Learning my place

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I grew up with my older sister “Lisa”. She is almost 2 years older than I am. And has always been a good sister to me.

I have always been shy and despite my sister’s attempts at helping me stll managed to go through high school still being a virgin. This story is about a Halloween party that changed my life, my sister‘s life, and even our cousin Penny’s life forever.

I had just turned 18 one week earlier and was still living at home with our parents. My sister had long since moved out but was currently house sitting with our cousin Penny. It was her parents house in the countryside while they are away on vacation.

The two of them popped in one evening and asked me if I wanted to go to a Halloween costume party with them?

I told them I had no costume. They said they had already thought of that and had a plan. They took me to my sister’s apartment and dressed me as Pipi Longstocking putting my already long straight hair in pigtail braids. I wasn’t crazy about my costume and saw no reason that it should actually include me wearing panties. But with a little encouragement from my sister and cousin, I agreed. Being small and stature only 5‘4“ tall with a small frame body I’ve only got 125 pounds I easily fit in my sister’s clothes. After they were done, even I was amazed at how feminine I looked.

The girls decided they would call me cousin Linda for the night as I wouldn’t know anyone there anyway.

The two girls both dressed as very sexy looking elves.

The party was at a farm in the country. There were lots of college age people there. It was after dark and most everyone was outside partying between the house and the barn. Everyone appeared to be drinking with some smoking a little marijuana.

Everyone seemed to immediately accept me as cousin Linda. The girls got some alcoholic drinks and me a can of coke. As they mingled I was introduced to everyone as cousin Linda.

Soon Lisa’s boyfriend Jason arrived and I knew she wanted some space so I sat on some hay bales that was stacked at the west end of the party area. I thought from there I could watch things going on and be out of the way. After a while Penny came and sat by me. She put some whisky in my coke. I told her I did not drink. She said it would be okay and we were supposed to spend the night with her anyway. Then she said “Just don’t drink too much.”

She told me to get out there and mingle. She reminded me that no one knew me there. She smiled and pulled at my hand to get me to stand. She looked me over smiled and giggled saying “You make a pretty girl. You may even find a boyfriend.”
She stopped, pulling, and leaned up next to my ear and whispered. “ Remember, everyone thinks you’re a girl, you could even kiss a guy or maybe even suck his cock.”

She released my hand. Smiling at me she said. “Think about it. It could be a lot of fun.” She turned and went skipping back to the party crowd. I found myself pondering what she had to say. To be honest with myself, I had thought many times, what it would be like to suck another guy‘s cock. But why did she think I was gay? Was it just because I was too shy to have ever had a girlfriend. I looked down at myself and thought for an instant. Yes, no one even knows who I really am. I suddenly felt more comfortable, but still chose to stay where I was at just observing the party.

Soon I could feel the effects of the alcoholic drink. I watched as eventually Lisa and her boyfriend went inside the barn. Soon after that I was still sitting alone just looking around when I saw Penny wave at me. I smiled and waved back. The music was loud and I was temporarily distracted by Penny, I didn’t realize there was a guy dressed as an American Indian standing near me and he startled me when he spoke to me.

He asked if I was okay sitting there all alone? I answered “Yes, I am fine” Then he asked if I would like another drink? I felt the empty can in my hand and said “Sure.” He turned and disappeared in the crowd. He soon reappeared with a glass containing more whiskey and coke. We chatted a minute I could tell he was flirting with me. He clearly thought I was a female. I decided to go along with the pretense, so I kept my answers brief as to not expose that I am actually a male.

He asked me why I was sitting all alone, and I told him “I was just enjoying watching the amusing party activity.” He laughed and sat next to me on the hay bales. He looked at me and smiled and said “I think I’m just gonna sit here by you if that’s all right.

