Troubled Youth

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I'm Douglas now 45 and married with 2 children. Back when I was 18 going on 19 I kept getting into trouble. So I was sent to stay with my fathers mother Agnes then 58 and the real nut crusher of the family. She was the no nonsense type and everyone in the family was scared of her. She was very strict about everything, Grandpa Pete was a big man of 6'4" and heavy build and tough as nails. But he was never went against Agnes, he was in bar room brawls and was fearless till it came to Agnes. They lived on a 700 acre farm 10 miles outside our town. So I was sent to work on the farm while Pete was away on business. The farm was a hobby for them not there livelyhood. They had the usual chickens, turkeys, cattle and horses. They had just got some pigs and I had to build a sty for them outside the barn. Agnes and Pete welcomed me when my dad dropped me off and picked up Pete to take him to town to catch his flight next morning early. This lefted me alone with Agnes, I was on tender hooks as the saying goes. She showed me to my room and then took me over to the barn and showed me were to build the pig sty. I started straight away and Agnes returned to the house. About 2 hours later she came over and told me lunch was ready and to clean up before joining her under the big Oak tree for lunch. After lunch I went back to building the pig sty, I finished it about 3 hours later and she inspected it. She had me add some nails here and there, then got me to move the pigs from the barn into the sty. Then had me clean the barn were the pigs had been. I was than told to bath and clean up for dinner, after dinner was finished and I had helped do the dishes. We watched a bit of TV and then to bed, early early start tomorrow she said. It was about 9pm, when I went to bed. At half past 4 in the morning I was awoken by Agnes and told to get dress and wash up for breakfast. While getting dressed I found my packet of marijuana I had hidden in my bag. I put in my pocket and washed up. Had breakfast and with a list of chores to do left the house. The Sun was just starting rise over the horizon. Around 8am Agnes came over and said " Your morning snack is in the frig on the porch and I'm off into town shopping with your mother see you about 1, I bring you lunch from town. I want that list finished by the time I return". With that she left, the list thou long was not overall a hard list to complete. I only had 1 thing to do after my mid morning snack and that was to fix the rails on the horse yard at the back of the barn. I had to drill and screw the loose rails as well as wire them in place. I was finished about half past eleven. So I sat under the old oak tree and had a joint. While I was rolling it I noticed there was seeds in bottom of the bag. I got all the seeds out and put them into a small bag. I thought I might plant them later down by a pond that was formed by the overflow from watertank for the windmill. An hour later Agnes returned and we had lunch together. After lunch she said that she was going to do some baking. When she said that she would be making sesame seed muffins. I quickly thought about the marijuana seeds. I hadn't much to do after lunch so I going to plant the seeds when Agnes was busy. But first she wanted to get some things down for her the pantry, sesame seeds being one of the items she wanted. There wasn't a lot them in the container, so I added most of the marijuana seeds to them. Keeping 5 for planting, after getting everything she wanted together her, I left the kitchen and went and planted the 5 seeds. Then I had a look at the old tractor to see if could get working again. It was was just after 5, when I was called by Agnes to get ready for dinner. After dinner was finished and cleaned up we watched some TV and went to bed. Next morning after doing the feeding of the animals, I went back to working on the tractor. I got it to start just before lunch, I noticed that half the muffins were gone, she asked me if I wanted some. I replied " Not now I'm full from lunch". Agnes then said " There great I can't stop eating them". I then left to finish the tractor, an hour or so later. I drove it over to the house to show her it was working good. She told me I had done a good job and to clean myself up. I took my shirt off and was washing up at the trough outside near the kitchen door. Agnes was stting under the oak at the table eating the last of the muffins watching me. I wet my face and than lathered up my face and while I was washing my face, Agnes came over and put her arms around me. She said " I looked great" and she started running her all over my chest and back. I knew that she was high as a kite from the muffins and said nothing. Soon she started to put 1 hand down my jeans and soon had hold of my cock. I still didn't say anything, my cock got very hard quickly and she then start to undo my jeans. I let her go and soon she had my jeans down below my knees and then she went down on me and started sucking my cock. I was dumb struct for a while and let her keep going. Soon I came in her mouth and then wanted me to take her. So I picked her up and carried her to table at the oak tree and I fucked her. After we wnded up in her bed, around 6 that evening she started to regain her control and not saying anything she left the bed and got dinner ready. About 8pm she said " I don't know what got in me, seducing you like that". I replied " I enjoyed it very much and I won't tell anyone about it and if your interested in a repeat, I'm all for it anytime you are". With that she went to bed, next morning she came in and woke me up. I said " I'll see you in kitchen after I wash up". She replied " After you service me you can wash up". From that morning on, I was servicing her twice a day till Pete got back. I stayed on at the farm till I married Emily 2 years later, servicing Agnes regularly, even when Pete was home. While he was having afternoon nap or at night when he asleep. He was a very sound sleeper.

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