Mom lets me masturbate

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Just a few years ago when I was 18, My mom was giving me a haircut. Now just to be clear; she isn't a barber, she just knows how to cut hair. Every time she gives me a haircut I have to be in my boxers while she cuts them to avoid getting hair on my clothes.

Now this one particular day I had no boxers and I was going commando. I had no shorts because I hated them and I still hate them til this day. When my mom told me to get into my underwear I told her I ran out of underwear.

My mom told me that I'm getting a haircut before school tomorrow. (it was going to be my first day in middle school). She said to me that it wasn't her first time seeing me naked and it probably won't be the last. After arguing for about 5 minutes I just striped naked and sat in the chair.

Here's the thing however. She wears a skirt that I could barely see her panties, and wears a cup C bra. (I found out the size she still has it.) so
Iwhen I took my pants off I immediately had a boner.

She complimented it by saying these words that I'll never forget. She said, "Wow... Your bigger than your dad." (They broke up a month earlier, they weren't married). While she was cutting my hair I was masturbating and she didn't give a shit. After my haircut I took a shower and watched TV.

Later on when my sisters got back from whatever they were doing, we ate dinner and my mom whispered in my ear, "you got a passed on masterbating, but if I ever catch you doing it, you will be sorry.

So I ended up getting caught by my sisters a month later and they ended up telling on me but I'll save that story for another time.

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