He said his name was Michael. We chatted a short while. Then I noticed I could see his hardening penis was sticking out of the leather Indian style flap that covered it. I had never actually seen a grown man’s penis before. Being rather drunk at this point I was being obvious and staring at it. He noticed my staring and shocked me when he said “You can touch it if you want” I shook my head no, but I could not take my eyes from it. He looked at my face until my eyes returned his gaze. He stood up and took my hand and walked me to the other dark side of the stack of hay bales we were sitting on.
Once there, he pulled out his cock in full view, and put my hand on it. I could not help but wrap my fingers around it, and gently stroke up and down the shaft feeling it’s firmness.

I loved feeling it, touching it, I was very excited. my heart was racing as I held his hard cock in my hands. He placed his hand on my shoulder and slowly pushed me to my knees in front of him. I have never seen a man’s penis much less sucked one. But it was obvious that’s what he wanted and at that moment that’s what I wanted.

He pressed his cock against my lips I automatically open my mouth as he pushed it inside I began sucking moving it in and out of my mouth. And just a few short minutes of this I could feel the rim around the head swell and his cock pulse as he held my head and began spraying his semen in my mouth. It was my first taste of cum. I swallowed as best I could. I kept it in my mouth allowing him to totally finish.

Suddenly I heard Penny giggle and turned to see her leaning across the bales watching me as I sucked the cum from his shrinking dick. “Linda!” Penny said smiling “ I didn’t realize you were such a slut”

I looked at her to drunk to care that she saw me. Michael pulling his cock out of my mouth tucked it back in and walked back to the party crowd.

Penny continued. “Well Linda I guess you are doing okay then.” And she too turned and went back to the party crowd. I returned to my seat on the hay bales pondering what just happened. I looked around but did not see my sister. When I noticed Penny returning. She sat next to me. “Well .., cousin Linda, does Lisa know you like sucking cocks?”

The question gave me a feeling of shame and embarrassment. The truth is I never seen another males cock before I sucked Michael’s cock.

I answered her with a shy, whispering, “no.” I then continued. “My sister doesn’t know. I didn’t know... that was the first time I had ever done that.”

Penny smiled at me again and said “Wow! Well it sure looked like you enjoyed it.”

Her friendliness and casual attitude, made me feel relaxed, again and I smiled back at her looking down at my skirt reminding myself that I was Linda tonight not little brother Tim but Linda.

Penny was obviously drunk and I too was still quite intoxicated. Penny grabbed my hand and took me back around to the other side of the stack of hay bales. When I got there she told me to kneel down and I did. She smiled at me and said “Wait here I’ll be right back in a minute.” I did as she instructed.

She returned with another man in his early 20s she walked him over to me. I was still where she left me on the dark side of the hay bales on my knees. She walked him over and stood him in front of me and told him that I love to give blowjobs.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock I immediately began sucking it. It was soft at first, but was rapidly getting hard. Penny stayed there and watched as I sucked his cock. But before he came. She said “Go ahead and finish him Linda I’ll go get you another and she returned back to the party.”

In a few minutes I could feel his cock swelling without saying anything or even attempting to pull it out of my mouth he shot his load in my mouth. I swallowed and gently sucked until he was totally finished and put his cock out of my mouth and tucked it back into his pants. Without saying anything he zipped up and walked away.

I stood up and looked over the hay at the party crowd. I could see Penny coming my direction with one of the few black guys at the party. She seemed happy and was smiling as she approached me this caused me to smile at her also.

She lead him around to me introduced me as her cousin Linda and has before told him I loved giving blowjobs. He too pulled out his dick for me to suck. We were in the shadows so I could not see his black dick clearly. This disappointed me slightly as I began sucking. Penny watched for a few moments as before then said she was off to get me another one.

Like the previous one I remained on my knees, sucking him until he shot a large amount of cum in my mouth. I noticed a slightly sweeter taste. I sucked his dick clean until he pulled it from my mouth and zipped up. He said thank you, as he returned to the party.

I looked again for Penny I saw her again dragging another guy toward me. I was so focused on her and him I almost didn’t notice that my sister was following her just a few paces behind.

