Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 10)

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4 years later...

The next four years were the happiest time in Eric's life. His job was great, his lover and daughter was even better. They were truly friends and lovers. Their relationship had progressed to the point where Melinda had moved into her father's bedroom but kept clothes in a spare room for show. They slept every night together and their sexual relationship had become even more intense. It was hard to tell whose desire was greatest. Melinda was still insatiable but Eric kept up with her.

Melinda was doing well in school and had decided to major in engineering. She was a taller, stronger, and even more beautiful woman now. Her experiences with her father had made her much more mature then other girls her age.

There was only one problem with their happy life and Melinda wanted to correct that. However, she wasn't sure how to approach it. She had been thinking about it for months and had finally gotten up enough nerve to bring it out in the open.

She sensed that it was going to be a special night tonight. She and her dad were going to a show and then back home for dinner. That wasn't unusual. However, she could see a light in his father's eyes and that always meant something special was going to happen.

As usual, Melinda was waiting downstairs for her dad. When he came down, he was wearing a tight black suit. He had a silver watch around his wrist that Melinda had given him last week for his Father's Day.

"Sorry I'm late sweet pea," he smiled as he passed.

Eric grabbed her arm and turned her back to him. He leaned to her ear, as if someone could hear, and whispered, "Would you take your panties off for me?"

She looked at him in surprise but quickly reached up under her dress and stripped her panties down her legs and over her high heels. Smiling at her dad, she handed them to him. She watched in amusement as he folded the panties and placed them in his vest pocket, and then fluffed them up.

"Thanks Melinda, now my outfit is complete." Eric smiled devilishly.

"You never cease to amaze me, daddy," Melinda said, kissing his cheek.

The play was entertaining and went by fast. However, Eric noticed that his daughter seemed anxious about something. She was fidgeting in her seat. He thought it might be excitement about the night ahead. After all, she had put off sex with him for a week, saying that it was her "time of the month." Eric didn't understand that because he thought she had just had her period a few weeks ago. However, he shrugged it off. What do guys know about that stuff, he thought.

Melinda had prepared everything in advance. The dining room table was set, with candles on the table, wine chilled, and the food ready to be heated and served. They remained dressed for the dinner.

"Dad, dinner was perfect. Thank you," Melinda said sincerely, lifting her glass of wine for a toast.

Eric brought her glass to his. "You're welcome sweet pea," Eric said. Melinda looked nervous, like she had something else to say.

"What's wrong?" Eric asked concerned.

"Dad, I have something to ask you. I am not sure how to say this." Melinda hesitated for a minute then continued. "I know you've always wanted more children and that I've always wanted a sibling."

"I know. I feel bad about that."

"We've made a commitment to each other so there isn't likely to be another man in my life or a woman in yours. I had hoped that I would eventually meet someone and marry so that I could have the children that I always wanted. And give you grandkids. The problem is, I fell in love with my own dad and I don't want anyone else."

"I know how you feel." The thought had crossed Eric's mind as well. He was looking at it more from his perspective because he wanted more children but he couldn't imagine anyone else in his life either. They were stuck in a paradox and there seemed to be no solution.

"I know that I'm not saying this right so let me give you this and then maybe you will understand," Melinda said, handing him a wrapped package.

Eric took the package with a look of confusion on his face. The package was small, about the size of a music CD. With trembling hands, Eric opened it up, having no idea what to expect. When he had opened the package, he held the contents in his hand curiously. He had a totally dumbfounded expression on his face. He looked up at his daughter and shrugged his shoulders in confusion.

Melinda didn't say a word. She just waited.

Eric looked at what he held in his hand. It was a circular package of pills. There were 30 spaces for pills, indicating that one should be taken each day. However, all were gone except the last seven pills. Suddenly, Eric looked at his daughter with a startled expression on his face. "Birth control pills?" Eric said, stunned.

Melinda reached across the table and took his hand. "Yes, daddy, they are my birth control pills and yes, I haven't taken them for the past seven days. That's why I've haven't let you have me all week."

"But, I, I don't understand. You can't be thinking that we..."

"Let me try to explain," Melinda interrupted. "I've done a lot of research over the past six months and have found that the rate of problems for children born of an incestuous relationship is really very small," she said pausing to let her father absorb what she was saying.

