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I am a single divorced male 53years old and after almost two month's of no sex decided it was time to get laid. I didn't realize how easy it would be, and also how many guys are out there desperate to watch their wife being fucked by another guy.

This was one such story. I decided to go out for a drink last Friday and instead of going to my local went to a bar in a town close by, after about an hour I was returning from the toilet when I bumped into a woman heading into the ladies, I apologized and she smiled saying it was ok her fault she should have been looking where she was going.

She was a little bit shorter than me with long blonde hair and a firm looking set of tits on her, I guessed around mid to late fortyish. Her ass just talked to me as it walked towards the toilet, just 'fuck me' was what it was saying. As I watched this woman pass me, I could feel my cock begin to stir in my jeans, and I had to adjust myself for comfort.

Several times during the evening I caught her glancing over and we spoke casually at the bar but I made no move, until almost closing time. As she ordered a last round for her and her friends I asked her name, she grinned before saying ."Kathleen, but I get called Kath." I nodded and said. "Mine's Jim, perhaps you would let me get you a drink?"

She sort of looked at me and said, "Pretty forward aren't you!" I laughed. "My days of doing the mating dance are long gone, now it's just being simple and see where it takes me."

She laughed, but returned to her friends. Later as the bar was emptying, and I was just about to leave, I felt a hand on my arm. "Leaving so soon?"...." Don't you like a coffee Jim?"

I swallowed my last drink and said "sure why not."

I followed her out of the bar. We walked about a half mile through the town along various streets. "I hope I can find my way back easily" I half joked. "Perhaps you won't need to." said Kath.

Kath, grabbed hold of my arm, causing me to be pulled closer to her. Kath also patted my ass, with her other hand. Now I knew my luck was in, I was in for some pussy tonight and for the second time that evening my cock began to stir.

We arrived at her home, a smart well maintained bungalow. Kath opened the door and we stepped in. I could tell right away she was still married, as evidence of a man in the house was lying around. I looked around half expecting an irate husband to appear but no-one came. Kath ask if I really want a coffee or a beer. Kath reappeared with a couple of beers and smiled at me. "I suppose you are wondering where my husband is?"

"The thought did cross my mind." As I took a swig from the bottle. Kath grinned, hooked a finger at me, and told me to follow her. We walked through the house to what was obviously a huge master bedroom and there sat her husband, securely tied, naked and gagged on a heavy wooden chair. His cock was also encased in what I knew was chastity fitting, Kath turned , "My husband, likes to watch men fuck me!" ......."I hope you don't have an issue with that?"

Just as she started using her hands to gently rub my chest, back and ass. Before I could answer she started to kiss me deeply. I moaned in the negative best I could "uhu!"

When she broke the kiss I replied, "Nope!".." Often heard and read of this, but never experienced it."

My cock was rapidly growing at the prospect of fucking this woman, in front of her husband. It turned out whenever she wants' a bit of fun this was what they did. This guy had been tied up and left like this all night while she went out, looking for cock.

The master bedroom was huge with dressing table, chairs and a large sofa where we chatted and drank some beer.

I quickly shook off the surprise, decided if that's what turns him and her on, then who am I to let opportunity pass. We had left him sitting there, I could see him from the sofa as we both had a clear view, with beads of sweat rapidly appearing on his brow. His eyes, almost pleading for me to get the action started. As time passed I became more aroused and soon Kath and I were kissing passionately on her sofa. I gently stroked her face, nibbled her ears, kissed her neck, and licked her throat, as she began to let little sighs escape, between biting her bottom lip. Her hands were stroking my arms and the nape of my neck as I gently began to seduce this sexy woman.

We kissed and cuddled on the sofa for about twenty minutes, gradually becoming more and more aroused. I soon had her blouse open, her bra pulled down, to reveal her magnificent tits. I soon began sucking on her large nipples. Kath was becoming increasingly louder in her moans of pleasure, and her legs were opening and shutting as she obviously became more and more aroused with our foreplay. I began to nibble harder on her nipples causing gasps of "Ooooh," ... "Aaaah,"... "Mmm."