Penny once again walked the guy over to me to suck his cock. As he pulled out his cock, I dropped to my knees in front of him, took it into my mouth and began sucking temporarily forgetting that it wasn’t just Penny there, but my sister Lisa also.

I continued while they both watched. This time penny stayed standing next to Lisa they did not leave but stood and watched until he came in my mouth. They watched silently as I sucked clean his shrinking cock. He pulled it from my lips and put it away, zipped up his pants and left patting the top of my head.

I looked over at my sister. She exclaimed “Tim I didn’t know you were gay” Penny interrupted “Not Tim...Linda, cousin Linda”
“How long have you been sucking dicks? “ Lisa asked.
“Just tonight” I answered. My sister looked at Penny as if in someway she was responsible. Penny shrugged her shoulders and said “What?, she likes it”

Suddenly another guy walks around the hay. In a intoxicated voice says “Hey there girls, I heard I can get a blowjob back here.” Lisa looked sternly at him and said “No! Now beat it!” He turned to leave. But Penny stopped him grabbing his hand pulling him back she said “Don’t go. This is the place” and lead him to me. “This is Linda” she said. “She loves giving blow jobs”

He smiled and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock it was not yet hard as he moved it toward my face I looked up at my sister for her reaction. Surprisingly, she looked at me, and smiling nodded her approval. I looked at Penny she was smiling also I took his cock in my mouth and begin to suck on it. Both girls continued watching as I sucked his dick. As I sucked on his dick I could see Penny was whispering something to my Lisa. After a few short minutes he came emptying his balls into my mouth like the others zipped up and return to the party.

Lisa looked at me, now with a smile asked “ You really do like sucking dicks don’t you? I shyly sodded my head and then verbally answered “Yes..yes.. sis I really do. I do like it.”

She smiled at me and said “OK then… cousin Linda”
Penny interjected “Oh yeah., Lisa, our cousin Linda even sucked a black dick.“
“Really?” Lisa asked smiling at me. “Well cousin Linda, I want to hear all about the black dick later.”

Then she and Penny walked back to the main party crowd. I sat an watched the party activity for probably another hour before another guy came to get sucked off by little cousin Linda. Shortly after sucking him off, Lisa and Penny returned and said the party was breaking up and it was time to go.

We got in the car and drove back to Penny’s home. Along the way, Lisa asked me to tell her about the black guy’s dick. I described it the best I could it was uncircumcised with a very big thick base to it. She asked if his cum tasted any different from the white guys. I told her no, but in truth it may have been a little sweeter.

“I can’t believe my little brother was a little blowjob whore at the party!” Penny corrected her again “Cousin Linda “

Lisa looked at Penny once again, as if she was responsible. “Penny how did you get him giving blowjobs? I mean really? I never thought he was actually gay. But he loves sucking cocks more than I do!”

Penny laughed... “I didn’t do it.” Penny winked at Lisa. “Well, I might’ve encouraged him a little.” Then continued. “He was sucking Michael’s dick when I found him... I just helped him., ah, her., well cousin Linda, by sending over a couple more guys.”

Lisa looked at me and smiling. “My little brother likes cock.”
I asked. “Are you disappointed in me?” Lisa was smiling and seeming happy. “Absolutely not. I actually think it’s kind of hot. I like that you’re gay. Now tell me everything that happened at the party.”

By the time we reached Penny’s house I had described to her how it came to be that I was sucking cock. I explained that I didn’t know I was gay, but I rather think I am now.

“My little brother is gay..“ she said again looking at me with a pleased looking grin.

As we went inside Penny’s home, Lisa asked me if I wanted to dress as a girl again and suck some more cock.
“Yes please!” I quickly responded

“My little brother is gay..” she said again with a pleased smile. Then Penny suddenly shouted “I have an idea!” This broke Lisa’s attention from me as she turned toward Penny. Penny grabs Lisa placing her hands on Lisa’s shoulders staring into her eyes. “What about old man Jerome?”

