Evening Fun

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It’s been a week since Mandy and I had our exciting tryst with our colleague in the office. For the next days, we pretended as if nothing had happened. Yet surprisingly it was Amanda who seemed to bother about it more than Lysanne did.

She ignored my little teasing completely while Lysanne on the other hand seemed to enjoy the little lookings and funny game a lot more. Once her hand even slipped into my pants and she masturbated me until I almost had an orgasm when we both met alone in the office.

After a while, I gave Amanda the time and held my distance. After all, I knew where I belonged. She was in a relationship and I was her secret adventure so all was fine as long as we didn’t overdo it. And if it was over now, then well, that was okay too. We have shared more than I ever dreamed of.

Then out of a sudden Mandy got in my car at one evening. She looked at me mischievously, as if nothing had ever been different. Bending over, she kissed me passionately.

The spicy smell of her sweet perfume and a freshly smoked cigarette clung to her and her saliva tasted just as treacherously bitter. She was the only woman where I did not just tolerate that aftertaste of her kisses, but really loved it and got horny each time. So I grabbed her cheek to hold her, and our tongue kiss became wild and demanding.

Whatever chemical attraction it was Mandy just put the right spell on me. When my hand strolled down into her jacket she pushed me back. Her grey eyes behind these big glasses looked excusing and her beautiful young face beamed a bittersweet smile. „Just gently, tonight,“ she said and put my hands back on the steering wheel.

I nodded and whispered, "whatever makes you happy!" The drive home was quite silent and we both didn't speak much while she just watched the streets passing by. Finally at my home, I made her a cup of hot chocolate and sunk next to her into the sofa.

Mandy leaned against me and I put my arms around her without saying a word. Only very gently, I stroked her arms, while she sipped the hot milk carefully. Beaming me a cute smile she rested her head against me and let me kiss her long black-dyed hair. It smelled nicely for her spicy fragrance and I dived my face gently into it while I kept her tightly secure in my embrace.

I don’t know how long we shared this calm moment but her cup was already empty for a while before she moved to turn around. The look on her face was one with a hint of surprise. ”Didn't know that you are so cuddly,” she said giving my nose a little kiss.

I smiled excusing, ”well, you know, still waters ...!” I bent forward to flick her a kiss on the forehead. Mandy still held my stare and grinned knowingly.

”Then let me float a bit on the surface of your deep pond tonight. I am not yet ready to explore the depths with you today.” Before I could ask what happened she silenced me, bending forward and kissing me a lot more passionate on my mouth with her chocolate tasting lips.

Still, it wasn't up to me to push her into anything. After all, I was just her fling and she had to keep control of our little secret. So I slipped onto the sofa and pulled her with me so she lay on top of me.

I snuggled up to her and absorbed the scent of her hair while gently holding her in my arms and caressing her slim form.

Yet her smell was so exciting, full of sweet perfume and her spicy note that it was enough to make my penis swell.

She had to feel it while lying on top of me when something pressed down there against her body because she giggled suddenly. Casually her hand slipped into my pants and groped its way to my cock to caress it as tenderly as my fingers stroked her slender figure.

For minutes I let my fingers wander over this beautiful body and enjoyed her loving touches at my crotch. More and more often my hands visited the gentle hills of her breasts and elicited a pleasant purr from my tame wild cat.

After a while, I dared to stroke under her sweater and pushed her bra up to feel her warm and soft skin. Mandy moaned delighted and finally, she took off the sweater. She grinned knowingly as she caught me staring at her beautiful bosom.

When she leaned forward I stretched myself to hash her tender pleasure buds with my lips. Her tits rubbed over my face and I caught her tips in my sucking mouth, which elicited a pleasant sigh. Only too gladly my charming colleague let me play with her adorable boobs.

Slowly licking I enjoyed all the details and felt with delight the tiny little bumps and elevations of her glands at the rosy areolas surrounding the irresistible mammal peaks.

