I just kept the women I already had... Part 2

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....... So there I was watching the police take my mother away in hand cuffs and her yelling at me to call my father for her. I ran to the phone and call him, at first he thought it was a stupid joke I was trying to play on him. But after I got him straight, he hung up with me and called the police and then a lawyer for mom. This was not good.

I'm going to make a long story short for you so we don't get bogged down in this part of my story for too long.....

.... It seems mom had had some sticky fingers at her job at the bank and they found out and she was charged with Three different Felonies, and it was a federal offense so she was being tried in a Federal court.
Over the next six months mom and her lawyer fought the good fight, but it was an election year for the judge and prosecutor and they made an example of mom. 3-6 years in a Federal prison. A prison that was in a different state even! Mom fell to pieces as they took her out of the court room. I just held Amy in my arms.

Things changed quickly after that. A month later dad had mom served with divorce papers in prison. When he talked to me about it, I found out that at that city apartment he had, was a pregnant girlfriend as well. Dad said I was 17 now and I could choose what I wanted to do in life. He said on my 18 birthday in 6 months that he was going to put the house were Amy and I lived in my name and it would be mine. He also said he would make sure there was always money in the bank account I had access to. He said it was probably best if Amy stayed with me and finish school.
That was fine by me, I would have never let him take her anyhow, nor would she have gone.
Dad said he would be by when he could and he moved the rest of his things out that week and started to just live at his city apartment with his new family. Oh well, life's a roller coaster, right?

Amy seemed to be taking everything much better than I expected. It seemed as long as she had me, she'd be just fine as she put it.
I was already used to running the house anyway, so it wasn't a big change for me. But I felt so bad about mom. I offend wondered what she was going through. I would put money in her jail account so she could by things and have money to call us once a week, but her will seemed broken and over time the calls got longer and longer in between until they stopped all together after a year.

Right around then my grandma called me and said she needed to talk to me about something and was coming over to see me. My grandma is a sweet woman if not a little flighty, but I always enjoyed her company on her visits.

Now before I get into grandma's reason for her visit, I guess I should tell you what had been getting going at my home since mom went away.

Well after that morning that I rubbed Amy's clit and she came.
Amy started to act differently with me. She started doing all the cleaning chores around the house and trying to cook me dinner all the time and wearing as little of clothes as she could and not be naked around the house. She didn't even bother to start the night out in her own bed anymore, she was just getting in bed with me every night.
She had been through a lot so I didn't want to say anything and upset her, but she was starting to pretend she was my wife I think?
That's the vibe I got away.
She wasn't trying to jump my bones, but she was working her way up to something, that much was clear.
On a few nights I awoke to feel her touching my cock while I slept, not stroking me, but just feeling it.
I never let her know that I was awake. But it was exciting to me to have my cock in her little hands, even if I didn't want to admit it.
She seemed more of a daughter to me then, than a sister. I was 18 now and she just turned 16.
The day my grandma called me got crazy after I got off the phone.Amy was in the bathroom and after her shower she called my name and said she needed my help. Oh boy?

I went to her in the bedroom and she was wrapped in a towel.
Ok, cool so far?
I said, hey kiddo, what's up?
Oh Jimmy, I need help big brother.
I have this itchy little fuzzy on my who-who, and I'm scared I'm gonna cut myself trying to shave it off!
I need you to help me Jimmy!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy??
What do you say to that, friends???
I was speechless for a few ticks.

Then she looked at me with a fake pouty face and said, mommy never showed me how to, Jimmy.
Oh boy, she was good for her tender age.
Um ok baby, what do you want me to do? With that she spread her legs open as she sat on the toilet lid and said, shave me silly! As if it was the most natural thing to ask your big brother to do for you.
I looked down at her beautiful little vagina with the peace fuzz on it and her little feet not even touching the floor.
MAN,.. my will broke, my cock couldn't help but rise in her naked presents. I got down on my knees and got the razor and shaving cream and I shaved that beautiful little vagina and after I wash her pussy clean of excess shaving cream, I ate her through six orgasms and couldn't believe how much I love it and how she tasted. Like mother like daughter I guess?
After I stopped going down on her, I leaned back again the bathroom wall sitting on the floor. I looked at her, she was shaking and had tears running down her face from the intensity of her orgasms. She got off the toilet and dropped down in my lap and curled up like a puppy dog and said, I love you more than life itself, Jimmy. I belong to you.
I was hard as a rock, but I couldn't bring myself to use my dick on her yet. She still was a baby in my head and she was just so small I was sure I would hurt her badly?
So I just stroked her hair and let her rest in my lap.