I broke off to strip off her blouse, pulled her trousers off, to reveal a silky red pair of panties, which matched the silk bra. I squeezed each of her tits, cupping the firm flesh in my hands and massaging them before squeezing them firmly again, making Kath groan with lust. My hands traveled down her stomach and dropped to her thighs, her legs parted to allow me access to her already dripping pussy.

My fingers stroked the thin material covering her mound, Kath was gyrating around on the sofa as I began to slip one then two and finally my hand inside her silk panties. I then decided to take full control of Kath and quickly gripped the thin material in my hand and pulled, tearing her panties right off her. "Oh Yes, yes put your cock in me Jim, I need your cock inside me NOW!"

"Not just yet Kath, I'm going to make you beg for it in front of your husband. After all that's what you both want isn't it?" Kath looked at me, her eyes filled with lust.

With Her body trembling, and the way she was panting, it was revealing to me her state of arousal. "Yes Jim that's just what we want!"

I dropped my jeans and my cock sprang free fully erect and pointing to the sky, proudly throbbing and already oozing pre-cum. I pulled her to her feet and pushed her to her knees. " Go on Kath get on your knees. Now suck my cock like you really mean it!"

"That's a good girl!...Open wide, Take the whole length. AAAAGH!.. suck it baby. When I do fuck you in front of your husband. I want to ensure, you get good, long, hard fucking!"

Kath bobbed up and down, on my shaft. Occasionally licking and sucking just on my balls"

Fuck it felt good. My cock felt so fucking hard, like a rod of steel. My balls were coated in her saliva, and my cock was leaking pre-cum."Yeah that's good Baby!"

I moaned as she then began to slide my cock back into her warm willing mouth. Inch by inch my cock disappeared until I felt it touch the back of her throat. I thought she would stop there, but after a few gags she eased the full length, into her mouth, and down her throat.

Her hands gripped my ass holding me inside her. I held it there, enjoying that feeling, of being stuffed down a woman's throat, it being the first time in two month's. My balls were already beginning to tighten and lift, so I quickly eased my cock out and taking a firm grasp of it, held her head with my other hand and began to slap her face with my cock. I wasn't ready to blow my load just yet, I wanted more fun.

Kath seemed to really enjoy this, she was trying to catch my cock in her mouth each time I slapped it against her lips or cheeks. "Give me it, Give me it Jim Please" she moaned.

I grinned to myself. "You're a dirty little slut aren't you?" I resumed my cock slapping and said "what was that slut? Didn't catch that."

"I'm a slut for your big cock." Grunting, loud enough that her husband would hear.

"That's better slut now open wide and swallow my cock" and I shoved it straight down her throat no mercy. Kath gagged, her eyes bulged, but soon regained her composure and enthusiastically began to bob her head up and down my throbbing shaft as her salvia dripped down to my balls.

I love watching a woman suck cock, there is something about a set of lips wrapped round your cock that is so naturally arousing. I gripped Kath's head in both hands and began face fucking her, gently at first then harder and faster as I felt my balls begin to tighten, and those first tell tale signs of impending unloading of my cum began to surge up through my cock.

I let out a loud roar, pulled her head right into my groin, with my balls rested against her chin. Her throat felt tight, around my shaft. My cockhead grew in size, as I unloaded, what was to be the first of several loads of the night. I could see Kath's Throat, swallowing hard and fast. I imagined the cum sliding down her throat into her waiting belly.

Kath groaned and her cheeks puffed out, as some of my cum, oozed out despite the tight seal around my cock. I watched as some dribbled down her chin onto her erect nipples. I pulled my cock out, slapped her face and tits with it before telling her to clean it up. She licked, sucked and lapped every last drop off my cock, as well as from under my balls. I lifted her up as she licked her fingers from cleaning the last few drops of cum from her tits.

Kath smiled at me and said "Thanks!.. I enjoyed that. Hope there is more to come?"