With a loud smacking, I finally sucked a mamilla into my greedy mouth where I washed her teat in warm saliva and massaged it with my tongue. I even felt on my face how her heart drummed in a fast rhythm inside her chest.

Then Amanda pressed her body so hard into my face that it almost took my breath away. I licked her soft skin and tasted her flesh, breathing only her enthralling body. It was totally overwhelming and I giggled in pure joy.

For a while she let me enjoy before she demanded her share with a passionate kiss and her tongue conquered my mouth. We kissed and smooched to breathlessness while I stroked her naked skin and massaged the muscles of her shoulders and back.

Her hands slid under my shirt and stroked my naked breast. She really crawled me and tickled the short hairs. But when my hands slipped under her pants and visited her bottom, she stopped and looked at me amused.

"How stable is your bed? I want to ride out at a gallop tonight.“

„I think we have to find out,“ I laughed and sat up with her. I stripped her of all remaining clothes and we threw my own away too. Completely naked I carried her over to the bedroom when she already started to eat me up with wet french kisses.

As soon as I put her in my bed, Mandy snuggled into the blanket to cover her nude figure and looked at me with a provocative look.

Her gaze wandered to my crotch and she smiled, "I think I'll have to help you out a bit." I grinned in agreement and crawled to her into the bed, where she immediately began to indulge my cock with her sweet mouth.

Her lips closed around my penis and sucked at the glans tenderly. Soon my dick swelled in her mouth and I grabbed her head automatically to press her against my hip. Mandy had to gag quite a bit when my erection suddenly penetrated deep into her throat. Almost ashamed I quickly let her off the hook.

I looked her with an excusing smile into these magnificent green-grey eyes, but she grinned only with a smudgy face before she gave my stiff member a nice smack and dug her lips into my thick reddish pubic hair.

Then she crawled out from under the blanket and pushed me into bed with amazing strength to finally climb me. Her pussy rubbed my penis and she massaged us both with a slow movement of her hip.

"Where do you have the small muzzle for your greedy friend?", she asked and I nodded over to the small bedside table. Amanda grinned and bent over to search for the condom in the drawer.

A short time later she guided my pecker well secured into her waiting cunt. For a few seconds, she just sat quietly on me and we enjoyed together the moment of comforting warmth in our pelvis.

But then I finally wanted to see her ride and pushed my hip up. Laughing Mandy looked at me and it took only seconds until we fucked each other in a rhythm together. She kept her promise and rode me as if I was a stallion in the purest parforceride.

Not only the bed made loud noises and for a moment I wondered what the neighbors were thinking. I found it even more exciting and drove my penis all the stronger into her body, whereby she circled her hip so beautifully that she literally screwed herself on me.

Just before it felt like my crotch was about to explode, she slowed the pace and fell breathless into my arms. But that didn't stop her from penetrating my mouth with her delicious tongue.

"I'd love to eat you up," I said with a big grin.

"Are you sure you're hungry enough to swallow all that," she mischievously replied.

Laughing, I grabbed her hip and gently pushed her off me. She winked at me nodding and I cuddled into the pillow before she crawled onto my face.

Her wonderful pussy was now so close that I could enjoy her extensively. Her dark pubic hair was only a trimmed strap while her inner labia stuck a tiny bit out which I always find intriguing.

She smelled a little like the latex from the condom, but also sweaty with a trace of musk. I dug my nose directly into this wonderfully sticky slit of her closed labia, sniffed loudly her scent, which made me dizzy and made my mouth water.

Obviously, she enjoyed it just as much and rubbed her pelvis over my nose while she moaned excitedly. I grabbed her by the ass and controlled her movements to thoroughly explore her vulva.

At first, I began to kiss her tenderly and lick her gently. But Mandy wasn't in the mood for a little foreplay now, instead, she grabbed my head and lowered all her weight onto my mouth. I fulfilled her wish only too gladly and began to devour her tasty pussy. I licked her juicy labia with a smack and stroked the tongue with all my strength over her tender love button, which I then pressed in quick succession just with the tip.