I felt like shit about it the rest of the evening. I felt like I was things get out of control.
Made Amy some warm milk and ran my fingers through her soft hair in bed until I got her to sleep. Then I got up and took a shower and put on my robe and slippers and went downstairs and made a tall bourbon.
I wasn't much of a drinker, but at times like these, you do what you can to get through.
I sat back on the couch and drank and watched TV and tried to take my mind off of things. Then princess came in the living room and walked up between my legs and started to lick my balls and cock. So I just closed my eyes and laid back on the couch and let her do what she does best. I think I started to nod off, cause I never heard grandma come in the back door.

OH MY!! Is what I first heard and what made me open my eyes and see Grandma standing there looking down at her 18 drunken grandson, half naked and being serviced by the family dog.
I was thinking in my head, JUMP UP AND HIDE YOUR SHAME!! But my body didn't move. I was drunk and tired and just to burnt out to care anymore. I just sat there and let princess go to town on me as grandma watched on with her hand over her mouth in shock.

My grandma was 57 at the time and she looked like a grandmother. She was probably 5'5, about 170 of ass and saggy tits and a face that did not hide her years from the world.
But all and all, she was more than fuckable in my opinion.

Just as I waited for her to run out of there screaming!! She lowered her hand from her mouth and walked up to me. She shooed the dog away and bent forward and put her hand on my cheek and said, my pour Jimmy,.. always taking care of everyone else.
Then she helped me up and started walking twords my bedroom. But she walked me passed my room and into my mother's room. I had left it the same way if was when she went to jail. So grandma got me into mom's bed and the gets in with me and puts my head right on her big pillowy tits and Stokes my head as I lay across her. It was very nice. It had been a while since someone had held me in that kind of way. It was soothing to me.
But after a while it was getting to me and I was getting hard. Grandma scooted up against the back board of the bed some more and pulled up her blouse and bra, letting her big flesh bags free to fall down her body. She plugged in a fat thick nipple into my mouth and laid the other huge breast on the side of my face and head. Then she reached down and gently took hold of my penis and slowly started to masturbate my cock in her loving hand. She said, you just lay there and enjoy this baby, you earned it, and you just let go when ever you want to,ok sugar?
And that's what I did. I laid there a nursed off her big tits until I blew all over both of us and then I passed out cold.

I woke up and opened my eyes and saw my little sister sitting on the bed next to me and she had a look on her face that I had never seen on her before. Id seen it many times on my mother over the years though and I knew it wasn't going to be good.
Then she saw me wake and crawled right next to me and got on her knees on the bed and looked me in the eyes and said, I have a few quick questions for you Jim.
I said, what??

ONE- why didn't you come to bed last night Jim?
Then Amy reached down and grabbed hold of my cock and held it straight up as if to show it to me.

Two jim- why are you naked in mom's bed with dry sperms all over you and that women's blouse on the floor?? Huh? Why is that JIM?!

Three- why is grama downstairs cooking food in MY kitchen JIM?
Why does grama have 10 suitcases down there JIM?!! What's going on JIM?!! It's our home Jimmy! I won't share you with her!

I couldn't believe it, she was throwing a 16 year old temper tantrum. She had never been disrespectful to me in her whole life! Never to me.
It shocked me and threw me for a loop on what to say? She sounded like a jealous wife or mom when she was really pissed off.

Before I could say anything, she got closer to my face and said, tell me you love me Jim.
I said, I love you baby, you know that.
Good then, if you are in love with me, then give your sperms to me!
And with that she dove down and put the head of my dick in her virgin mouth and started to stoke me with her little hands.

I was about to pull her off me and try to talk some sense into her, but her eyes stopped me from doing that.
I could see her thoughts in her beautiful green shiny eyes.
She was begging me to show her I loved her the way man loves a woman.
She needed me to need her as a man needs a woman. She wanted me to know that she could please me the way a woman pleases a man.
.... I couldn't hurt her and deny her that at that moment.
So I laid back and watched my baby sister do her best to pull my cum from my balls and into her feeding young mouth. The sight was unreal.
She looked so innocent down there and yet she was doing her damnedest to shove my cock into her sweet mouth. The feeling and sight of it caught me by surprise and I felt my balls tighten up and I told her,.. Amy! It's coming!! Oh god!!
Without thinking I grabbed her head and started pumping her pour little defenseless mouth as my seed started pouring out of me in waves of sexual bliss. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had and I was doing it into my little Amy's mouth.
It was just unreal to me.
I pumped and she moaned and gagged.
I pumped in more, and she held on for dear life and gagged some more, but in hindsight, she swallowed like a real champ.
When I was empty, I just dropped down to the bed in a little bit of shock. That's how intense my orgasm was.
She crawled up my heavy breathing body and kissed me and pushed her tongue in my mouth and we just made out for a bit and held each other.
I let my hands roam over her short little legs and tiny ass as we lay in our mother's bed.