Lisa looked puzzled as she responded “Jerome?” as she had no idea whom Penny was talking about. “Jerome! Penny repeated. “My neighbor the elderly black guy that lives down the road.”

Penny’s house was in a rural area Jerome was her nearest neighbor and his home was some distance away..

“What about him?” Lisa asked.

Penny answered “Let’s take cousin Linda down there and we can watch him suck Jerome’s cock!”

“I don’t know” Lisa responded turning to look at me. I smiled back at her. The idea of sucking another black cock excited me too. Especially sucking an elderly black man’s penis.

I interjected. “I would really like too. I’m already dressed as a girl.” Thinking to myself to take full advantage of the way the night was going.

My sister looked back at Penny as if she needed to hear her encouraging it one more time.

Penny said “Come on Lisa ... you know you want to see cousin Linda suck a black cock as much as I do”

Lisa looking at me, asked Penny “What makes you think he will let her? And it is 2 AM in the morning.”

Penny responded “of course he will, He lives alone, let’s just go ask. I saw him on his porch when we drove past. Lets just go knock on his door” Lisa look back at me again. I smiled at her . Lisa smiled at me and said “OK then.”

I clapped my hands excitedly and we all went back out the door to the car. We got in the car and Penny drove us over to the neighbors. As we approached Penny said “His name is Mr. Jerome just let me do the talking”

He was no longer on the porch . We knocked on the door. he answered the door, wearing a T-shirt in pajama bottoms . Mr Jerome was obviously an elderly black man of average size with short curly gray hair.

Penny said “Hello Mr Jerome. We saw you on your porch earlier and hoped you were still awake. Can we come in for a minute?”

Mr. Jerome said “certainly” and motioned for us to come inside. “What are you girls doing out so late tonight and how can I help you?” Then before getting the answer he asked. “Would you like something to drink?”

Penny answered “No thanks” to the drink. He repeated his first question “How may I help you?”

Penny began “Well Mr. Jerome ... This is my cousin Linda”. Mr. Jerome responded by saying hello to me. Penny continued... “We would like to know if you would help us out?”

“Maybe” he said “What do you have in mind?”

Penny smiled “Well Mr. Jeromy our cousin Linda here would really like it if you would allow her to give you a blow job.” I felt my heart race as she blurted out the question.

He looked at me I was nervous but empowered by the presence of my sister and Penny. I smiled at him and held my hands in a pleading motion he looked back at Penny and Lisa.

“Really?” He turned and looked at me still holding my hands together pleading silently. “Please?” I said in a whisper aloud.

He looked around at all three of us standing there in our Halloween costumes, only he knows what he could’ve been thinking. He smiled and said “OK then”. Then reaching in through that fly in the front of his pajamas. He pulled out his black cock in full view of the three of us.

It was uncircumcised rather thick and appear to be 7 to8 inches long. He gave his cock a couple of strokes as we all stared. I only hesitated and instant, then went to him and got down on my knees in front of him and grabbed his cock with both of my hands and begin to suck it.

My sister and Penny watched as my head was bobbing up and down on his black cock. I almost immediately felt it get rock hard in my mouth. I could tell he was excited having his cock sucked by a young “white girl” while two other pretty white girls watched.

I paused for a second and looked over at my sister. I could see she had one hand down front of her panties rubbing herself as I sucked Mr. Jerome‘s cock. I smiled at her. Then returned to sucking his cock in and out of my mouth.

Mr. Jerome put his hand on top of my head and gently pushed me back from his cock. Still on my knees I watched as he stepped away my eyes were locked in and focused on his hard black cock sticking out from his pajamas. He walked toward his couch. Then just before sitting on his couch he removed his pajama bottoms and sat down with his legs spread open so that this big black dick and huge balls were in our clear view.

He motioned for me to come over so I got off my knees rushed over and knelt between his legs and began sucking his cock again. I felt his balls they were huge, much bigger than mine each the size of a lemon. I was excited thinking of the amount of cum they contained.