In order not to be thrown off, my horny rider had to hold on to the board at the head end, so strongly she jerked. She left me a little space, which I quickly used to bring some fingers into her crotch for support.

I pushed her three deep into the vagina and only made her twitch and moan all the more. Meanwhile, I nibbled and kissed her clitoris continuously without giving her time to relax, and was rewarded with a steady stream of her delicious pussy juices.

It was clear that she would cum at any moment, but it came so violently that my bed, which she held on to, barely withstood the onslaught. Her body twitched without any control and buried my face in her crotch and the pillow.

Nevertheless, I somehow managed to kiss her pussy further and stimulate her clitoris without any chance to breathe. Still, I desperately tried to get some air and could only inhale her slimy juice into my nose. Yet, I felt incredibly excited and at least as horny as my young colleague.

Luckily she collapsed on me completely exhausted before the shortness of breath caused me problems. Gently I pushed her away from me and gasped for air just as much as Mandy did in my arms now.

I gave her a tender kiss and asked, „a little break?“

Amanda smiled and nodded, „do you mind if I smoke somewhere?“

I shook my head and we both crawled out of the bed. „Let’s go to the balcon..., hey?“ I watched her in surprise as she kneeled in front of me after an amused look at my half-erect dick still wearing his latex muzzle.

Pulling off the condom, she licked my penis and looked me provocatively in the eye. I moaned and was rewarded with a wonderful blowjob. But before I could spray her in the face, she let go of me and just said with a smile, "you have to be patient a little longer".

Only a little disappointed I followed my enchanting naked beauty. On the way she fished her cigarettes and the lighter from the trousers before we made us comfortable outside on the balcony. Mandy snuggled herself on my lap into my arms and I cuddled her neck and her black dyed hair.

For minutes we both sat naked in the lounge chair on my balcony and enjoyed the warmth that had accumulated behind the glazed front during the day. Wrapped in my embrace and smoking her cigarette Mandy enjoyed my tender touches and little kisses.

Once again I was surprised that I didn't mind it where I used to be so totally against smoking and the smell. Her warm body, her tender skin, this intimate contact were certainly something that made her most enchanting. Still, she didn't smell unpleasant like many other smokers, on the contrary, she had something about her that turned me on every time.

She knew that only too well and her cuddling was not quite so accidental, for she rubbed her crunchy butt over my bare lap all the time. It was inevitable that my once again erected penis would get caught between her rubbing buttocks.

She turned half around and blew smoke in my face while she smiled mischievously. I grinned back and grabbed her by the hip to push my glans into her ass without hesitation, enjoying her surprised look. Mandy groaned briefly when I guided my cock into her anus and the tight hole squeezed around the swelling. All the more as I pulled her towards me and pushed the penis all the way in.

With it I elicited a short scream from her, but she remained calmly sitting on me and for a few moments I felt the muscles of her butt rhythmically cramping and pressing on my penis. Her body, however, held against it so that I stayed deep inside her and was wonderfully massaged by her tight ass.

Mandy took one last soothing breath from her cigarette before I pushed her forward so that she knelt in front of me on all fours while my dick was still stuck in her buttocks.

Grasping her waist, I pushed her beautiful body away and pulled myself out almost completely. Just the thickening of my glans was still stuck in her anus, only to dive quickly back into Mandy's back door. She suppressed another scream and I began to fuck her in her magnificent ass in a slow rhythm. Reflexively, her muscles squeezed her rectum so incredibly tight around my shaft every time I drove my cock in.

After a few moments, she held against me and pressed her hip firmly into my crotch with every thrust of my pelvis. We both fastened the pace a bit but before my semen could start to pour into her, I slowed my beautiful mare and pulled her up into my arms, half turning, so that we could kiss passionately.

