Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 6)

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Eric and Melinda decided to go to their favorite restaurant that night. Eric was ready early, waiting at the door for his daughter. When she came down, she was wearing a very short skirt with high heels. However, on top, she had on a dark sweater that buttoned down the front with a white blouse underneath. The top looked like something that a schoolteacher would wear. However, the skirt looked hot. Eric was curious about her selection of clothing but decided not to say anything.

When Melinda got into the car, she made sure that she carelessly spread her legs, giving her dad a clear view of her shiny pink panties and the creamy white skin above her thigh high stockings. Once he was in the car, Melinda was bold enough to reach over and place her hand on his thigh. Melinda didn't try to kiss him or take advantage of the fact that he had drunk a few glasses of wine. She was a perfect lady.

Eric just looked at her when he saw her eyes and said, "Behave." However, overall, she was impressed with her control and, strangely, just a little disappointed.

He grabbed her hand, leaving it on her thigh, and payed attention to the road.

Eric and Melinda got their special table in the back of the restaurant, giving them the privacy that they wanted. The two chatted until the waitress took their drink order. When she left, Melinda said she had to go to the ladies room. Several minutes later, she returned and stopped next to Eric. She held out her hand, indicating that he should open his hand. She placed a piece of balled up material into his hand and sat down.

Eric looked at his daughter with raised eyebrows and then opened his hand. He felt his penis lurch in his pants when he saw the silky pink balled up material. It was his daughter's panties. Suddenly, he saw the waitress out of the corner of his eye and quickly put the hand holding the panties below the table. He didn't know if the waitress saw what was in his hand but he did know his face was as red as a beet. His daughter just smiled at his obvious distress.

After they had ordered dinner and the waitress was gone, Eric pulled his hand from under the table. He looked at the tiny pair of panties and saw that the crotch was soaked. Not even thinking, he brought the crotch to his nose, inhaling deeply, his eyes on his daughter all the time.

Then Melinda watched with shock as Eric casually opened the crotch and brought it to his lips.

He kissed the wet material and then made a show of sticking out his tongue and licking the gusset from one end to the other.

Melinda sighed deeply and closed her eyes as a shiver ran through her.

Eric's penis was now fully erect. It was his first taste of his daughter's sex juices. He felt his hand trembling as he forced himself to ball the material up and put into his pocket. Then he reached down adjusted his penis in the very tight confines of his pants.

Melinda suddenly realized that Eric had one-upped her. However, Melinda wasn't done yet.

When dinner was served, Melinda and Eric ate in silence, looking at each other with loving glances. About mid-way through the meal, Eric saw his daughter look around the restaurant. Seeing that no one was close by, Melinda reached up and began to unbutton her sweater. Eric thought she was starting to get warm. When all the buttons were undone, Melinda pulled the sweater away from her chest. Eric was shocked to see that the blouse was totally see-through; he could see all of his daughter's firm breasts with her hard pink nipples pushing through the material. Eric could no longer concentrate on dinner. His daughter was painfully teasing him. His thoughts were on the fact that his daughter was sitting across from him naked under her clothes and that he just might get to eat her tonight.

"Dad, can we go?" Melinda asked, her food only half eaten.

"I think that is an excellent idea, besides, I think I owe you a lesson."

Eric's penis throbbed in his pants and he jumped up and practically pulled his daughter out of the restaurant.

Driving home, Melinda took off her sweater and sat next to her dad with only her see-through blouse covering her chest. Eric was going crazy trying to keep his eyes on the road.

Melinda knew that it was dangerous to tease him this way when he was driving. However, she had been thinking about what she was going to let him do all day and it was driving her crazy with desire.

It was difficult for Eric to keep within the speed limit as he rushed home. He had barely come to a stop at the house when he jumped out of the car and ran around to open the door for his daughter. As Melinda swung around, he got a close look at his daughter's exposed vagina. His eyes opened wide in shock when he saw that she had no pubic hair. That was the way he liked Amanda, shaved and smooth. The normally soft brown hair was all gone, leaving her lips smooth and shiny. Eric stood frozen looking between his daughter's legs. Now his heart was pounding so loud that he thought she might hear it.

As she got out of the car, she stood in front of him with a wide smile. "What's the matter, daddy?" she asked, knowing the answer already. She smiled, realizing that she had the upper hand again.

"Uh...uh...nothing," he struggled to say.

