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This was an exciting moment for me. We had been planning this for months and we are finally living out our fantasy. Monica spent the last few days shopping for a dress for tonight. I sometimes wonder if that was necessary since her lover would only be interested in her.

Usually my wife was a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl but tonight she went that extra mile to look as sexy and appealing as she could. The red dress she wore tonight hardly covered anything at all. Monica has a great body and after having two c***dren she still looks as sexy as the day we met.

I'm always telling myself that I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be married to such a beautiful and smart woman like Monica. We're both 32 and have professional carriers. Our c***dren are 4 and 6 and spending a long weekend with their grand parents.

Monica has blonde hair. She is 5'1" tall and has a knockout figure. Like most attractive women these days who have had breast implants, Monica needed no help in that department. For a petite woman she has a 36C bust which is enhanced by her tiny little waist and proportioned hips. Her shapely little legs look perfect right down to her pretty little ankles and feet. Those little feet happen to be wearing 6" pumps tonight. I told Monica a lot of guys called them "Fuck Me Pumps" which made her laugh.

Those pumps were red to match her thin little dress. A dress that barely covered her perky little round ass. The plunging neck line exposed an ample portion of her milky white breasts for all to see. The dress was very thin and you could clearly see her skin underneath the material including her hard dark nipples.

If the k**s could see the way their mom was dressed tonight they'd probably say she looked like a shorter version of their Barbie dolls. Monica smelled so good when she got out of the bathroom tonight too. The hotel room where we are stay is a suite. We'd traveled from our house in Northern Michigan down here to Ann Arbor just for this meeting tonight.

It's a college town. Lots of younger people walking around downtown. In fact you see people from all over the world here from many different ethic back grounds. There are also lots of high tech companies based out of these area with connections around the world. This is what brought us to Ann Arbor tonight.

We're meeting a man from the South African region tonight. Rather I should say we already met him a few hours ago. He likes to be called Roger. He laughed telling us in his deep accent that he always wanted an American name. He seemed rather charming when we met. I only stayed in the club long enough to get acquainted before leaving him alone with my beautiful wife.

It was a dance club. There were lots of singles here including a few of the students that were old enough to drink alcohol. People from all over the world it looked like were here tonight including our new friend Roger who is as black as coal.

That was Monica's fantasy. She dreamed about it for years. Making love to a handsome black man. Roger was certainly a handsome looking guy. He was 6'5" tall, very muscular. Didn't look like an once of fat on the guy but yet he looked so big and massive. Monica and Roger had been exchanging correspondence for several weeks now including exchanging pictures. The last pictures he sent her were him in the nude which were tastily done but still showed her the size of his massive looking manhood.

I remember seeing the photo of him naked myself and couldn't believe the size of his cock. Ever since Monica got those naked pictures she debated about baking out of this and perhaps finding a man a little more less endowed. But it was Roger's charm and handsome appearance that Monica seemed most attracted to.

Once we met him at the club he shook my hand first as I introduced my wife to him. He seemed very educated and extremely polite. I could tell he was trying not to stare at Monica while I was with them but I know if couldn't help looking at the way her red dress high lighted every single curve of her gorgeous petite body.

We talked for over an hour. It was longer than I intended to stay. Monica and I talked about our plan over the past week. She told me she would be extremely nervous about doing this and wanted to spend time alone talking with Roger if I didn't mind. I truly didn't mind at all and found the situation very exciting. After our short conversation I stood up shaking Roger's hand than giving my wife a gentle kiss on the cheek. I was even able to whisper in her ear, "Good Luck" before I left them alone.

I wouldn't have left her alone with Roger if I thought she was afraid or too nervous but we had already worked out a sign she would give me by touching her nose with her index finger which she had done. I walked away from their table.?The club was large and rather dark. People were dancing a few feet away from where they were seated. I decided to stay and have one more drink at the bar and found an empty stool where I still had a view of my wife and Roger.

He sat much closer to her now. They seemed like they were wrapped up in a pleasant discussion. I sipped on my beer while looking back there way every couple minutes or so. The DJ was playing a mix of dance music both fast and slow. He'd play them in groups and as soon as the next song playing was a slow song Roger got up taking my wife by the hand and led her to the dance floor.

He's large frame dwarfed my petite wife as he held her in his arms dancing to the slower paced song. They were still chatting as they talked but Monica seemed very at ease with the big man. I watched them dance and kept an eye on the way Roger held my wife.