"You can bet your sweet ass there is! I'm just getting started"
She walked up to her husband and leaning in to his face allowed a small amount of cum to dribble out of her mouth, and onto the ball gag he was wearing. "That's a little taste of what I have already had. I, am about to get more, so enjoy!"

The guy was almost going mental, trying to get the cum to travel along the ball gag into his mouth. His body was desperately writhing and wriggling around, as she rubbed her tits in his face, before lying on the bed and opening her legs, wide so he could see how aroused she was.

"Come and get it Jim. My pussy is so hot and desperate for a good hard fucking" I Joined her on the bed, sucking her tits first before working my way down her body. Kissing my way over her belly, feeling it flutter with anticipation. Then I worked my tongue into her navel making her moan and writhe around. Inserting a couple of fingers into her clean shaved cunt, and giving them a good stir round that hot wet pussy. I soon had her panting like a bitch in heat.

I moved to the foot of the bed and pulled her down until her ass and pussy were hanging over the edge. Lifting her legs onto my shoulders I kissed up and down her thighs, getting her more and more worked up. Then I shoved, first one than two than all four fingers deep into her cunt, swiftly and deliberately. I began pushing them in and out rapidly, kissing and licking all around her pussy lips, her clit, and her asshole.

Kath was moaning, constantly thrusting her hips, pleading with me to stop teasing her, and to fuck her. I clamped my mouth over her pussy, lapping and probing at her sex, plunging my tongue in as far as I could, then sucking as hard as I could. Her Clit was swollen and I soon had it between my lips then my teeth just as she shook with a big orgasm.

After she had come down from her high, I gently eased my body up hers. I soon lay atop her, Kath's mouth and tongue lashing inside my mouth, French kissing each other deeply. When Kath regained some composure, she grabbed the shaft of my cock. She stroked the shaft of my throbbing, fully erect cock hard. Then she grabbed my balls, rolling them in her palm. " Now you bastard! Fuck me, for god's sake, fuck me hard!"

Kath, then laid back, grabbed her ankles, pulled her legs back onto her shoulders, Exposing her hungry cunt to me.

"Anything you wish slut!" I gloated. "Anything you wish!"

I lined up my cock, to the entrance of her cunt, rubbed my bell end all over her clit and slippery hole. "Don't fucking tease fuck me NOW!!" she screamed. Just as I thrust my cock in to the hilt, balls deep.

Kath let out a loud groan and her hands let go her ankles, her legs flopped down each side of my thighs. "Oh my god that feels so good." she grunted.

Her eyes were rolling back in her head, and her head rolling from side to side. I began to pump in and out, gently at times, hard and fast at others. Until Kath, was groaning, and moaning, constantly. Then I picked up the pace, lifting her legs onto my shoulders, I was really giving it to her. Ramming my cock in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder, until I stopped suddenly. I eased up off her, withdrew my cock fully. Kath almost cried out with despair until I flipped her over onto all fours.

I helped her position herself, on her knees. I then re-entered or rather, remounted her from behind. Her cries, were then of pure pleasure, as I once again hammered her cunt without mercy.

I really plowed into her, my balls and lower belly making loud slapping noises against her ass, thighs and belly, I reached under her and began to diddle her clit, making her moan even more. Her ass was bucking back at me, with each thrust and she was yelling obscenities at me, telling me to fuck her pussy harder and harder.

Her head was now on the mattress, her body being tossed around like a rag doll, I felt her fingers join mine to rub at her clit. Soon she was rubbing her clit furiously by herself, urging me and herself on to another huge orgasm. The sweat was dripping off me and I was panting hard.

"That's it bitch!...take it, take it all...every...fucking...inch!" I emphasized the words with each inward thrust.

I called her all the filthy names under the sun. In between the a****listic sounds of our fucking, Kath was moaning trying to encourage me on to fuck her even harder. She was telling me how good it felt, how deep I was going. I could feel my cock hitting against her cervix, at times penetrating her cervix. Her yelps got louder, when I did enter her cervix,coupled by her vocal encouragement became even louder at those times.