Melinda turned and walked toward the house, still smiling.

It took a few seconds for Eric to realize that he was standing on the sidewalk alone. He hurried up the walk and followed his daughter into the house.

"Dad, get me a glass of wine and bring it to the living room for me please," Melinda said, turning to go into the living room.

Eric rushed to get the wine, shaking so bad that he nearly broke the glass. He tried to steady his hands as he walked back to the living room. He saw his daughter sitting on the sofa waiting for him. When he handed her the glass, his hand was trembling so much that the wine almost spilled over the top. He didn't notice that his daughter's hand was shaking as well.

Melinda took a large drink of wine and patted the seat next to her.

Eric sat down without a word. He was afraid that his voice wouldn't work.

Eric sighed and said, "Melinda, this is a big step for us. I know that you have wanted to me to ea... uh perform oral sex on you for a long time. Frankly, I've wanted it just as much, if not more. It is one of the things that I miss most about Amanda. Your mother... your mother and I used to do that all the time. In fact, the first time was on a sofa just like this in her father's house. It was so crazy because her parents, your grandparents, were sleeping in the next room. We did many crazy things," she added as her eyes got misty and she stopped talking.

Melinda reached over, took her father's hand, and sat silently, waiting for him to continue.

"I'm just so confused sometimes, Melinda. What we've done is so wrong but....but I can't resist you. It could be so dangerous for both of us. It's all so crazy."

"Dad... uh... we don't have to do."

"Shhh," Eric said and placed his fingers on Melinda's lips.

Eric stood up in front of Melinda and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. She shrugged it off her shoulders and paused, letting her father look at her large breasts so close to his face.

Melinda could see his excitement as her chest moved up and down with her rapid breathing. Eric's own breath was beginning to come in short gasps.

Slowly, Melinda began to pull her skirt up her thighs. She paused for a second when it was just below the level of her crotch, teasing Eric. Then she pulled it to her waist and a little moan of excitement escaped her lips.

Eric gasped. He had never seen anything so exciting in his life. On display in front of him was his daughter's very wet and swollen sex. There wasn't a speck of hair anywhere on the surface, from her navel to her thighs. The outer lips were so smooth that they were almost shining. The inner lips were protruding and there were strings of her sex juice hanging precariously, ready to drip to the floor. Her thighs, all the way to the tops of her nylons, were sparkling with her juice.

When Melinda saw that Eric was ready to grab her, she pushed him back. "Wait," she said and turned to walk over to a comfortable chair. She left her high heels on and her skirt pulled up around her waist as she sat in the chair. Then she lifted her legs and threw them over the arms of the chair, pushing her sex out at her dad in an obscene manner.

Eric jumped up and hurried over to his daughter, his eyes never leaving her displayed sex.

God, she's going to drive the men crazy someday, he thought.

"Take your clothes off first."

Melinda watched as Eric stripped in record time, throwing his clothes on the floor in his haste. Then she looked at her dad's totally naked body. Her eyes traveled up and down his body, settling on his pulsing erection.

Eric fell to his knees between Melinda's legs and brought his mouth very close to her swollen and leaking sex. He put his trembling hands on her thighs, forcing them further apart, intending to dive in.

"My clit is... is... very sensitive. When I'm this excited, even a little touch can send me off. It's very swollen now. Be very gentle with it, please," Melinda said, almost delirious.

Eric knew most of this stuff and he was very good at it. It was his favorite thing to do to Amanda.

"I want you to eat my juicy cunt. I need your tongue so bad, please, please, EAT ME NOW," Melinda shouted like a command.

Eric quickly bent forward, his mouth inches from her dripping lips.

Melinda placed both hands on the sides of his head, trying to pull his face into her steaming crotch.

Eric resisted, now the one torturing them both. With his face an inch from her dripping lips, he breathed in deeply; her wonderful smell excited him tremendously. Then his tongue came out to touch the slippery lips. He heard his daughter moan, as his tongue touched her sex for the first time. Then his tongue brought the taste into his mouth.

Melinda watched her dad swallow her juice and moaned.

His mouth covered her hole and he began to suck the swollen lips inside. Then he bit them gently and then used his tongue to lap across the wrinkled surface.

"Ohh, that's it, that's it, suck them, suck my lips. Oh my God, I can't stand it." Melinda screamed almost incoherently. Then, she began to buck her hips into his face. She pulled his head up slightly, his tongue making contact with her swollen clit. Her legs shot up and wrapped around his neck, imprisoning his mouth in her wet flesh.

