New to the block

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I retired early being only 42 and I had it made after working 20 long years at the firm. I didn't find the need to keep working because I always had my funds invested in all the right places. Plus I live alone in a cozy two bedroom house, been alone ever since my wife and I divorced about five years ago. I didn't have a whole lot of friends to keep me busy since they were mostly at work and I found myself rather bored half the time. That was until one day when I received new neighbors next door, they were a small f****y of three, just the two boys and their mother.

The younger one of the two was named Jack, he was aight at the time. The other boy was named Kevin, he was much older than his siblling counterpart, Kevin who just recently had turned sevntein.

Not more than a week passed by and already I was acquainted with the f****y being that they'd often see me sitting out on my porch relaxing in my rocking chair or catch me picking up the mail as we exchanged a waive of the hand from a far. Then one day while I was watching tv I heard a knock on the door, and so I got up to see who it was. When I looked through the tiny peep hole on the door I saw what appeared to have been a young man pacing up and down on my porch. It didn't take me long before I recognized his face to know that it was my neighbor's eldest son Kevin.

As I opened the door I finally gazed into his olive green eyes and I noticed his soft cheeks were lightly freckled with those nearly invisible little brown dots. His somewhat long, semi straight dirty blond hair was falling in front of his face with the slight breeze that picked up from time to time and he used his left hand to part his hair away from his face as he greeted me saying, "Hey Mr. Fredrickson..." I grinned to myself saying in reply, "No need for that formal nonsense Kevin, you can call me David... So what can I do for you today Kevin?..." He then nervously fumbled with his words a bit before uttering out something like, "Ohh. Okay, umm... David, I, well... We just wanted to know if you wanted to come to a barbecue next Saturday, it's for my b*****r's birthday and my mom thought you might be interested." I raised my eye brows being surprised at such an invitation after only a couple of weeks after their arrival and I figured they must really want to get to know their neighbors better. I replied, "Well, I'm afraid I can't turn down an offer like that. You got it Kevin, I'll be there..." He smiled as he said, "Cool... Alright. So I'll see ya then ..."

Saturday came quicker than I anticipated and I made sure I was looking sharp for the occasion. It was gonna be the first time I would be invited to my new neighbors home and I wanted to impress. I headed to their house with more than enough time to spare.

When I arrived, I waived to Kevin who was sitting down in the back yard having some chips and dip. I then walked over to his little b*****r who was sitting at the table with his friends. His face sort of lit up as he saw me coming his way and I said, "Hey there birthday boy. How's it going so far?..." He smiled saying, "Hey Mr. Fredrickson, thanks for coming to my birthday party..." Little Jack couldn't contain the joy he felt when I handed him the gift I bought him and he said, "Wow... Thanks Mr. Fredrickson!... What is it???" I replied with a smile saying, "Why don't you go'n and open it up Jack... I think you're gonna like it better once you see what it is." Truth is I already knew he was gonna like it because his mom already told me he had been wanting a certain action figure and I knew I just had to buy it for him.

Jack tore the wrapping paper in half within 10 seconds after it took about 10 minutes just to get it wrapped, usually the way it works with giving gifts. But just seeing the look on his adorable face when he finished unraveling his birthday gift was all that I needed to make the time I spent wrapping it all worth it. Little Jack shouted, "Cooool!... It's super mega ultra man!... Awesome! Thanks Mr. Fredrickson! You're the best!" He hugged me as I received his temporary warm embrace saying, "You're welcome buddy... Feel free to call me David if you want, you know since were friends and all... Alright Jack." He nodded his head still excited about his new toy. I caught a glance from his older b*****r Kevin who had apparently looking at me the whole time and he seemed distracted until I caught his attention as I waived to him. Kevin seemed to have seen me notice him staring and he quickly looked back down at his plate, I saw he was blushing slightly.

I decided to talk to him saying, "So Kevin, I hear you're quite the ladies man..." He smiled as he tried denying it saying, "What?... Ohh, Yeah sure..." I said, "Well some might say you're quite handsome for your age... When I was your age I was not as good lookin as you are now that's for sure..."

