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I'm Kelvan 28 married to Joyce 26 and and have 2 children Rachel 3 and Paul 1. I'm the Manager at a local supermarket. It is a small part of a nationwide chain, but I started to manage it after finishing a University Business Degree. I am being promoted to Regional Manager early next year after hitting and passing all the targets set by head office. I won't have to move and I am hoping to make South Divisonal Manager by the time I'm 32. Joyce and I have a very active sex live and are always trying to expand it. She had a fling with our part time housekeeper Roseanna 47. Who she seduced and told me it was wild and I asked her to arrange a threesome. Which she did, I came home one day and caught them and I had Roseanna. After that we change Roseanna shifts so I could have more of her. After a couple of month, Roseanna moved away after her Husband got a better job interstate. Joyce said " She would for another mature housekeeper". The only one she could get was overweight and 67. We weren't interested in her, then Joyce's mother Miriam 50 slim and great figure came to stay as Robert her husband had left her for a younger woman and they divorced. After a week Joyce said " lets seduce Mom". I wasn't sure as Miriam was a very straight laced type of a woman. Joyce replied "It's a bigger challenge and would be a lot more fun". So we worked out a plan and over 5 weeks we slowly worked on her and finally got her into our bed and we are having a great time. But now Joyce wanted more conquests. As neither of us have no female siblings and no Aunts of suitable requirements. Joyce settled on my Mother Grace 53 slim widow of 9 years a quiet person and very conservative nature. She hasn't been dating or looking for another man since Dad's heart attack. We worked out a plan and and got her into bed after 8 weeks and I now have 3 lovers Joyce, Miriam and Grace. Grace has moved in with us and Miriam and Joyce is pregnant with our third child and don't have need of a housekeeper anymore as Miriam and Grace keep the house for us. Joyce has put her degree in Psychology to great use and she has her eye set on her female Doctor Karen.

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