For some strange reason, Eric suddenly felt very submissive. It wasn't like him to play that role. However, at the moment, it felt right. He moaned submissively and let his daughter use his mouth for her pleasure. As his tongue movements grew more rapid, saliva began to drip from the corners of his stretched mouth.

That was all she could stand. Suddenly, she let out a long wail and went over the top, shuddering and screaming as a tremendous climax overtook her. She pulled the poor man's head hard into her convulsing vagina, almost smothering him in the process.

Eric didn't mind at all. His face was inundated in his daughter's juice. Her lips were spread on his face, spreading her slick juice from his chin to his forehead. It almost felt like his face was buried in a juicy watermelon.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh, my God, daaaddyyyyyy!!!" Melinda's hips were pushed up in the air and she was almost on her back on the cushion of the chair.

Eric let his face be used for his daughter's pleasure. He pushed his tongue deep into her convulsing hole and the slick walls inside her vagina quivered around it.

Melinda's climax went on and on. Each time she thought she was done, Eric would hit a new spot and bring her to a peak again. She thought she might pass out as her heart pounded and she gasped for breath.

Finally, Melinda's body began to relax with little tremors still running through her. Then, she had to push Eric's face away from her now sensitive sex lips. She had never had a climax as good or one that lasted as long. Her body felt like a limp rag. She was slumped on the chair; both legs still wrapped around Eric's neck. When she looked at her dad kneeling between her legs, there was a silly grin on his face. His face was literally covered with her juice.

"Daddy, you just gave me the best climax of my life. Thank you... thank you, you were wonderful. I love you so much," Melinda said, looking into his eyes lovingly.

Eric sat back on his haunches, smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

"Come here and let me take care of you," Melinda said, pulling her dad from his kneeling position.

Eric jumped up and stood next to his daughter, bringing his dripping penis close to her mouth.

Melinda was surprised by the size of her dad's cock.

"Oh my god," Melinda said to herself as she brought her dad's swollen penis to her face. As she held his shaft tight, she could actually feel his wildly beating heart though his penis. When she squeezed she saw a large clear drop of liquid bubble out then run down and across her fingers. She closed her eyes, bringing the head to her mouth. She and Eric moaned as her lips circled the swollen head. The head filled her mouth as her lips squeezed the shaft. She held it like that, sucking just the head. Her saliva flowed, coating the head in her warm mouth. She almost forgot about Eric as she lost herself in the excitement of sucking him.

Suddenly remembering that her dad was attached to this incredible penis, she pulled away and looked up at him. Then she said in a whisper, "I am going to suck your cock, daddy. Your daughter wants to suck all the juice out of your balls. Do you want me to suck you? Do you want your daughter to swallow all that delicious sperm? Tell me, tell me you want me to suck you until you squirt into my mouth."

"Yes, yes, please, put it back in your mouth, and suck it," Eric moaned at his daughter's nasty words.

Melinda took his penis deep into her warm and wet mouth again, making loud sucking noises, which were intended to let her dad know how much she loved sucking him.

He grasped her hair. He was happy to see that she let her arms slip idly to his sides. Eric's hips moved back and forth as he pulled her head toward him. He heard his daughter choke and eased up but then he felt her move forward, forcing him to the back of her throat again.

Eric's legs were spread wide and his knees slightly bent as he moved rapidly in and out of her daughter's willing mouth. His fingers were curled tightly in her hair as he moved almost violently in and out.

Melinda's breath was coming in great gasps as her father was pounding her mouth.

His sperm flew out with such force that it hit the back of his daughter's throat. Eric pulled out and the next blast hit her directly in the face, splattering on her forehead and dripping to her cheek. Then another blast hurtled toward her.

She held her face out to the spray as if she were in the shower, loving the warm liquid. It's the first time she's ever gave a blowjob, and been eaten out.

Amazingly, Eric's climax seemed to go on and on, covering his daughter's face and splattering on her white blouse and skirt. Finally, as his climax dwindled, his legs weakened and he fell back into the chair. Through hooded eyes, he saw his daughter scraping his cum from her face and putting it into her mouth.

"My God, I had forgotten how good it felt to be sucked," Eric gasped when he could talk again.

It was a night that both father and daughter wouldn't forget.

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