My sister and Penny came to the couch and sat on either side of us and watched intently as l knelt between his legs sucking his cock.

He would moan occasionally and tell me how good it felt as I sucked him. I would glance at my sister and Penny they were always looking at his cock in my mouth. Penny eventually, even reached out and caressed his balls as I sucked. I could see that Lisa was clearly horny and still rubbing herself.

After about 30 minutes I could feel the head of his cock swell in my mouth as it moved in and out. Mr Jerome announced he was going to cum. I felt his hand on my head with slight pressure a gentle attempt to push me off his cock, if I had wanted to avoid him cumming in my mouth.

I held tight and sucked harder as I felt his dick pulse as he sprayed his cum in my mouth. Yes, gum filled my mouth. I tried swallowing quickly to keep it from running out. I loved tasting his cum inside my mouth. His cock pulsed and jerked hard with each burst of jizz he moaned loudly as he emptied his balls.
Penny made soft, horny gasping sounds as she continued to caress his balls as he came.

I heard my sister, Lisa let out a horny orgasmic moan as she watched Penny and I drain his cock.

I gently continue sucking his now shrinking cock. I glanced over at my sister as he pulled it from my lips. I began licking and sucking cleaning from his cock and balls all the semen that it leaked out of my mouth. Penny held out her hand for me too lick the cum from her fingers.

We were all smiling at each other. Mr. Jerome spoke. “Thank you girls that was wonderful”.

My sister and Penny grabbed my arms got up and began to hurriedly take me to the door. He said “Come back anytime you’re always welcome to suck my cock anytime you like.”

My sister and Penny both replied “Thank you” and continued pushing me out his front door.

When we got into the car Lisa looked at me and then at Penny “THAT WAS SO HOT”she shouted. “YES IT WAS” Penny shouted back “THAT WAS AWESOME”. Lisa looked at me, “Did you like it?” I looked back at her and shook my head yes. Lisa smiled at us and loudly announced “I AM SO HORNY” Penny agreed. “ME TOO”

It was at that moment I realized how hard my own cock had gotten. I had been leaking pre-cum out of the panties they gave me for my costume and my leg was wet.

As soon as we got back inside Penny’s house Lisa took off her panties and sat on the couch a began rubbing her pussy. Penny quickly ran into her bedroom and returned holding 2 large rubber cocks she handed one to Lisa.

Then she immediately took off her panties and they both sat on Penny‘s couch one on each end facing each other as they begin pushing the rubber cocks inside them and rubbing their pussies right in front of me.

I was amazed I had never seen a pussy before, and now I have two of them naked masturbating in front of me. I sat on the chair, facing the couch and pulled out my own hard cock, and began stroking it. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, but I was trying to hold off enjoying the feeling and all the visual stimulation around me.

Then, as I was looking at the rubber cock going in and out of my sister‘s pussy. Lisa raised her hand and motioned for me to come toward her. I walked over to her, my cock sticking straight out, I was still stroking it slowly as I approached. She motion for me to put it in her mouth. I was very surprised by this, but moved my cock to her lips. She started sucking.

It was too much for me. Her lips moved up and down my cock just a few times and I couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded in her mouth. She greedily sucked and swallowed my cum. Empty I pulled my shrinking cock from her lips and returned to the chair. She smiled at me as I watched them continue to masturbate.

I sat quietly and watched until they reached an orgasm. First it was Penny then seconds later my sister Lisa. After she achieve satisfaction Lisa turn led her head toward me and gave me a weak but satisfied smile seemingly pleased that I was still watching. But did not speak.

I heard Penny say “OMG Lisa.”
“I am so glad we turned your little brother into cousin Linda she is definitely one of the girls now.”

I just smiled as I looked at my sister’s pussy her legs still spread before me. Realizing I was still staring Lisa closed her legs then stood up and put her panties back on. Penny did likewise. Penny then picked up the two sex toys and returned them to her bedroom.

Lisa, came over and gave me a big hug. Wow! little brother, this was a crazy night. Then giving me a serious look “You know you can’t tell anyone, and I mean no one!!”

