I'll bet money his dick isn't as big as

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It was 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday. I was sitting in my room flipping the channels looking for something good on. I was so bored, there was nothing to do. I was home alone because my parents went up North for the weekend and left me to take care of the cats. I went downstairs and got something to eat. I started making a sandwhich, and I heard the doorbell ring. Who could that be I thought to myself. I walked to the door and it was James, my neighbor.

"Hey James, what's up?" i asked.

"Hey I'm fine, I was just wondering if you would mow my lawn, I'll pay you 20 bucks."

"Oh yeah sure, deffinately." I responded.

"Great, well I'm going to be gone for about an hour, I have some things I need to take care of, you can do it then."

"OK, I will." He walked down the steps and went into his house. James was so fucking hot. Tall, dark, and hot! and I always did have a thing for black guys. He knew I was gay but he didn't care, everyone here knew I was gay, I came out a long time ago.

I saw James get in his car and drive away. I guess I should go mow his lawn, I thought to myself. I went in my garage and got my lawnmower. I walked it over to James yard and turned it on. It took me a couple of pulls to get it going, I was very strong. I started mowing his lawn, and it was getting hot out, so I took off my shirt. About 30 minutes later James came home. I was just about done mowing his lawn. I pulled the bag out and put the grass in a garbage bag, I looked up and saw James staring at me. I waved and he just stood there. I was done so I walked up to him and told him.

"Nice job k**," he said, "why don't you come on inside, you look like you could use a drink of water."

"Yeah sure, I could use a drink." I replied. With that we walked into his house. We went into his kitchen and he said help yourself. I saw a camera on the counter and a photo album, but I didn't open it. James started looking in the fridge for something to eat and I went searching for a glass.

"Corner shelf Jason." he said.

"Oh, ok, I took a glass out and turned around, and James was right in front of me.

"You know, you did a really good job on my lawn today. I was thinking, maybe 20 bucks isn't enough.

"Well what else did you have in mind?" I asked.

"I had one or two things in mind." with that he kissed me. His strong hands grabbed my hips, and his soft wet tongue massages mine. He held me tight with his strong hands, and I surrendered to him. He pressed against me and our bodies were connected. I could feel his thick black meat growing bigger and bigger, in anticipation of what was to come, mine did the same.

"Get on your knees white boy." he demanded, and he switched into his more dominating role. I did what this strong black man said, I don't know why, I just felt like I had to. I unzipped his pants and let them fall. I pulled down his boxers and revealed his thick black dick. It was beautiful, atleast 12 inches, and thick. I was mezmerised, I just looked at it, I couldn't take my eyes off it, It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"Suck it now you white bitch," he told me. I grabbed his thick cock in my hand, and slowly started to stroke his long shaft. I opened my mouth and took in his big throbbing cock head. Massaging it with my lips, rubbing my tongue against his cock hole. I lifted it up and started to suck his big balls. They were delicious. I put my tongue under his sac and slowly licked up till I came to his cock head, and then took it all in. I wanted every inch of his enormous black cock in me, inch by inch he fed it deeper, and deeper, I opened my throat and let him in. My mouth was barely big enough for the thickness of his meat, but he f***ed it in me. I sat there while he fucked me face, I couldn't breath while his dick was in me, and my eyes started to water. He thrust his black cock harder and faster, deeper inside my throat, fucking my face as hard as he could, making me choke on it. He slowly slid it out and I started to gag and cough.

"What's the matter white boy, too big for you?" he asked.

"No James."

"Call me sir!" he demanded.

"Yes sir, I'm sorry." I replied. Then he grabbed my hair and smacked me in the face with his monster cock. Rubbing it all over my face, and shoving his balls in my mouth. He pushed me down and turned me over. He got ontop of me and ripped off my pants, and slowly started massaging my small white ass, and rubbing his black cock up and down my crack. He grabbed a handfull of my hair and pulled my head back.

"I doubt you've had a dick this big inside you before, I've never seen you with a black guy, just that bitch of a white boy friend you have, and I'll bet money his dick isn't as big as mine."

"No sir, it isn't." I said. He laughed, and then I could feel his cockhead pushing between my cheeks, searching for my tight boy hole. I arched my back and stuck my butt in the air, and his searching cock found my hole. He grabbed my hips and f***ed his black rod inside me.

"Fuck!" I screamed, and I started to moan half in pain, half in pleasure. He fed his thick cock deeper inside me, stretching my hole to the max, until he got every inch of his black cock inside me. I immediately came, and squirted it all over his kitchen floor. He started to thrust in and out, now rocking back and forth, punishing my smooth white hole. "Give me your black dick!" I screamed, and he fucked harder. His sweaty legs were pressed up against mine, and I could feel his stomache against my ass at the end of his powerful thrusts. He was pounding me like no one had done before, making me his bitch, making it hurt. He did what my boy friend could never do. Thrusting his black man meat in and out, deeper and deeper, pulling my hair and ramming it in me.

"Do you like that white bitch?"

"Yes sir," I replied, "I love it." Then he started to spank me, hard, and harder, still probing my ass with his cock, his strong hands slapping my smooth ass, making it red, adding to the pleasure. Now he fucked faster, he was on the balls of his feet, and fucking me as fast as he could, moving in and out, pounding, thrusting, fucking me harder! I heard him moan loud, and he started ramming it in me, pushing me forward with his cock.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum." he screamed, and he took it out of me, and put it in front of my face, and blew his huge load all over me. I tried to get as much in my mouth as I could but I could barely see, then he shoved it in my mouth and told me to milk him. I gladly took his black meat in my mouth, and sucked all the cum out of him. It was so good. He took his cock out of my mouth and reached on the counter and got his polaroid. He took a picture of my face covered in cum, and said "That's a keeper." I got up and wiped the cum off my face and ate it. I saw him put my picture into the photo album next to some other white k**'s picture. The photo album was full of pictures of white boys with cum all over their faces.

"Did you fuck all of them?" I asked. He just laughed and nodded.

"Well you should probably leave now." he said.

"But what about my 20 bucks for mowing your lawn." I asked.

"What did I say white boy."

"Yes sir" I said, and I left. I walked out his door and didn't feel bad about not getting 20 bucks, atleast I got the best fuck of my life.

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