rode my big cock till I blasted a nice big load up into her belly and I slept in her bed that night. I never wanted her to ever feel like she was being replaced. I would have never made it through those years without her.

The next few days went basically the same. I would pretend to do research and tests during the day and at night mom would be forced to blow me for her medicine. One evening I even told her to suck me twice to see if a double dose would fend off the cravings longer. Of course I knew they wouldn't, but I just couldn't get enough of her.
The only thing left to do then was find a way to fuck her and make it seem as if it was for the cure. This would come on the tenth day.

I told Mom that I had come to a point in my research that I would have to do a exam of her body, and unfortunately it would include a pelvic exam...( Ya, I know, I'm a son of a bitch, sorry folks).

She was very uncomfortable but said she understood and it was still much better than trying to explain all this to some doctor who wasn't even as smart as I was to begin with.

I was glad she saw it my way.

I made an examination table in the lab in our basement and even set it up with stirrups for her legs to rest in. This was a must for what I had in mind. I had decided on a plan to get her to let me fuck her and bring down more of the walls between us and get to my real agenda. A husband and wife kind of life with her. That's the dream at least.

So it was time for moms exam and she came in to my lab in just a silk robe. Her curves were simply breath taking. I could have almost raped her right there if I had a little less self control.

I tried to be as professional as I could to make her feel more comfortable. But when I asked her to unrobe and climb on the table, I was nowhere near ready for the incredible heavenly vision that I saw before me. I went hard as a rock and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Her voluptuous womenly body was beyond words. Her huge brown nipples and thick Forrest of public hair just simply took my breath away, and her hips, my god her sexy hips and legs! Dear lord!
Her ass and breasts we're something of mythical tales, certainly not in the real world and right here in front of me?? I would most certainly do anything within my power to be with her now, no holding back.

She got up on the table but kept her legs together. This would not do! I gentaly took ahold of them and put them in the stirrups, leaving her spread wide open to me now.
I swear to God I almost fainted, I shit you not!

It was like I was looking into my past, present and future all at once. It was perfect, it was Nirvana, and I would make it mine and mine alone.

It was time for the exam to begin and I didn't even know where to start? I was like a kid in a candy store. My mother saw my huge erection and blushed. I said, sorry mom, but your just so beautiful.
Well that made her blush harder, but she just said, don't worry about it, it's natural for a boy your age,.. then she said, well I guess I should have said, a man your age. I said thanks for understanding.

Now I got down to business. I started at her head and planned to work my way down. I paid a tad bit longer on her heavenly breasts than I probably should have, but whatcha gonna do, ya know? Then I work down over her stomach and settled in at the furry opening and set up camp.
I got a short stool and got ready to really enjoy myself. I was not going anywhere anytime soon. I examined her clit and lips and asshole very very carefully. Then I told her to breath easy and I started to easy first one then two fingers inside my sexy mother. I was life changing for me. It took super human strangth not to lean forward and feast on her magical pussy, to this day I still don't know how I held back.
But back to mom, she gasped out loud when I slipped my fingers into her and I felt a little cum shoot out in my pants.
I felt around inside her for quite a while, exploring her treasure. I took some swabs and asked several medical questions so it appeared I was really doing something down there, but really I was just living the dream. I even think she had a small orgasm twords the end before I slipped my fingers out of her.

When I stood up mom started to get up and I told her wait, that we weren't done yet and to stay with her legs up in the stirrups. She did as she was told. Then I pulled the stool over beside her up by her head and sat down in it, took her hand in mine and told her we had to talk about something. She gave me a nervous smile and said sure sweetheart, we don't have many secrets between us these days, and gave me a Shakey laugh.

Ok, here's the thing mom. I've learned many things in the past few days, but I still don't know how my sperm is being ingested inside of you? I don't know if it's being absorbed through your stomach or oral glands or just through the skin? And that's very important to me and my tests, I have to know what part of your body is ingesting my sperm and why?

Ok Will, she said, how do we find that out?

Ok mom you have to hear me out on this cause I have goen over it and over it and I just can't come up with any other way.

Ok son, what is it, she said very nervously.

Mom, I need to see the effects of the sperm given to you vaginally.

WHAT!!! WHAT!!! Oh no William!! There must be some other way!!

There's not mom! For god sakes if there was don't you think I would be trying it?? I've goen over and over this, it's what I need to do to go forward with the tests and research.
There simply no choice mom!

Oh Lord, oh Lord. What would we have to do William?