I shook my head yes as Penny returned. Penny interjected “Besides if you do tell anyone little cousin, everyone will know you are a faggot cocksucker”

“Penny!” Lisa said to her in a scolding tone. She gave me another hug. Then whispered in my ear; “I love that you like sucking cock.”

Looking at Penny my sister stated “We better be going home.” Penny responded. “No, remember you are supposed to be spending the night”
“Oh yeah! That’s right!” Lisa exclaimed.

Before going to bed Lisa looked at me and asked if I wanted to get out of the girly clothes. I looked at myself wearing the clothes and look back at her and answered her “no I like them.”

Penny laughed and said “You like a lot more than just the clothes don’t you?” She was clearly referring to my sucking dicks. She asked me. “How long have I known that I like men?”
I told her I didn’t know I did. She said “Well you obviously like sucking dick then you must like men. “

I told her “I’ve never seen a grown man’s dick before tonight. But I do like them and I really like sucking them.” Penny then asked “Have you ever seen a pussy before tonight?”
I answered truthfully, “no.”
Then she looked at me “have you ever seen titties?”
I answered “No.”
She looked at me and undid her blouse and revealed her titties to me. “Here you go then, I think you deserve a look.

She asked me if I wanted to touch them? I felt her breast it was exciting. I was enjoying it. Lisa looked over at her and asked Penny to put her titties away. But she left them hanging out.

Then Lisa asked Penny “ Have you ever seen Mr. Jerome‘s cock before? Have you ever done anything with him?” Penny responded. “No, absolutely not! I was just in a crazy mood today with everything that happened.”

Penny and Lisa went to the bedroom and I slept on the couch. Lisa woke me the next morning she was looking for her phone apparently she had missed placed it and did not even realize it. We searched I could not find it Penny was still sleeping on the bed. We went out to the car and found her phone still sitting on the seat. She was quite relieved.

Then she looked at me and asked if I wanted to change back into my boys clothes. I told her no I like being a girl. She began to fix my hair. Then she realized we did not have her little pink sweater I was wearing at the party.

Then we both remembered I had taken it off while I was sucking Mr. Jerome’s cock. I told her I would run down to his house and get the sweater. She said she would go with me. She ran inside for just a minute and then came back out. She had brought some lipstick and a little make up. She applied it to my face telling me you want to look pretty for him.

We walked to Mr. Jerome‘s house. Along the way I asked Lisa if she thought he might let me suck his dick again? Lisa said she didn’t know. Then stopped walking and looked into my eyes half smiling and asked. “You really like sucking dick don’t you?”
I answered Yes.., then asked her. “It’s okay right?” Expecting her to confirm again that she liked that I liked cock. I just wanted to hear her say it again.

She smiled at me and said with a big smile. “Oh yes ., I love that you like sucking dick. I hope you always love sucking cock.”
“I loved watching you suck mr Jerome’s black cock. I would love to watch you suck his cock again. We will ask while we’re picking up the sweater.” I looked at her with a big smile and said “Thank you sis“

“I am going to help you suck lots of cock.” She said. I smiled back at her. Then suddenly I thought of when I came in her mouth,. “Sis, I’m sorry I came so fast when you were sucking my dick.”
She looked at me and smiled. “It’s all right that’s exactly what I wanted. I was just so horny. I just want to feel a cock in my mouth.

We arrived at Mr. Jerome‘s and knocked on his door. He answered the door still wearing the same pajama pants and white T-shirt. We inquired about the sweater as he invited us inside. I seen the sweater lying on the floor next to his couch and walked across the room to pick it up. He smiled at us.

I was still wearing my costume from the previous night, and my hair was still in pigtails. Lisa had changed and was wearing a blouse and skirt.

As we stood in his home, he obviously was enjoying looking at us. As I walk back toward Lisa with the sweater, he spoke saying “It was fun last night you girls be sure to come back and do it again anytime you want.”