As they danced and kept chatting I noticed his hand drop down to just the top of the curve of her narrow waist and the top of her round little ass. They turned around as they danced. Monica's smaller arms circled around his back. As they turned I could clearly see now that Roger's hand lowered down even further and was now cupping one of her cheeks. His second hand moved down covering the second cheek than it happened. They were kissing.

Their kiss seemed to last a few seconds. It looked rather passionate from my prospective even though I was about one hundred feet away. The music changed to something a little faster so Roger led my wife back to their table holding her hand all the way back and helped her back into her seat. He sat down right next to her and took her hand again as they talked.

I finished my drink than decided that perhaps they'd want to come back to our suite soon so I headed to the elevator. I walked into our room turning on the light. I could still smell the scent of Monica's perfume lingering in the air. I fumbled in out bags and found my movie camera and tripod and began getting it ready for their arrival.

Yes, Monica had already talked to Roger and he said he didn't mind me watching and taking a movie tonight. I only had to wait about thirty minutes when I heard our door being opened. We had two adjoining rooms. As planned I was going to stay in the second room and they would have the first bed all to themselves.

I had promised Monica I'd be very quiet when they got back to our room so I sat down on my bed with the movie camera pointed into their room. I could hear them talking with a little laughter here and there. The camera was on so I knew whatever was happening would be captured on the camera drive.

It got very still and quiet. I heard the faint sounds of kissing and clothes being removed. I got up to take a peek for myself. They had a dim light on next to the bed. I only saw Roger's back. He'd removed his clothes already except for his grey boxers. Monica's hands were on his waist. I couldn't see if she were naked or not at this angle.

I saw her hands pulling down his boxers. She could barely see her little petite body hiding behind his but it looked like she bent down to pull his boxes down to his feet. I heard her voice. "It's so big."

I heard them kissing. Than I heard his voice. "Hold it in your hands."

There was dead silence for a few moments. Monica must have been feeling his massive cock. He moved and sat on the edge of the bed. I could clearly see my wife now. She was completely naked except for the "Fuck Me Pumps."

"Go ahead. Get acquainted with it." Roger told her.

I saw my wife kneeling down right in front of Roger as he spread his legs for her. She grabbed hold of his huge cock again and licked the head before sending it down past her rosy red lips. It looked so massive. She could only fit the huge mushroom head inside her mouth. Roger let her play with it. She did by licking the sides and picking up his ball sack giving them gentle kisses.

Monica devoured his cock like a slut for the next several minutes. Roger was gentle with her allowing my wife to do what she pleased with him. Than he stood up. My wife was still on her knees as he placed one of his hands around the back of her head. He seemed to be guiding her head back and forth as she sucked on the massive looking head.

I wasn't sure but his cock looked to appear about 10" long. It was extremely thick. Roger stroked Monica's blonde hair telling her she was doing it fine. He kept moaning and groaning like a big a****l as my wife kept sucking his big black cock. My camera was capturing everything. I made sure I zoomed in on the action.

Roger than placed both his large meaty hands on the back of Monica's head. He started forcing her head forward as my wife tilted her head up a little. His meaty cock kept disappearing inside her mouth. Monica started making sounds like she was trying to get air but Roger wouldn't let go of her head.

He pushed forward a little more than allowed his cock to back fully out of her mouth. Monica gasped for air as Roger held onto her head. She coughed and choked a bit but agreeable opened her mouth wide for him again as he slid forward. Down it went. Inch by inch until several inches were stuffed down her throat. Monica was waiving her hands in the air. She couldn't breath.

I was debating if I should run out there and put a stop to this than Roger allowed my wife to get some more air. She coughed and gasped for air again only this time she cried out. "Oh God....."

Roger replied in a much more dominating demeanor saying. "Do you like it?"

Monica clearly replied almost in tears. "Yes."

He didn't even wait two seconds before pushing his huge black cock forward down Monica's throat again. She seemed to take it even further this time. Her head tilted so she could accommodate him more easily. Almost half a minute passed when Monica started waiving her arms again.

Roger allowed her to pull it out with even a louder gasp for air this time. Monica was crying but it all seemed like she was enjoying being treated this way. Was this planned? I wasn't sure but as long as she wasn't telling him to stop than I was good with it.

Roger kept her face tiled up as he leaned down and spoke to my wife. He held her hair tight in his big hand making a fist as he held the blond hair as tight as he could. "Tell me what you want, whore."

Roger shook her head when she didn't reply fast enough. Monica cried but replied. "I want your cock in me."