We talked for over an hour about things to boost his confidence and I taught him how to properly ask a girl out. Pretty soon it was time to bring out the birthday cake and the candles. Right in the center of the cake a candle in the shape of a number nien was illuminated first, then a few other regular candles were placed around it and all became lit as well. We all sung Jack happy birthday and then his mom cut the cake.

I sat with Kevin a little while longer as I ate my piece of cake and then I got up to say my goodbyes for the evening. Julie said, "Thanks for coming, and for the gift. Jack can't stop talking about it and showing it to his friends." I said, "Nah, It's nothing, really I don't mind. Reminds me of when I was a boy myself..." She continued by saying, "You know... There are times when I can't stay home to watch over the boys... And, I know it may seem like such a sudden thing... But, if you could maybe..." I understood at an instant and I replied before she finished her sentence saying, "Oh, well of course... Of course I don't mind watching the boys... I mean, whenever you need me to I'll do it, it would be an honor Julie."

She hugged me saying, "Thank you, thank you so much for everything, you have no idea what it would mean to the boys to have a man to turn to as well as their mother. Especially Kevin, his father just hasn't been there at all. I mean Jack's father comes to see him once in a blue moon. But Kevin has never even seen his dad..." I nodded my head in understanding as I now knew the reason why he always seemed to be, sort of lost you might say. I said, "Don't you worry Julie, you just leave that to me. I tend to have a way with k!ds and I could tell that Jack already likes me, Kevin will too..."

With that said I said my goodbyes for the evening and I headed back to my house. That night I found myself thinking about Kevin and that blank stare he had as he looked my way. As if he was longing for a fatherly figure like me in his life. I wanted so much to be that for him and his b*****r alike. I slept on that thought that night.

Watching the boys:

It was my turn to look after the boys one night. I was to make sure the boys were fed, bathed and sent off to bed on time. I was given special instructions to make sure to remind Jack that he had to put on his Goodnites pull up diaper before slipping into his pj's so that he wouldn't possibly have a nighttime bed wetting accident which his mom warned me about already. I told him that I thought he was a big boy and that he should learn to wake up in the middle of the night like the rest of the big boys do. He seemed kind of shy about it and I just gave him an affirmative nudge on the shoulder with my hand as I sent him to change into his pj's.

I was walking down the hall on my way to the guest bedroom whifh is where I was staying the night, and as I walked by Kevin's room I froze in place when I heard him making a few groaning sounds. The lights were off and the door was just barely cracked open as I leaned my head in to get a peak just in case he was in some sort of trouble. He was laying in bed with his hand rubbing on his stomach it appeared, so I knocked lightly upon his door and I asked him if everything was okay.

Kevin immediately removed his hand from what actually was his erect pecker, now ever so clearly illuminated by the light that creeped in from the door being opened slightly more than it was before once my hand pushed it in a bit. He abruptly pulled the sheets over himself as he stopped moaning and he said, "Umm... Yeah!... Everything's fine!..." I quickly took a step backwards so he wouldn't see me peaking in on him, it was then that it sunk in and I realized I had caught him doing his thing. I blushed probably just as red as him when I said, "Ohh... Alright then Kev, goodnight..." He stayed quiet as I backed away slowly and continued on my way to the room I was staying in that night.

I entered the room and closed the door behind me, but there weren't any lock switches on any of the door knobs since it was against the rules of the house to lock the bedroom doors. The boys were expected to knock and ask permission to enter before opening any closed door in the house.

That night I lay in bed with only one thought in my head, I was thinking about what I caught Kevin doing in his room that night. For whatever reason, the thought of sneaking up on Kevin masturbating seemed to make me want to do it too and soon I was getting a stiff one of my own! So I grabbed some of the tissue paper conveniently packed in the side pocket of my bag and I reached down under the covers to tend to my own situation before I went to sle3p.

Their mom showed up in the morning, later than expected and she thanked me saying, "Oh David, what a long night. I never knew my friends were such drinkers, I basically had to drive everyone home. Thank you for watching the boys last night." I replied, "Anytime Julie... You know I don't mind looking after the boys..." She hugged me and thanked me again as I left for the day.

