Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 5)

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The workweek was very busy for Eric. He had to work late several nights and he brought work home with him. Melinda had the books from her new school to read, so they didn't have time to talk about the events of the weekend. Neither of them knew what to say to the other anyway, so it was a good time to assess their feelings.

Eric felt guilt about what happened. It felt like he had taken advantage of his daughter's innocence.

Melinda was concerned that her dad would be angry with her for pushing him too far. Although, he didn't act upset and their conversations at the dinner table seemed normal.

On Friday evening, Melinda got up enough nerve to ask her father if he wanted to go on another date. She feared the worst when Eric said that they had to talk.

After a quiet dinner, Eric asked Melinda to join him in the living room.

Here it comes, Melinda thought.

Eric patted the sofa next to him when he saw Melinda start to sit in a chair across the room. He took a deep breath and looked into his daughter's eyes. "Melinda, I feel bad about what happened last weekend."

"Dad...I...I...uh..." Melinda started to speak.

"Let me speak," Eric said taking her his daughter's hands in his. "I'm sorry about what happened at the lake. A father should never do anything like that with his daughter. I had too much to drink but that's no excuse; I was totally out of line. I, I..." Eric began to cry.

"Daddy, you have nothing to be sorry for. I was the one that started it, I should be ashamed," Melinda said, hugging her sobbing father.

Melinda held him for a long time before she felt like she had to say what she was feeling.

"Dad, I...I...have to tell you that it was the greatest experience of my life, no matter whose fault it was," Melinda said, lifting her father's tear streaked face. "I never, ever, want to hurt you...or make you cry." Tears began to fall from her eyes.

"Oh Melinda, I love you."

Eric brought his lips to hers in a loving and tender kiss. When he pulled away, he held her face in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe away her tears. "I'll try harder to control myself," he promised.

"And so will I," Melinda added, and a little smile crossed her face. "But you have to remember, I'm just a horny teenager."

Eric raised an eyebrow. Suddenly, he broke out laughing. Melinda joined him, almost falling off the bed.

When Melinda stopped laughing, she looked at her father with that bright smile of her and said, "How about another date?"

"You're incorrigible," he said.

"I know. That's why you love me. Another date, please!"

"All right, but you have to promise to behave," Eric said lightly.

"I promise," she answered excitedly.

"Wait a minute. There have to be some rules."

"Alright," Melinda answered, ready to agree to anything. "Give me the rules."

"I don't know all of them but most importantly, we have to control ourselves. Things have gotten a little out of hand so far."

"Does behaving mean that you can't teach me more about girls and guys and stuff?"

Eric was quiet for a minute. He knew he was on very dangerous ground. His rational brain was screaming for him to stop all this. Yet, his emotional side was winning. Finally he spoke. "No, but it does mean that we have to know when to stop. When I say 'stop', that's it. You have to stop whatever you're doing, as hard as that might be. Do you agree?" Eric could feel excitement begin to course through him.

Melinda thought she was going to scream. She wanted to jump for joy. This was beyond her wildest imagination. She calmed herself and said in a controlled voice, "Fair enough, you're the boss. Tomorrow night then?"

Eric took a deep breath and said, "Tomorrow night."

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