Sisters catch me (story 2)

Written by , on 2017-07-23, genre masturbation

This takes place a month after my first story. I remember my mom was at work. Me and my two older sisters were at home. 1st things 1st its hot Were we live. So because of this I was just in my boxers the whole time.

My older sisters were in skirts that you could barely see there underwear and they were in sports bras (make sense, they were athletic). They were both in there rooms so I thought to myself "The living room is all mine" and I thought I could wack one off.

So there I was jerking it, thinking of whatever guys think of when their doing it. I ended up cumming on the coffee table that was infront of me. And it was amazing... Until I realized that both my sisters saw what happened. They where yelling at me, one of them slapped me across the face (I deserved it). And they told our mom on me.

When she got home later that night, she yelled at me. I forgot what she said but it she wasn't happy. The other thing is that I didn't learn my lesson yet. I got caught one more time and that pretty much stopped me from masturbaiting for a while. But I'll tell it another time.

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