Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 3)

Written by , on 2016-01-21, genre incest

Several days later, Melinda was home alone. It was a warm afternoon and she had just finished cutting the grass in the backyard, so she decided to take a cool shower. She went into the bathroom, leaving the door carelessly open and undressed, then stepped into the clear glass shower stall. She flipped on the shower, gasping as the cool water hit her. Soon, she was enjoying the refreshing feeling of the cold water. As she began to soap herself, she began to think of her father. Suddenly, she began to notice her clit was throbbing and red, and her nipples hard and erect. She soaped her hand and worked up a lather on her large, natural 30D breasts. Her eyes were closed as she leaned back on the tile of the shower stall, with a vision of her hot father in her mind. Just an inch more, she thought excitedly of the nipple he had almost touched.

Eric had decided to take off work early that day. When he came into the house, he called out to his daughter. When he didn't hear her answer, he figured she might be taking a nap. He went upstairs to ask her if she wanted to get a movie for them tonight. As he walked down the hall, he turned and looked into the open bathroom. Suddenly, he stopped in shock. His eyes were as big around as saucers when he saw his daughter in the shower, her eyes closed and her fingers flickering at her throbbing clitoris. Her other hand working up and down on the biggest breasts he had ever seen. While he didn't have much to compare them to, he knew they were much bigger than Amanda's.

Eric shook her head, and tried to pull himself away but his legs wouldn't move. He felt excitement in the pit of his stomach and a quivering in his groin as his eyes stared transfixed on Melinda's hot body.

"Oh, God, yes," Melinda moaned to herself as she stroked her clitoris. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she neared her climax. Soon, her finger was circling around, splattering the soapy froth to the tile below. "Oh yes, yes, daddy, more, more!" she groaned. Her body spasmed as she climaxed intensely.

Eric felt like he was going to pass out as he watched his daughter climax. He could feel his penis throbbing and hard as steel.

For some reason, Melinda opened her eyes. She gasped when her eyes met her father's. However, it was too late to stop her climax.

Eric gasped and hurried from the doorway.

An hour or so later, Melinda came downstairs to dinner wearing a pair of shorts and tank top. She was very nervous about her father's reaction to what he had obviously seen. She felt like such an idiot again.

Eric was at the sink when he heard Melinda come into the kitchen. He had also been agonizing over the embarrassing mistake as well. He knew that what Melinda was doing was perfectly normal. Every young person masturbated. However, her words kept running through his head: 'Oh yes, yes, daddy, more, more!' A little shiver ran through him as he turned around and smiled at Melinda.

"Hi, sweet pea. Dinner will be ready in a minute." The smile on his face belied the turmoil inside. When he saw what his daughter was wearing, his eyes lingered. God, she looks hot, he thought. Then his face turned hot as he remembered the vision of her standing in the shower with her hands on her nice breasts.

The smile on her father's face surprised Melinda. She was prepared for him to rant and rage. The tension drained from her when she saw his bright smile. He sat down at the table. "So what are we going to do tonight?"

"How about you go out and pick out a movie for us tonight? But not one of those 'shootum up' things," he added.

"Sounds great."

Eric brought the food over to the table and sat down to eat. He knew that he couldn't just forget the incident in the shower. Something like that could have a very negative impact on a kid, he thought. They ate in silence until Eric thought of something to say. He decided that humor had worked before so he said, "So how was your shower?" A smile crossed his face.

"Huh?!" Melinda said in shock.

"Come on, Linda, I thought we were going to be honest with each other. I saw you and I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were in the shower."

"Uh...uh...but I was..." Melinda stuttered.

"I know you were masturbating. All teenagers do that, it's natural. Let's not make a big deal out of it. Okay?" Eric kept a smile on his face but getting the words out was one of the most difficult things he had ever done. However, he felt great relief that it was out in the open. He didn't think it was necessary to tell her that he had heard what she said.

"Uh...sure, dad. Uh...i'm sorry too. Next time I'll close the door."

"Don't worry about it. It's our home and we should be able to feel free," Eric said. "You're just a 'horny teenager' anyway, right?" Eric laughed.

Melinda had to smile at the repeat of her words. She laughed too.

Then he added, "You did clean up the floor didn't you?"

"Dad!" Melinda said and her face turned bright red.

"Just checking."

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