Lisa smiled at me. Mr. Jerome spoke again. “You can have some now if you like.” We stopped and turned around. Mr. Jerome had his cock out and was stroking it. He was hard and erect showing it to us we looked at each other. The site of his cock got my heart racing again I couldn’t wait. I rushed over, got on my knees and started sucking his cock while Lisa watched.

As I sucked Mr. Jeromy looked at Lisa and asked if she didn’t want to help? I stopped and looked at Lisa with an encouraging look. I pulled it from my mouth and offered it to her.

But she responded. “That’s more her thing.” I continue to suck. Then after only about a minute Lisa walked up knelt next to me and watching closely as I sucked.

Mr. Jeromy motion for her to join in. He pulled his cock from my mouth and pressed it against her lips and my sister began to suck it. I watched her as she sucked him. I liked watching her suck his big black dick. After awhile she looked at me and pulled his dick from her mouth and offered it to me.
I begin sucking it again she began licking his big balls. Lisa and I both alternated sucking and licking his dick and balls.

I watched and saw that my sister reached down under her skirt and slip her hand in her panties rubbing her pussy as she sucked his cock. Mr. Jerome noticed it also. He pulled his cock from Lisa’s lips, then took her hand to get her to stand up. She stood up and he guided her back to the couch. I followed a few steps behind. When he got to the couch Lisa got back on her knees to suck his cock again. But he signaled for her to stand, then lay on her back on the couch which she did.

She laid back on the couch and opened her legs. He reached under her skirt and removed her panties. Then I watched as he climbed between her legs and pressed his cock against my sister’s pussy pushing it inside. He was fucking my sister she moaned and wrapped her legs around him as he repeatedly thrusted inside her. Seeing his dark body between my sisters, open pale white legs was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

I heard someone come inside his front door. It was Penny. She she walked over next to me and watched with me as Mr Jerome thrust his big cock into Lisa.

After several minutes he announced that he was going to cum and appeared to try to raise off of her. But Lisa wrapped her legs tightly around him. “Give it to me I want to feel you cum inside me.” and pulled him in, holding him inside her as he filled her with his sperm.

He collapsed on top of her momentarily. After he was finished and his balls were empty, she loosened her legs and he raised up off of her. His black cock now hung limp and shiny.

Lisa looked over at us, and said “Don’t worry I’m on the pill”
He smiled and looked over at me and saw that Penny was there also. He moved away from the couch but remained naked from the waist down.

Penny and I walked over to her to look at my sister’s freshly fucked pussy. She was still on her back with her legs open we could see his cum draining from her pussy.

Mr. Jerome walked up to me. I couldn’t help but look at his dick. Then I heard him say “You like cum... why don’t you clean my cock for me. I didn’t hesitate and began gently sucking his cock and licking his balls clean. After a couple minutes, he pulled his cock from me mouth and walked toward his bedroom.

My sister was still laying on the couch with her leg spread open, seemingly exhausted. I returned, to her and I could see his semen dripping from her. She did not try to close her legs instead let me look at her freshly fucked pussy. She motion for me to go between her legs. I put my hands on her knees, and got my face between her legs. I begin licking up his cum from my sister’s pussy she held my head stroking my hair as I did it.

Penny stood silently watching everything. After I licked my sister’s pussy clean Penny helped her get dressed. We thanked Mr. Jerome and returned back to Penny’s house in her car.

Penny looked at my sister Lisa “I can’t believe you just fucked Mr. Jerome.” My sister looked back at her and said excitedly. “It was great! I loved it! I’m going to fuck more black guys! Heck I am going to fuck more old black guys.”

Penny smiled at her. Lisa took this as approval. “Hey, Penny can you take me back later tonight? I want him to fuck me again!” Penny laughed. “You really did like it didn’t you! What about your boyfriend Jason?”

“Oh, I will still date and fuck Jason sometimes” Lisa said.

Then Penny responded “Well what if I want to fuck Mr. Jerome? He is my neighbor.”