"That's not good enough whore.....Tel me again..."

"I want your big black cock in my pussy." Than she cried some more as he held her head tight. He leaned down a little further planting his big black lips on her mouth. She was sucking on his tongue as he probed her mouth with it. He suddenly pulled her face away from his and pulled her up to her feet by her long blonde hair.

He finally let go and told her in a dominate tone. "Get on the bed and spread those legs for me, whore."

Monica was whimpering as she got on the bed and did exactly what Roger wanted her to do. She sat right on the edge and spread her legs as much as he could. He moved up into position taking hold of her legs around the knees and pushed her body back as he lifted her legs up so they would rest against his chest.

Her pumps were high in the air about the level of his shoulders as he moved his massive body in closer lining up his thick black cock with her pink pussy lips. He toyed with her holding onto his big black cock rubbing the head along her wet pussy lips.

I could see my wife trying to buck her hips desperately trying to lodge the big black head between her pussy lips but he kept teasing her with it. Roger finally gave in and pushed his body forward sending just the head between her tight pink pussy lips. This made her body go stiff as she cried out in pain and please.

I held the movie camera in my hand now wanting to capture every erotic moment. Roger hand his arms wrapped around her legs which were pointed straight up in the air as he kept pumping his massive cock deeper inside my wife with each stroke. Monica's hands kept hitting the bed as Roger drove deeper and deeper inside her tight blonde pussy.

I think Roger was in most of the way as he positioned himself and began driving his massive cock in and out of my wife like a wild jack hammer. Monica was moaning and now screaming with pain and passion as Roger banged my petite little wife. Her tits swayed back and forth with each thrust Roger made.

Monica' was crying out trying to catch her breath with each inward thrust. He was driving my wife insane with passion as she finally screamed out her first orgasm. Roger didn't let up and kept banging her harder until she came again. He finally pulled out dislodging his big black cock with a plopping sound and pointed for my wife to move up onto the pillows.

She scooted as quickly as she could and waited for the big man to get back into position between her legs. She yelled out when he first entered her but held onto his waist with her tiny white hands as he started to drive that massive big black cock back inside her tight pussy again.

Monica's little legs bucked as high as they could. Her heels pointed upward as Roger pounded that tight little pussy. I kept pointing my camera at them making sure I got good close shots of his huge black cock sliding in and out of her tight wet pussy. I could see a white film forming around his massive shaft as he fucked my wife. Than it hit me. Roger was supposed to be wearing a condom. I got a little nervous at that point since Monica wasn't on any birth control.

What could I do? Walk in there and tell him to put on a condom? I just stood there holding the camera with a hard cock as Roger fucked my wife bareback. She kept moaning and was now screaming and chanting for Roger to keep fucking her deep and harder. Her arms wrapped around his back with her nails dug into his jet black skin. Her pumps in tangled around his lower legs now as he kept slamming that thick black meat into my little wife.

Suddenly he grunted as my wife came again. This was her forth orgasm if I didn't lose count. Roger's body stiffened up and he drove himself forward in one long lunge and kept himself planted in that position as he sent waives of hot potent seed as deep as he could inside my wife's belly.

He backed out briefly only to lunge forward again and laid still for almost five minutes until he finally backed out exciting my wife's once tight pussy with a plopping sound. I could see a thin string of cum leading from her wet pink gaped opened pussy to the black head of his cock. They were both trying to catch their breath as he sat on his knees looking down at his handy work.

I wondered what he was thinking at the moment. I sat the camera back down on the tripod after panning in for a nice creampie shot and like a gentleman I handed him a nice big clean towel. He wiped his face and rubbed it around on his head thanking me for the gesture.

Monica was starring at me and motioned for me to come give her a kiss. She gave me a warm passionate kiss and I asked her if everything was alright and she nodded her head that she was fine. They rested and drank some wine before going a second round that night. I spent the night in the second bed listening to them fuck most of the night off and on until early morning hours.

We slept in late the next morning. We went down and had a late breakfast. Monica seemed so happy and fulfilled. Roger thanked me before we parted that weekend and hoped we could get together again sometime son. I told him it was up to my wife. I remember seeing their passionate kiss as we said our goodbyes that afternoon. Roger and Monica talked before we parted. I just wonder if she made plans for another meeting. On our drive back home I asked her about birth control and she had totally forgotten all about it.

I did notice she was in deep thought most of the way home that evening. Starring down toward her belly off and on. I just hoped she wouldn't become pregnant after this meeting.

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