My cock ached at the abuse I was dishing out. Finally I could hold back no longer, my balls tightened I felt my second load of cum surge up through my engorged cock. "Fuck it!" I screamed loudly. "here it comes you fuckin slut."..." Get ready... you bitch...Aaaaaaaaah!"

Kath gripped my balls firmly, as I began to deposit my load in her cunt. I felt her cunt throb and her ass started shaking as I held her, and she held me in position, until I had finished. As I pulled my cock out, a small river of our combined juices flowed out, and ran down her thighs.

I suddenly remembered her husband, looking over at him, he was shaking. His eyes were bulging in their sockets, fighting his restraints, he shook with his own pleasure. Without a thought, I scooped a glob of our juices up and pushed my finger into his mouth aside the gag. His eyes said it all, he jerked around on his restraints.

His head tilted back, I heard him let out a muffled groan. I watched as his body shook, finally his hips thrust upwards, he shuddered until I saw a pool of thin slimy liquid, form under his chastity enclosed, cock and balls.

Kath had watched me do this, starting to laugh, before telling him, "Well you fucker little dick loser, you obviously enjoyed that as much as I did!"

"Sure looks like it"... "However, I ain't finished yet, but how's about we have another drink"

We left him still in his restraints, went through to the living room, where Kath got a couple more beers. We took our time to drink down, the contents. Chatted for a while, before we once again began kissing. Kath took my flaccid cock in her hands, began rubbing, stroking and playing with it. Soon I felt those familiar stirrings. She maneuvered us back towards the bedroom and didn't want her husband to miss a thing.

Kath had me lie on the bed facing her husband my erect cock laid across my lower belly, and then she bent over in front of his face allowing him a good look at her well used pussy. Kath opened her legs, and pushed her ass right into his face then took my cock in her mouth as she rubbed her pussy and ass all over her husband's face. I almost felt sorry for the guy, as he was by now almost screaming behind the gag. His stomach and thighs were being clenched and unclenched as his slut wife tormented the poor guy as she sucked my rapidly thickening cock down her throat.

"Oooooh.. Yeahhh!" I groaned, as I felt my balls twitch.

I pulled her head off my cock, rolled her onto the bed, as I stood up. I then told Kath to stand beside her husband, put her face next to his. She quickly realized what I had in mind, positioned herself as requested. I then held her head, slid my cock back into her hot filthy mouth. Then I began face fucking her, inch's from her bug eyed husbands face.

"I think he likes it bitch!" I teased.

Before pulling my cock out and began slapping it against his face and rubbing around his gag.

"I bet you'd love to suck it wouldn't you?" I gloated.

The look on his cuckolded face said it all. I looked at Kath, I grinned at her, she realized her husband was about to be Cucked even worse. She tore the gag off her husband's face, I began feeding him my cock.

"That's it cucky boy, you suck it just like your slut wife!" I thrust it into his throat and he gagged hard.

Pulling it out, I inserted it into Kath's mouth and did the same. I fucked their two faces, for a good fifteen minutes, my pre-cum oozed freely from the end of my cock, both of them lapped it up. Eventually I had his and Kath's mouths sliding up alternate sides of my cock. I had both their heads held tightly, in my hands as I treated their two mouths like two other pussies.

"Here it cums you pair of bitches!" I yelled.

For the third time that night my cock spewed cum. I pumped so much into Kath's mouth, before whipping it out, spraying the rest into his. A couple of shots got him in the face, and he lent forward catching my swinging cock in his mouth, until he was sucking hungrily on my cock. Between the two of them, they ensured nothing was left. Kath than leaned over husband's mouth tilled his head back and with her fingers opened his mouth wide as she pour my cum from her mouth into his. When she finish she told him to swallow every drop. Watching that made my cock rock hard again.

I pulled Kath away and almost threw her onto the bed. I then told him to watch as I was about to give her the fucking off her life.

"Go for it, fuck the little slut till she begs for mercy!" he grunted loudly.