The next time I stayed over:

It was a long weekend and Julie asked me to "babysit" the boys again on Friday because she had a late "business meeting" to tend to. Of course I agreed to her request and on Friday I showed up to her house on time, just as I did the time before.

"Alright boys, the food is on the counter... You can watch tv if you'd like, but no scary movies cause then Jack will have nightmares and that makes his bedtime accidents happen a lot worse..." She then turned to me and whispered, "...Last time he watched a scary movie and then went to bed, he peed so much that he soaked through his goodnites diaper and wet his bed sheets all over." I shook my head in disapproval saying, "Don't you worry Julie, he's gonna grow out of that real soon... Especially after I'm done coaching him, you'll see..." She smiled and said, "Thank you David, you don't know how much I appreciate you doing this... The boys already think of you like a second fathr... Or at least Jack does. But soon enough Kevin will too, I'm sure of that David... Alright well, I gotta go or I'll be late..."

We watched some cartoons and as their bedtime was approaching I said, "Alright boys, it's late, go'n and take a shower now so you can head off to bed..." Jack complained saying, "Awww... But I'm not tired yet..." I was about to counter that argument but then Kevin spoke up saying, "Jack, we gotta listen to David because mom said to remember, now let's go take a shower. Come on I'll race you..." I kept a stern face for Jack to know I meant business this time and he finally agreed saying, "Well, okay... Let's go..."

Just like the last time I showered before I came so all I had left to do was get changed into my adult pj's.

After Jack was done with his bath I made sure he put on his Goodnites bedtime diaper before slipping into his pj's and once he was ready he hopped into bed. I tucked him in, bidding him goodnight and then as I was walking out of his room I turned off the light, shutting the door on my way out.

Kevin was getting ready to shower next as I saw him heading down the hall to the bathroom and when our eyes finally made contact he waived at me from across the hall. I sort of waived back as I made my way back to the living room to continue watching tv for a while.

Just as the show was ending I heard Kevin getting out of the bathroom and so I shut off the tv to go use the bathroom myself before going to bed. After I finished rinsing off my face and brushing my teeth I left the bathroom, shutting off the light on my way out.

I walked down the hall again heading to the guest bedroom where I was staying again that night. The guest bedroom was at the end of the hallway and I had no choice but to pass by Kevin's room every time. As I approached the part of the hallway where his room was, I couldn't help but notice Kevin's room still had the light on. The door was cracked open inward more than last time, it was actually almost halfway open this time as I kept walking down the hall, getting closer to his room.

As I walked passed Kevin's room I slowed down and my curiosity got the best of me when I turned my head to look inside though the halfway open door. I sort of did a slow motion walk and then I froze for a moment with widening eyes. I got a full view of Kevin who was facing the opposite direction at the time and he was buck naked, from head to toe as he walked around freely in his room!

I carefully positioned myself behind the wall next to the door to conceal my body as I leaned my head in so I may continue to silently and secretly observe him from just outside the room. By then he had opened one of his drawers to grab a fresh pair of boxer briefs from one of his drawers to change into for bed. I gawked at his smooth skin from head to toe and my eyes then became fixed upon his perfect, round, milky white bum. Luckily he was still facing the opposite direction when he leaned over and I watched in awe as he bent over almost completely to put on his boxers, revealing his nearly fully developed hairless ballsack cradled between his upper thighs. There were however very few fine innocent looking hairs on his legs and almost none between his legs.

If you didn't know him, at least from the angle I was viewing him, anyone can say it's hard to tell he was male because his body appeared so feminine it was unbelievable. Every curve down to his perfect bum looked like a naked girl, but once he bends over and you catch a good view of his balls, which hung in plain sight only when he spread his legs wide enough, you notice he's indeed a boy. I felt myself getting hard just watching him carelessly move around while being completely naked. I became nervous unsure of whether I should confront him or not about leaving his door open like that. I knew it was wrong to think of him this way because he was still so young, but for some reason I just couldn't help myself.

