Returning Home

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I'm Douglas 28 and I had been away for 8 years at university and then post graduate work overseas. I returned home to my mother Joyce and her sister Roseanne. They lived together now, as my father and uncle died last year in an accident at their work. They had got a condo together, after selling their own homes. I just stayed for a week, till my apartment I had purchased was finished being renovated. It was near my office for the international construction company I work for. In the apartment building, I on the top floor and have good view of the river. I started at my new job the Monday after I moved into my apartment. I walked to work and had dinner out most nights, I met several of my neighbors. Mostly married middle aged and some retired couples, no singles except me. I had a personal assistant with my job, her name is Helga 42 and she 6'3" overweight and married to a truck driver. My section head is a woman Donna 43 self made type who 5'2" slim and thinks she 10 foot tall and a lesbian. But I was attacted to the receptionist Wendy 25 5'9" great figure. I tried asking her out, but was rejected. I was then told that Wendy was in a relationship a doctor in the same building as us. So I started to go out to clubs, looking meet someone. But was I was unlucky, then I met Jean 27. She just started in the accounts section of the company. She has a great figure and is 5'7" with glasses. I asked her her out and she said Yes. We went to dinner and a show and I then dropped her off home. We went out several times, before she stayed the night with me. I was very attacted to her and then I found out she was in a relationship with someone else. I was heartbroken at first and the next time I saw her, I asked about her other relationship. She told me Yes, she was in a sexual relationship with someone else and their name was Judy 27 and they were both Bi sexuals and they were wondering if I would be interested in a threesome. But before I answered she added Judy is blind and dosen't have any legs. With that I said I willing to give it a go, but before we go that far. We should all get to know each first. She agreed and the following night the 3 of us went dinner and talked a bit after. But we all ended up at my apartment and they fucked my brains out. Judy's mouth was like a hoover sucking my cock and balls and she was a great fuck as well. The next morning Saturday, Wendy asked me If I liked Judy. I replied Yeah she great and so are you. Then she told me That Judy is her twin sister not identical and they want to have a baby each and want me to be the father. They won't ask for support, if I don't want a relationship. If I agreed to father their babies. I said I would think on it and turned around, then I turned back to her. I agreed and said you two should move in here with me. I would happy marry you and I would Judy also. But the law won't let me marry more than 1, she replied I'll marry you and Judy can marry us both. All we have to do is change our names to the same as each and we already have the same birth date. So I marry them both as Judy is the younger of the 2 by 3 minutes, their names are now Jean Judy R and soon will be Jean Judy A.

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