"My God, Melinda, are you serious?" Eric asked. He couldn't believe what his daughter was asking him.


"Oh my want a baby and you want me to be the father?"

"Yes, daddy. I want you to make me pregnant. I want to have your child," Melinda said and paused for a long moment.

"Melinda, you have to know that this is a difficult thing for us. There are all kinds of potential problems. Even though we don't have family who live nearby, that is still a concern. In addition, there is my job and your college. There are all kinds of questions that I don't have answers for." Eric said assertively to his daughter.

"And I'm willing to take the risks. But, it's up to you. If you don't want this, you can just hand the pills back to me. If you want me to have your child, throw the pills in the trash can." Melinda stood up and put her hand out, waiting for her father to make up his mind.

Eric, hesitantly, leaped from his chair and tossed the pills in the trashcan. He hurried back to the table and pulled his daughter to her feet. She now had tears streaming down her cheeks. Father and daughter kissed tenderly, holding each other tight.

Suddenly, Eric pulled away from his daughter and went down to one knee.

"Sweet pea, I know this is silly and that we can never really be married, but my love and commitment to you is as strong as any marriage has ever been. I would love to father your child," Tommy said, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Melinda pulled her father to his feet and looked into his eyes. "Oh, god daddy, are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"Melinda, I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone. You are everything to me and I would do anything for you. I want this. I want you to have my baby."

Father and daughter brought their lips together in the sweetest kiss they had ever had.

Eric picked his daughter up in his arms and silently carried her to their bed. He laid her down and quickly stripped and then he crawled onto the bed next to her. Kissing her lips, he slowly slipped the straps of her dress down her arms until her breasts were bare. He worked his lips down her neck to her heaving chest. He sucked one nipple and then the other into his mouth, bringing a moan from his daughter. Then he turned until his head was between her legs and his penis was close to her mouth. He heard his daughter moan as she took him in her mouth. His lips covered her hole and he began to suck. They worked each other to a fervor before stopping to strip Melinda's clothes off.

Eric pushed his daughter back on the bed, took a pillow, and placed it under her hips. He knew that this would get the deepest penetration. He knelt between her legs, his hard penis pulsing above his girl's waiting hole. Their eyes locked together.

"Tell me sweet pea, tell me what daddy wants to hear," Eric said holding his swollen head near her equally excited hole.

"Please daddy, fuck your daughter. I want that big cock deep in my fertile pussy. I want you to give your daughter a baby! Fuck me, please," Melinda whined as she reached down and spread her juicy lips. "Look at how ready I am for you. Can you see the juice running out of me? I want your sperm running out of my pussy all night."

"Oh, god Melinda," Eric moaned, excited by her nasty words.

Eric brought his penis to her wet and open hole. Slowly he placed the head into the entrance. Both father and daughter moaned as he slid deeply into her. The sensation felt so much greater because of what they were going to do; he was going to make his own daughter pregnant. It was the greatest taboo of all.

Melinda felt Eric begin to move in and out of her in a slow, steady motion, taking his time, building the heat and excitement. She wrapped her legs around her dad and pushed into him. When he touched bottom it brought another moan from both of them.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard. I need it so bad, please fuck me," Melinda gasped.

Eric began to pound into his daughter like never before. Sweat began to drip off of him as he worked his penis rapidly in and out of her. He could feel her juice splashing all over his balls, dripping down to the sheets. The pounding went on and on. Neither one of them could get enough of the other.

"Yes, yes, I'm close, keep fucking me. Oh, god, oh god, I'm cumming," Melinda screamed pushing her hips up to meet her dad, wrapping her legs around his waist.

"Here it comes sweet pea, here it comes, take it, take all my cum," Eric responded, feeling the force of his load traveling down the shaft and into his daughter's body. Shot after shot of potent sperm flowed from Eric into his daughter. Both were moaning and shaking as their mutual climax flowed from one body to the other.

Finally, Eric collapsed in exhaustion on top of Melinda. Their lips met in a final kiss as they fell off to sleep. Inside his daughter, Eric's sperm was beginning the journey that would change their lives forever.

They had finally crossed the line.

The End.

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