Then as I was still busy deciding what to do, he turned his head back only to see me standing there with my jaw dropped and staring straight at his bare bum. My eyes widened and I thought to myself, "Oh shit, he caught me!" I cleared my throat turning my head away as I said the first thing that came to mind, "My goodness Kev!... You should really close that door if you're gonna get all in the nude like that son..." He stood up at an instant but he didn't act very surprised or regretful of the event. I just decided to keep on walking and I didn't look back until I was in the guest bedroom where I turned around only to see if he had followed me or something.

I heard him shut his bedroom door gently and then I shut my door too as I laid on my bed thinking about what I just saw. Within seconds my pj pants were pitched out again and I reached my hand in there again to take care of my hardened cock. I then decided to get buck naked like Kevin as I pushed down my pj bottoms and my underwear taking them off completely. I tossed them to the side carelessly as I watched them fall to the floor somewhere in front of the bed and then I pulled off my shirt, tossing it in the same direction. I moaned as lightly as I could manage as I stroked my fully erect cock and I began whispering to myself, "Ohh yeah Kevin, You like getting naked for me huh? Mmmhmm... I like that too... Ohh yeah..." I breathed heavier and pumped faster as I thought deeper thoughts saying to myself a bit more audibly so, "Ohh yeah Kevin, Let me feel that nice ass... Yeah!... Uhh!..."

Suddenly I heard a faint thump sound coming from the hallway as I paused with my hand still on my raging hard cock. I started to panic as I continued to hear nearby footsteps coming in my direction. My pj's and underwear were thrown randomly on the floor, so I had no time to put them back on. I tried to gather the sheets to cover myself but they were tangled up around my legs. I then began to sweat bullets when suddenly I remembered the stupid door didn't have a lock!

I hoped to god that Kevin, or worse Jack wouldn't come through that door and seen me like this. My mind was spinning because I knew time was running out and then I thought of grabbing the pillow just in case, but by then it was far too late. All of a sudden I heard the door knob twist and the door was slowly opening up. I wasted no more time and I quickly brought the pillow from behind me as I quickly covered my now semi erect cock. Finally the door opened up all the way and luckily I covered myself on time because it wasn't Kevin... It was just poor little Jack.

I sat up on the bed now with the pillow on my lap, covering my softening cock and I said, "Jack?... What are you doing here my dear boy?..." He replied in a sobbing voice saying, "David I... I was having a nightmare and I peed myself really bad... I know I gotta shower and put on another of my Goodnites undies... But my bed is wet a little too... Can you help me with that please?..."

I said, "Sure Jack, my poor sweet boy... anything for you." He couldn't contain himself from crying and he wept as he came over to give me a hug. I kept one hand on the pillow in front of me and another upon his back as he leaned in to embrace me. I felt very awkward having his belly resting on the very pillow I was trying hard not to push down upon. I gave him a few pats on the bum which was still thickly padded with his heavily soaked Goodnites diaper which left giant wet spots on either side of his tushy. It was almost like he was more like a toddlrr I swear. My fingers felt the wetness as I stopped lightly patting his diapered bum and I said, "Umm... O... Okay Jack... Time to get you out of that wet one... What do you say?... But you gotta give me some time okay? Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up, I'll meet you in your room..." He picked himself up off the pillow which rested right above my bare crotch and he nodded slowly in agreement as he waddled over to the bathroom. I thought to myself, "Phew... That was close... Poor k!d though... Well, I'd best be gettin dressed so I could go help him out..."

I put on my pj's without even putting on my underwear since it was just for a little while, and I headed down the hallway to meet Jack in his room. As I entered Jack's bedroom the smell of fresh salty urine was in the air and I went to examine the bed. It was true, he had soaked through the inferior training diaper and he had two large wet spots where his legs were positioned at the time of the pee accident. I started pulling off the wet bedsheets, removing them from the bed and then I reached into the nearby closet to grab some cleaning products to make sure the mattress didn't stay with any pee on it. After I cleaned the mattress well, I grabbed a new set of sheets from the closet and I began to dress the bed again.

