Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 8)

Written by , on 2016-01-21, genre incest

When Melinda awoke the following morning, the bed beside her was empty. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:00 am. She crawled out of bed and a white nightgown with spaghetti straps to put on and then went downstairs. As she walked into the kitchen, she saw her father standing at the stove fixing breakfast with a spatula in his hand and looking out the window. Melinda stood and admired her father's body, feeling excitement begin to grow.

Eric's mind was awash in turmoil again. There was no doubt that he loved his loved his daughter like a woman. In truth, he had no regrets about what had happened. However, he knew that it was going to be difficult for them. The future was very uncertain. Where would they go from here? How would they keep their relationship secret? What if somebody found out? It was all so complicated.

Melinda walked up behind her father and wrapped her arms around him, kissing his neck and squeezing him tight.

Eric reached up and touched Melinda's arms lovingly then bent and kissed the back of her hand. A wave of love overcame his as tears began to fall.

Melinda heard her father sniffle and he turned around. "What's wrong, dad?"

"Nothing," he said, smiling through his tears. "I love you, sweet pea."

Their lips came together in a tender kiss. Slowly as their tongues dueled, the passion grew. When Melinda pulled back, there was a fire in her eyes again. She stared into her father's eyes and brought her hands to his grey sweats. Suddenly, with a mighty tug, Melinda rapidly slid them down his partially hairy legs.

Eric gasped in surprise.

Melinda then pushed him back until he was sitting on the kitchen chair. She tugs the sweats off his bare feet and throws them off to the side.

"Oh, my god, Melinda, what are you doing?" Eric gasped but didn't fight her when she pushed him on the chair.

"Having breakfast," Melinda answered as she got down on her knees and covered his erect penis with her mouth. She sucked like a vacuum cleaner. Her lips and tongue were everywhere she could reach. She ignored her father's moans and groans as he was almost there. Finally, when her jaw tired, she straddled on top of him, placing the tip of his penis on her vaginal lips.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" she screamed as his long shaft went to the bottom of her still saturated hole in one thrust.

As she rode her father, the chair squeaked and moved across the floor, threatening to collapse. After having so many climaxes last night, Eric knew that he could go on for a long time. Which he did, bringing her to climax after climax.

Melinda holds on to the chair as she throws her head back, her brown hair bouncing up and down.

Eric was almost relieved when he realized he was going to cum. His poor body could barely take any more. When he cried out that he was going to cum, she pulled him tight to her, her arms wrapping around his neck and let him climax into her body once more.

Eric couldn't deny it any longer. He was in love with his own daughter. There was no going back so he decided that the future would take care of itself. Through all of the uncertainty there was one thing for sure, their love. It would see them through.

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