She waited a while and then asked me if she made me feel good with her mouth. I just said, yes baby girl, your my perfect little wife.
I could literally feel her heart grow in her chest and she kissed me and said, I love you Jimmy, I belong to you and only you forever.
I told her I loved her to and I was sick of trying to fight it.
I told that I was going to take her virginity tonight in our bed if that would make her happy. She lit up like a Christmas tree and started kissing me all over my face, making me laugh until my stomach was sore.
Just jumped up and said I have to get ready for tonight Jim, I love you! And she ran out of the room like a wild toddler out of control.

I was in a bit of shell shock. Everything was happening so quickly, but at the same time, somehow it did seem to feel good inside, it felt right to love my sister this way.
So I am going to take her for my own. It's probably for the best, I would have killed any man that ever touched her anyways. Just fate I guess?
I got up and down stairs just in time to see Amy flying out the front door. Where are you going I tried to call out, but she was gone.
I heard grandma's voice, she said she would be back later, something about the mall?
I walked in to the kitchen, looking at Grandma thinking ok, let's see what she's all about now?
So grama, I guess we should have that talk now,huh?
Oh? Ok dear. Just let me get you a glass of orange juice first.

We sat down and what it basically came down to was, since mom has been in jail and not sending grandma any extra money, grama couldn't make the bills and all her savings are gone and she's homeless since yesterday morning when she was forced out of her apartment.
Now she is begging me to let her live here cause she has no place else to go.
After she was done, she put her hand over mine and said, one more thing Jim, ya know what I did for you with my hand,.. I can do that for you when you want me to as well.
Just so you know how much I love and appreciate you, sweetheart.

So grama, you want to move in with us. I don't know gram. We've gotten used to it just being us? I saw her face look worried. I think she figured that the hand job last night would get her right in the door with no questions asked. A week ago it might have, but not now.

I stood up and walked around behind were grama was sitting and started to rub her shoulders as I talked.
I would need to know that you are will to be there for me when I need you?
Well of course I will be sweetheart!
Ok, maybe you could live with me, let's try it out.
She got up and turned around and hugged me and said oh thank you baby, I knew you wouldn't let Grandma down.
Of course not grama, just like you would never let me down, right?
She said, never baby.
Then she got a wicked grin on her face and said, would you like a little replay of last night baby.
I said well grama here's the thing, and I used my hands to turn her around so her back was too me. I said, I'm going to need a lot more than a hand job. A with that I pushed her over at the waist so she was bending over the kitchen table and I pulled her shirt up over her ass and pulled her panties down to her knees.
She cried out wait!! I'm not ready for this baby, wait!!
But I was not in a waiting mood.
I got my cock out and got my dick head wet with spit and lined up with Grandma's pussy and began to push in roughly and forcefully.
She gasped and screamed out!!
Oh god no Jim!! Your ripping me!!
I was to into it and I pushed inside the 57 year old cunt again and harder. Again, she screamed out in pain and panic. I pushed in once more and bottomed out inside of her.
I stopped and tried to let her adjust to my intruder. She was half crying and half panting.
Ok grama, hears the thing, I have a girl I love and that's the thing, I love her and want to make love to her. But l need to come see you when I need to FUCK! When I want to be filthy and kinky, when I need to do the things that I would not ever do to her, do you understand I said as my cock twitched inside her sore cunt.
YES !!! she screamed in pain as I tried to get a little bit deeper.
I'll be whatever you need me to be, just promise to take care of me for the rest of my life and I will be your whore and your grandmother, but please let me just adjust to your cock!! It's tearing me inside!!!
So I stopped for a few minutes and let her calm down before I began to saw in and out of my sexy granny.
She took it like a trooper, cause I really started pounding the shit out of her at the end there before I came and flooded her body with my seed. I helped her to the couch after and gave her a deep French kiss and said, welcome home grama.
She smiled a sore smile and laid back and took a nap.

As she was sleeping, I pulled up her dress and started to really check her out. I loved the look of her old weathered pussy and legs and thighs. I've always had a thing for old and middle aged women, as well as younger beautiful girls. It's the best of both worlds,ya know?

I spread her legs and went down on her as she started to wake up.
I really liked her fleshy meaty fat cunt. I licked and sucked the shit out of it, as well as tongue fucked her tangy ass hole ass she came on my Happy face. Then I got up between her legs and gently and softly fucked her until I blew a nother load deep inside grama. I told her she was done for the day and she kissed me softly and said she was going to my mom's room to sleep. I helped her to bed and sat down and let princess lick my cock, ass and balls clean over twice. She's a good dog.

Now I felt good and drained. I didn't want to cum to soon when I took the virginity of my child like, sister bride tonight. It had to be very special for her and I would make it so.

The End of part 2
Look for part 3.

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