Just as I started putting the new sheets on his bed I saw Jack enter the room, after coming back from the bathroom. He innocently had his towel in his hand instead of being wrapped around his waist so his little one inch pecker was hanging out in front of him as he walked around. I quickly put the rest of the new dry bedsheets on his bed and I headed for the door saying, "Okay all done, goodnight Jack..." Jack turned around once again revealing his little wienie to me as he said, "Hey... David!... Thank you..." I winked at him with a friendly smile saying, "Anytime kjddo..." With that said he smiled too as he continued slipping on a new Goodnites diaper and I kept walking out of his room.

I was walking down the hall back to the guest bedroom where I was staying the night and I couldn't help but notice that Kevin's door was wide open. I took a step inside as I looked around and I didn't see him in there so I headed down the hall to the bathroom to see if he was there but he wasn't there either. I then headed down the hallway, all the way back to my room to grab my phone and call the policce thinking he was gone for good.

But when I entered my room and turned on the lights, there he was! Kevin was laying on my bed, and he was completely naked like I had seen him before, only this time he was staring right at me. I hesitated before asking him, "Uhh.. K... Kevin?... Wha... What are you d...?" He raised one finger to his lips going, "Shhh... It's okay... I want you here in this bed with me..." It was then that I noticed one of his hands was stroking his fully hard maybe 6 inch long uncircumcised cock. I fell into bed next to Kevin as I reached my hand for his hard, juicy teinage boy cock to take over for him.

I grabbed Kevin's cock and he instantly threw his head back against the pillow in ecstasy as I gave his hard cock a few good strokes, having more experienced hands. I applied a good amount of my saliva upon the palm of my hand as I placed it upon his hot, thirsty shaft while I moved my slick hand up and down his extra hard, thick juicy young cock. Kevin moaned out loud but I didn't care to hush him. I felt like doing something wild and I just dove my head down upon his crotch as I parted my lips to taste cock for the first time in a long while.

I sucked his cock real good, just like I used to do and this was actually bringing back further memories from even before I was his age. But I kept going because I could tell that he was almost ready to shoot his load in my mouth and I wanted to taste his cum so badly. He was moaning extra loudly and soon he said, "Ohhh...Uuhhh!... Oh shit, I... I think I'm cumming!... Ohhh!... Uuhhh!... Uhhhh! Ohhh damn!... Uhhh!... Uhhhh... Uhhh... Ohhh David..." I made sure to drink up all of his fresh warm sperm as it spewed heavily from his cock in spurts.

I then pulled his shrinking cock from my mouth, accidentally leaving behind a thick string of his remaining semen which hung from my bottom lip before breaking off and sticking to my chin. I wiped my chin with my finger sticking it in my mouth to drink the remnants of his cum as I backed away from him and Kevin covered his crotch with the same pillow I used before. He then said, "Whoa... That was great... So what happens now?" I shrugged my shoulders saying, "Well, if you don't mind, I think it's best for us to keep this between you and me... I could still come over to look after you boys... And we could keep on... Well you know... How's that sound to you? I think we could keep this a secret right?..."

Kevin nodded enthusiastically as he uncovered his crotch and he stood up from the bed to give me a hug I presumed. Instead he planted a wet pop kiss on my cheek taking me by surprise as I blushed and then he said, "You're really cool David and... I like you, like a boyfriend you know... I've had the biggest crush on you ever since we met... I'll keep our secret very safe... But I don't know how long I can wait to do that again with you..." I agreed as I repaid the favor kissing him on the lips and his eyes widened knowing that I still had the taste of his fresh semen in my mouth when suddenly he broke the kiss saying, "Eww... Yuck... So I guess that's what my cum tastes like huh?..." I teased him saying, "Well that's fine, if you don't like the taste of it, then more for me I guess..."

Kevin smiled as he tried to wipe the taste of his own semen from his lips. Kevin got dressed and he said, "Well, goodnight David..." I smiled saying, "Sweet dreams lover boy..." He smiled back as he left my room and I closed the door behind him. I now had reason to finish myself off as I reached into my pj's and right there I stroked my cock swiftly. I let out a few moans and soon it was all over as I felt my semen erupt all over my underwear, wetting the front of my pj bottoms. I had created a large wet spot of my own on the front of my pj pants and once I finished having my great orgasm I laughed to myself thinking , "I may need to wear Goodnites diapers to bed too..."

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