Lisa answered. “Girl., if I was you I would give him pussy everyday” Smiling Penny replied. “Maybe I will.”

“No, No , No.. I am fucking him.” Lisa said excitingly and somewhat playfully. Then she smiled at Penny “OK well, we can share.”

“Penny” Lisa spoke in her, sweetest voice. “Until I get my own car, will you bring me to him after work so I can fuck him?
She continued . You can fuck him on the days I am with Jason.”

Penny laughed.., “Sounds like you’re being a little selfish and greedy, Lisa.” Then she laughed again “but I understand.“

“OK I’ll pick you up every day after work and take you to his house to fuck. But you are really going to owe me some favors.”

Both the girls then smiled at each other. As if they were very pleased with their new arrangement. My cock was still hard from watching Mr. Jerome fucking Lisa. I couldn’t stroke it there because I was supposed to be a girl. But now my erection was becoming unbearable. I needed release.

I sat on the chair and pulled my cock out and started stroking it. The two girls looked at me and began giggling. “Oh, you poor thing” Lisa said smiling. She came over and knelt by me and reached out and began stroking my cock.
“ I will help you.” After a few dry strokes, Lisa leaned forward and started sucking my cock. Feeling her lips around my cock drove me over the top and like the time before it only took seconds before I came. This time however Lisa took her mouth from my spurting cock and let it spray all over me.

Penny watched us. Then went into the bathroom and came out with a hand towel and threw it on my belly. “Here you go.”

For the next several hours we did a few chores around the house that were needing done. Later that afternoon Lisa and I were getting ready to go home. When I realized in all the excitement I had left the pink sweater again. I looked at Penny and Lisa and told them. They both laughed and Lisa said. “ No problem will just go get it tonight.

We arrived at Mr. Jerome‘s house later that same evening. We knocked on the door he opened it for us and invited us in. I told him that with all the excitement I forgot the sweater again. And I retrieved it from a nearby chair.

He looked at us and said “Oh yes, I see it, I thought you might be back for more cock.”

My sister Lisa looked at him and smiled “ Yes, I want to come back every day if that’s OK?” He had a big smile said “Sure you can.”

Without saying anything else, my sister started taking off all of her clothes. As she stood there, totally naked for him I realized this is the first time he has actually seen my sisters breast. Earlier he had just raised her skirt and plunged his cock deep inside her.

She laid on the couch and spread her legs. Mr. Jerome watched and then looked at penny and I before following Lisa, to the couch and taking off his pants. He’s black dick stuck out firm and hard. He climb between my sister’s open legs and once again he hammered his black cock deep inside her. She moaned and purred as he thrust his hard black cock.

Penny sat on the nearby chair raised her skirt and began rubbing her pussy as we watched them fucking.

I turned and watched Penny. My sister was fucking Mr Jerome and Penny was masturbating. I wondered what it was like to have a pussy.

Penny motion for me to come to her. I walk to her with my focus mainly on her and manipulating her pussy her legs were spread wide. As I got close she motioned for me to get between her legs I knelt down and she told me to lick her pussy so I did.

She watched as Mr Jerome fucked Lisa. I could hear Lisa telling him that her pussy loves his black cock.

Penny thrust her pussy against my mouth and held my head tight rubbing her pussy on my face as she orgasmed. After she came I sat with her as we watched them continue fucking. Eventually Mr. Jeromy once again emptied his balls inside my sister’s pussy. And once again he stood up I looked at his cock glistening from their juices. My heart raced as always when I see his beautiful black cock.

My sister beckoned me to come over so I did her legs were spread and his semen was dripping from her pussy as it did last time. Mr. Jerome walked up to me displaying his cock for me to suck his cock clean as before. I quickly knelt down and sucked his cock licking off all of their juices. Then I turn to my sister and licked her clean as his cum dripped from her freshly fucked pussy.

Penny came over and told Lisa to get her clothes on because we were late. Reminding Lisa she still had a date with Jason.

To be continued…

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