Ruth, Gwen and Rachel

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I'm Daniel 24, single delivery driver. I work for a nationwide delivery business and was transferred to my grandma's Ruth's town. The transfer was due to company expanding it's depots and wanted some company drivers to start off the depot. I accepted because I would be a senior driver in the depot. I arranged to stay with grandma Ruth 62, till I found a place of my own. Grandad Mike had past away 3 years ago after a stroke. Ruth lived in ranchstyle house 3 bedrooms 2 bath. It was only a quarter of mile from the new depot and I could walk to work. On arriving at grandma house on the Saturady afternoon before starting at the new depot Monday morning. Ruth was very happy to see me, we had always had a good relationship and the fact that my mother Gwen 41 had come to visit Ruth (Ruth's only daughter) as well. I went out after putting my gear away to get the lay of the town, so not to rely on the GPS solely. I returned about 3 hours later and asked if they would like to go out for dinner. Ruth said That would be nice, I'll keep the chicken for lunch tomorrow. We went to a nice place and had a good meal and then returned home. Ruth and Gwen talked and I went to bed, on Sunday morning. Ruth gave me an old map of the town to help me get to know the town. Monday I started at the depot and found it was busy from the start. By Friday I was settled in and not using the GPS much. Saturday Gwen returned home, Ruth and I went out for dinner again that night and went on to see a movie. It was near midnight when we got home, Ruth made coffee and we sat and talked. After the coffee Ruth asked me If I would rub her back before I went to bed. I agreed and I followed her to her bedroom and she went into her ensuite and came out a short time later in a bathrobe. She laid face down on the bed having removed the bathrobe just before. She only had on a pair of panties, I was behind her when she removed the robe. I got the oil she wanted rubbed into her back and started rubbing it into her back. After a short time she started moaning and I asked if I was hurting her. She answered No, she was enjoying the rub down. So I continued and as I went down one side of her body I touched her breast and she moaned a bit more. Same when I done the otherside. When I got down to her rear, she told me to pull back the panties and rub the cheeks as well. So I did and she started to squirm, I kept rubbing and then I ran my hand between her cheeks touching her pubic hair and she didn't say Stop or anything. So I moved my fingers into her pubic hair and found her vagina and I started to finger her. She still said nothing, but she started to move up and down on my finger. With that my cock got hard and I stopped and stood up and started to undress. She rolled onto her back and on seeing me undressing she removed her panties. She said We shouldn't be doing this, but I haven't been fucked in such a long time and I'm so horny. So I fucked her and next morning while she was doing the washing up. I grabbed her by the her vagina and said How about a repeat. She said Okay and we went back to her bed and had sex. We started to have regular sex twice a week. A month ago Ruth went to visit her only son Robert for a week and my mother Gwen came for live with us. My father had divorced her 12 years ago and she hadn't remarried. I being her only child and she had got transfer in her public service job to be closer to me and Ruth. The first night she was here, I went and joined her in the shower. She was shocked at first and asked me to leave, but I started to rub her vagina and she started to moan. I fucked her in the shower and we spent the night together. I fucked her every chance I got and I told her I was fucking Ruth as well. She said She knew as Ruth had told her, that she was being well serviced. On Ruth's return home I took her straight to bed and that night we had threesome. That was last November and since then I got my mother Gwen pregnant. She always had said she wanted another child. I also got a girlfriend Rachel 22 she works at the depot and we are having regular sex. Her parents moved away to a retirement village in a warmer climate. She a only child also and her mother was 40 when she was born. Rachel has moved in with us and knows about me, Ruth and Gwen and she has join in a foursome with us. She has also stop taking the pill, she wants a baby also.

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