Getting to know the Neighbours.

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I'm Douglas 48 divorced and of average build. Ten months ago I moved to another City for a new job. My ex has remarried and our 3 children have grown up and are out on their own. I purchased a small house in the suburbs next to a retirement village setup. I've always been a keen gardener and on moving in started a vegetable garden. There is a low fence between my house and the village. So I was observed when I was working in the garden, of the 40 or so retiree's 3 quarters are women rangeing in age from 58 to 87. Most are overweight and infirm in some way. But ther are 6 who are very fit for their age. Elizabeth 67 is single trim and fit and was the first lady I met among the residents. I was out walking around the suburb for exercise, when she came up to me and said "Hello". We talked and walked together for while and after that day we would exercise together about 5 times a week. After a month of this, she asked if I had any spare vegetables for sale. I said " I have some spare and you can have them no charge". She wanted to pay, but I was firm no charge. After our walk I took inside my house and showed her the vegetables. I made some coffee and we sat and talked some more, she asked "If I had a special friend or such". I replied "No", she than said "How do you get on for Sex and companionship". I replied " I try to ignore that put of my life". She then said "She also was getting none and wondered if we could help each other out, so to speak". I didn't know what to say at first, then I replied " If you want to try, why not". With that we went into my bedroom and had a great time. The next afternoon we went again and she said " We have do it again". I replied " Anytime you want". She had to straight back to village after our walk as they were going to the theatre after dinner for some play. It was a Friday night and I was home alone, at 10.30 I turned off the TV and was heading off to bed. When there was knock on the back door, on opening it I saw Elizabeth in her night gown after I said "Hello". She opened it and she was naked and said " I got horny watching the play. So I'm here to take you up on your offer". I asked her in and she stayed the night. Over the next couple of weeks we had sex about 3 times a week. She was very good in bed and I would have done her anytime she wanted. She told me she was going away for 2 weeks to a relatives wedding and a holiday come family reunion. She also said "That I wouldn't miss out on sex while she was away, because had arranged for another lady Grace 70 to fill in for her". I said "You've told the others taht we're fucking". "Only my close friends, they know very well and noticed the smiles on my face since we started fucking". she replied " You'll like Grace she trim like me and and she a widow and hasn't had a fuck in years". That evening Elizabeth returned with Grace and we got to know each other and ended up having a threesome. Over the following months I was introduced to Sally 62 a little overweight compared to the others, widowed 2 years ago. Sally was shy at first and so Elizabeth and Grace arranged barbecue at my house. They got her drunk and we all ended up in bed together and after that Sally was okay with having sex me. There was a woman who works at the village, who I think knows what were doing. She always gives me a sly grin, went pass each other in the street. I told Elizabeth and she said " I will talk to her". A couple of days later Elizabeth said " Robyn does know, but won't tell anyone else". Robyn is 45 single slender nurse at the village and is bi-sexual and not in a relationship at the moment and Elizabeth has arranged for her to join us all this Saturday night and Robyn has her eye on Sally. It should be a great night.

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