I then replaced his gag, before I pulled Kath's legs up onto my shoulders. Placing the end of my cock against the entrance to her puffed up pussy lips, I eased the head into that slick hole. Kath bit her lip and moaned.

"Oh god yes, go on stud fuck me till I beg for mercy!" she cried.

I plunged my cock in deep and began to pound her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I knew it would take me a while to cum again so I was sure going to enjoy fucking this slut as hard and long as I could. I grabbed her ankles and used them to pull her legs apart. Her pussy was a sloppy wet hole and the wet sounds of our fucking could be heard quite clearly in the room.

I looked down at her cunt, it was dripping juices all over the bed. A fine circle of foamy white cum was encircling my cock and sprayed all over our two bodies with each thrust into that wet cunt.

Kath was moaning and panting like a bitch in heat. "Oh my god, don't you fucking dare stop!"

"Fuck me, fuck me, you bastard!"

"You like it like this do you slut?" I grunted.

"Fucking right I do...fill my pussy with your cock... fuck me harder!"

I was fucking her like a piston, my balls were dripping in our juices, my cock was sliding around inside that soaking wet pussy. Kath was so fucking wet I could barely feel her cunt against my cock.

I then had another idea, I pushed her onto her back again and placed my hands on her waist, holding her down onto the bed her face buried in the pillows.

"Now you little slut let's see how you like this." Before scooping some juices off her dripping cunt, I smeared them all over her rose bud asshole. Kath wriggled under my grip, I could hear her moaning with lust, as I then shoved two fingers deep into her ass.

"Oh you dirty slut!" I groaned.

"Your obviously not an anal virgin" as I slid another finger into her rapidly expanding ring.

I placed my legs either side of her thighs and stood over her upturned butt. I took my cock in hand and placed the tip against her asshole. I watched as it began to wink at the gentle pressure I was applying.

"Here's what you want slut!" I pushed the end of my cock into her ass.

"Oh God, Oh God... that's so fucking good." Kath grunted.

I then pushed my cock fully in, an inch at a time, until my balls rested against her cunt. Then I began to pull it out slowly, before ramming it back in hard.

"Aaaargh!" she groaned

"Fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard.. I love it when my ass is being fucked." she pleaded, her head tilted at an angle looking at me, with glazed over eyes. I began a steady build up of steam until I was fucking her ass like it was her pussy. Kath was moaning and groaning with pure lust, as well as in pleasure as I drilled her ass, with everything I had.

I knew I wouldn't last long and I was grunting like an a****l as I finally yelled. "Here it comes, I'm going to fill your ass with my cum!" with that, I shoved my full length into her ass and began to unload my sperm into this hot little minx's ass. As I did Kath groaned out loudly.

"Oh god yeeeessss!.... oh fuck that's so good....fill my ass Jim fill it good."

I waited until I knew I had pumped my full load into her before sliding my semi erect cock from within her bowels. As I did I looked over to see her hubby wriggling frustratingly, against his bonds. His whole body seemed to be shaking, the moans that were coming from him, although subdued by the gag, were more than enough to let me know he had enjoyed my ass fucking off his wife, as much as we both had.

We collapsed on the bed, cuddled together, kissing gently and stroking each others body until we were totally relaxed. Kath lay sighing gently, which told me that she was well satisfied with my efforts. I rolled onto my back and she put her head on my chest as she took hold of my cock and then looked at me

"You sure know how to use this!" ... "I hope you're not in a hurry to leave?"

"Nope but I will need a rest before any more action."

"What about him?" I asked looking over at her husband.

"He can stay where he is, this is what he wanted so he can have it, all of it"

We spent all night fucking and sucking each other, to so many climaxes, I was walking gingerly for the next few days. Kath and I, spend odd nights together, whenever she can get hold of me which has been most Saturday nights recently.

Her husband has even got to the stage where he begs me to let him suck my cock and balls to full erection, cleans my cock and balls of all remnants of our love making juices. I have even fucked his ass, as a Cuckold experience this was by far the best but not the only one I enjoyed with them.

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