Suddenly she wriggled out of my arms and my dick was robbed of his warm embrace. Winking at me, my lovely lady lay down on her stomach and stretched her beautiful butt invitingly towards me.

I stroked over her curves and enjoyed the horny sight. Her body pressed itself so wonderfully on the warm dark brown wood of the floor plates with which my balcony was covered.

She even started masturbating and groaning excitedly as she let me look at it in detail. Her fingers slipped into the wet slit and rubbed her delicious juice over the sweet labia. I smiled and bent down to her, kissed the gorgeous buttocks and dug my mouth into her wonderfully fragrant crotch.

Flicking my tongue over her fingers and the tasty labia, I fed myself on her nectar again. Mandy helped me and kept her pussy spread wide so that I could stick my tongue deep into her pussy.

I loved her taste. Every time I was extremely horny and got an erection just as soon as I thought of it. My dick twitched in anticipation, but still, I held back to make her love pot my dessert. Down there I got a good glimpse at her bottom. Her anus was slightly reddened and still a little open from the penetration of my penis.

I blew over her ass and gave her rosette a heavy kiss, while I let my tongue caress tenderly over her sore skin. Mandy thanked it with delightful moans and her agile fingers continued to satisfy her pussy.

Without warning her body flinched slightly high, which pushed my tongue into the opening of her back door. Mandy giggled amusedly and I let her have her fun for a few seconds while enjoying the bitter taste during a deep tongue kiss in her rear. Her butt wobbled joyfully against my face and the little girl wriggled on the floor.

Then I pressed her down and spat directly on her anus, to rub the saliva afterward with my glans over her hole. My sweet colleague wriggled all the more, as she knew what followed now. Her whole body shook for a moment as I drove my completely erect penis up her ass again. Once more I felt her rectum wrapping around my shaft and trying in vain to squeeze out my cock.

Together we moaned in lust and bittersweet pain as I began to fuck her butt. At the same time I felt her continue to satisfy herself and I bent over her to press her to the floor. Her breath came in short bursts as we fucked harder and harder, rubbing her gorgeous breasts over the hard wood of the balcony floor.

I reached for her free hand and her fingers wrapped around mine. Soon we were both bathed in sweat and gasped out of breath. Her skin felt wonderfully slippery under me and I dropped all restraint. My penis hammered in fast rhythm in her tender bottom and Mandy moaned muffled while masturbating herself. Then a strong climax exploded in my pelvis and flooded my body. Strong spasms shook me and squeezed my offspring into Mandy's rectum. Her tight ass seemed to milk me at the same time literally and it was absolutely overwhelming.

For quite a while I lay on my beautiful lady and gasped for air before I saw myself able to climb off her. Amanda also needed some time and was still holding my hand. Lying next to her, I looked at her beautiful face. Her cheeks were glowing and her hair was sticking to her sweaty forehead. But in her wonderful eyes there was already an enchanting and at the same time mischievous sparkle that captivated me immediately.

I absolutely had to kiss her and she returned my kiss with such strength that I would never have thought she could. She even turned me on my back and pinned me to the floor with her naked body. We smooched until we ran out of breath again and finally she got off me. Laughing she realized that my semen poured out of her ass and ran down her leg. Without a second thought, I ran my finger through the slimy stuff sticking at her thigh and licked it off.

Mandy looked at me in amazement, but I just gave her another big kiss and shared the dessert with her. For a while we cuddled and kissed tenderly before we went to the bathroom and refreshed ourselves. But even there we could hardly keep our hands off each other and I brought her another orgasm with slippery hands before she also devoured me and sucked my testicles almost completely empty.

Surprisingly she stayed with me today and after an extensive dinner and a little rest, it was still a rather sleepless night in which quite some rubber were used up. The next day we were both certainly the most tired at work, but I was still fascinated by her riding skills and let Mandy know with a mischievous clap on her sore bottom each time when we were unobserved.

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