Don't worry mom, I'll be right here every step of the way, I swear it. Your not alone, we're in this together mommy. I love you so very much.

Oh sweetie, I love you too and I can't thank you enough for all you've done and for being so strong with all I've put you through.

It nothing mom, really. Your worth it to me and so much more.

I told Mom to close her eyes and keep them closed until I said, she did as I told her.
I then walked around and stepped between mom's spread wide open legs and I dropped my pants unleashing my acking cock. Got some ky jelly that I had used for my figures during the exam and put some on my cock head.
I lined up my dick at her furry slit and pushed my bloated head in her.
Mom's eyes shot open and she gasped a painful gasp. She looked down and said, oh my God, your in me William!!

Yes Mommy, I told you I had to give you your medicine vaginally this time, we just talked about this.

I thought you were going to use a turkey baster or something like that, oh my God you have your penis in your mother!!!

I moved forward and sunk a few more inches in her and she yelled out again. I can't do it that way mom, it will mess up the tests.

She arched her head back and said, William, your to big for me, oh dear heavily fuck!! Your to big baby, pull out slowly!!

You'll be ok mom, your body WILL adjust, I swear! And with that I sank the rest of my angry intruder into her depths and came to rest against her cervix where my life began. Mom screamed out and had her eyes shut tight and her jaw clinched together like a steal trap. Neather one of us moved. My cock was twitching and jumping inside her, but we both stayed still. After a few minutes her clinched face softened and she opened her eyes and looked at me. I thought she would be in raged with me, but she started to tear up. She looked at me and said, oh my baby boy, I haven't had you inside me for 27 years almost. I don't know why, but it just feels right to have you back inside your Mommy. It just feels like you belong there. I don't know, I guess I've just been to emotionally overwhelmed lately. I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Just go ahead baby, go ahead and give Mommy her medicine.

I couldn't believe what I had just heard her say, it both touched my heart and soul, and turned me on more than anything else in my entire life.... I was ready to breed my mother as I claim her for myself and no one else. I drew back on my cock and brought some out before pushing it back down to her cervix again. Mom moaned in pleasure. I fucked her in and out slowly for about 10 or 15 minutes I would say just looking down at her beautiful face as she looked back at me, our eyes locked together in our gaze. I took one of her sexy feet out of the stirrups and sucked on her beautiful red painted toes and licked the bottom of her foot as I thrust in and out of her velvety hole. She really seemed to enjoy my attention to her foot so I picked up the other one and treated it to the same. Her feet had always turned me on so much over the years that I was feeling my orgasm building because of finally getting my chance to taste her bare sexy feet. I set her legs back in the stirrups and fell forward on to her and grabbed her giant tits, one in each hand and pushed them together and went back and forth suckling on her huge brown nipples as I started to really pound into mom and listen to her cries of pleasure and sin. We were one, fucking and grunting like animals.
I looked up at her and she came forward and stuck her tongue in my mouth and I sucked it like a dick, not ever wanting to let it out of my mouth. When we did break free of our taboo embrace, mother couldn't stop screaming out and finally she grabbed me by the head and said now William, NOW!! Give Mommy her medicine now baby!! Oh God Son, CUM IN ME NOW!!!!
I obayed her and shot a cannon fire load of hot sperm deep into my mother's belly and kept pounding and squirting in her for what seemed like an in possible amount of time.
After that I collapsed into her and rested my head on her sweaty breasts and thanked my maker for being born.

... Later that night mom asked me to sleep in her bed so she would feel safe having her medicine close to her. I was more than happy to do so. I bent her over the bed and got my face up between her big ass cheeks and made a meal of her delicious sweet asshole while she squeaked and giggled. I flipped her over and feasted on her incredibly hair pussy and drank squirt after gushing squirt of her cunt jucies until my jaw was looking up. Then she climbed up on me and sunk her perfect pussy down on my cock and slowly rode me while I breast fedd from Mom's huge hanging utters that were so beautiful with there blue vains and stretch marks. She rode me until I exploded in her once again and then we fell asleep together with her still laying on top of me arms and legs wrapped around me, her baby boy.

A few days later I faked coming up with the cure. I knew mom would always be mine now. I never will tell Mom about Saddie and I, it would just hurt her and even though all my dreams have come true, I have no intention of giving up my Saddie girl, she's my black Amazon queen, and she always will be, she's earned that.
Life is pretty damn good with my two ladies in the same house with me. I feel like I just want to freeze time and have it be this way forever, but I won't look a miracle in the mouth.


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