Return of the Son

Written by , on 2018-07-27, genre incest

I am Daniel 31 divorced and had to return to my mother house to live with her after the divorce. My ex got my house and all the savings. All I got was the debt and my car, but we had no children and I don't have to pay maintenance. So I moved back with my Mother Grace 51 widow. I'm her only child, she was left quite well off by my father. With his life insurance and investments, as well as the settlement the other drivers insurance. He died 5 years ago, when a car went thru a red light and hit his car on the drivers side. He died before he could be got out of the twisted wreckage. So I moved back in with Grace, she was happy I did. I had to pay off the debt, so I didn't go out at night. Only went to work and stayed at home, mom offered to pay off the debt. I refused as I didn't want her using her money on me. But she insisted, saying I would pay her back and that there would be no interest to pay. So I excepted and what a relief it was to have the debt to the bank paid. But I still paid the same amount to Grace as I was to the bank. The wasn't so tough when I married and we had 2 incomes to pay it. But it was hard on 1 income. That I moved back in with my mother, I enjoyed and she cooked my meals and done my laundry. I done work around the house and yard for her, then last month I was in my room. Feeling bored that I started to play with myself, then in walked Grace catching me masturbating. It didn't bother her one bit, she just said Sorry and left the room. I quickly followed and said I was sorry to shock her. She answered I'm wasn't shocked, I know men need to releave themselves at times. I also have to releave myself at times. Seeing the look on my face, she added I'm not passed it yet you know. I know I answered, Your a very good looking woman and I'm at a loss, why you don't date. I don't date because I still miss Alex. I have you to take care of as well, I know you can look after yourself. But I like looking after you she replied. With that I gave her a hug and kissed her on her forehead. Anyway what did you want to see me for I asked. Oh there's a music show on at the coast this weekend, I wanted to know if you would go with me. We could stay overnight and come back Sunday Morning she answered. I said I would happy to go with you and gave her another hug. This time I kept hold of her longer and looked into her eyes. I got sexually aroused and she fell it poking her belly. She said You should take care of that. I answered Why don't we take care of each other. I expected her to be shocked and she wasn't, alright it won't hurt anyone. I haven't been fucked in years and you look so much like Alex. So I led her to her room and we had sex, we had sex every night for a week. Even now I only have to give her a cuddle and I can fuck her anytime I want and I want her a lot.

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