Stuck in an elevator with a black man

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I was attending a conference at Baltimore those days. Victor had stayed at home this time and I had to fly away from New York.

That afternoon I walked through the hotel lobby toward the elevator. I had had had a long day and really needed to get some rest before the next day conference.
My four inches heels were killing me: I wanted to get rid of them and take a long hot tub bath.

The elevator finally arrived. I stepped inside, noticing the mirrors all around me, including the ceiling with gold paneling between the panels. I just pressed the button to my floor.

As the doors were about to close, a dark hand shot through, opening them again. The owner of that hand was a tall, dark chocolate skin handsome man; dressed in a sharp suit. The black man smiled at me apologetically as he stood in front of me, pushing a button.

I looked at his back, admiring his shape and the way the suit flowed over his body. Then I recalled the mirrors around and looked at his face to see if he had caught me. He had. I blushed and looked down.

The black man smiled at me in the mirror. I saw him crossing his hands in front of his body as if he was blocking a growing erection.

I was staring at that nice erection in his trousers; when suddenly there was a jolt and I had to grab the hand railings besides me.
The elevator had stopped between the seventh and eight floors.
We both were stuck there. We looked at each other and then looked to the panel, looking for an emergency panel, which did not exist there.

"We're stuck here and we can't communicate with anyone!" I said angrily.

"Hopefully someone will fix this problem soon." He said, turning to me and holding out his huge black hand.
"My name is George; it's nice to meet you."

I took his hand and told him my name.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to get comfortable until we're rescued." I said, as I took my suit jacket revealing my black blouse underneath.
He also took off his jacket and sat down quickly, bending one leg to hide the bulge inside his pants. My eyes could not avoid watching his hard erection.

“I see you need some satisfaction… Am I right?” I told him, pointing at his growing erection, that he could not hide from me anymore…

“Well, Ana, I do not have any condoms with me" He apologized.

"That is no problem; I always keep a couple in my purse, just in case."
I was on my knees in front of him, sitting back on my thighs. I ran my hands over my chest, squeezing my breasts, gasping from the pleasure of feeling my nipples hardening at the touch of my fingertips…

Then I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and wrapped my wrists in it behind my back, straining my breast chest towards him.

"So, what do you say? We don't have to do this, but it looks like we could both do with a good fuck." I whispered, waiting for his response.

He thought for a moment, and then leaned towards me; lowering his head to nuzzle between my breasts. I gasped at the contact and leaned back. Then the black man put his heavy hand behind my back and held onto my wrists and kissed my boobs through my bra.
His other hand undid my bra and it slipped down to my belly.

Then he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it gently, getting progressively harder as my moans get louder. He moved to the other breast and did the same. As he licked my boobs, his hand moved behind my back and squeezed my ass cheeks before unzipping my skirt. He slid it down and saw how wet my pussy was underneath my sheer black panties. He bent over and licked long and hard between my legs making me scream now.

He pushed me back against the mirror behind me and removed the shirt and bra from my body. Then he lifted me up under my ass, bringing me closer towards him. He rubbed his face in the fabric, loving the feel of my juices and the smoothness of the thong silk. I clutched the railing over my head, pushing myself harder into him.

"Please, take my panties off; I want to feel your tongue on me" I pleaded…

He smiled and obliged me, removing my panties and plunging his tongue hard onto my open labia, finding my clit easily…

I screamed again as he lapped at my clit, moving down and plunging his tongue into my cunt as deep as he could reach. I wrapped my legs around his neck, lifting myself off the floor as I kept him in position, his hands supporting my ass cheeks.

His tongue darted up and over me, licking long, hard strokes. I bucked as I started to cum over and over onto his face. He kept sucking at me until my moans got quiet and my trembles finally subsided.

"Well, George. You really know how to eat a woman…” I purred softly.

"That was only the beginning" Then he stood up and stripped off his clothes until he was naked in front of me. His cock was long and thick, standing hard straight out.

"Yes, please!" I whispered as I saw him fully naked there.

He came towards me and I repositioned myself on my knees, leaning forward as far as the restrains allowed me to take his cock in my mouth.
I leaned my head back to take him further into my throat. He squatted slightly, holding onto the railing and slowly thrusting up and down in my mouth, making sure his cock got as wet as possible. His dick fucking my mouth made me shudder. He gasped from the contraction in my throat.

I moaned softly, wanting his cum in my mouth. I sucked him harder to seal my mouth around his beautiful black dick. He involuntarily thrust harder as his pleasure mounted. He made me pull back slightly for some breath…
"Cum in my mouth, please, I want to feel you explode in me." I begged him.
He could not hold back anymore and thrust inside of me, a long moan escaping him as his cum burst into my mouth. I moaned as I swallowed him.

"Oh, Ana. We'll have to wait a few minutes until I can get hard again."

"But you can get me even wetter until then” I told him, as I trust my hips against him.

George laughed and sat down behind me, leaning against my back. He slipped his right hand between my spread thighs, playing with my clit. Then he placed two fingers deep inside my vagina. I looked at the mirrors across and watched him fingering me.

"Look what you're doing to me." I gasped and closed my eyes, feeling a new orgasm hitting my body again…

As I got wetter, he fingered me harder, squeezing my clit between his fingers. Every thrust and pinch was pleasure and my vagina contracted hard around his fingers, making me cum even more. He watched me in the mirrors having my orgasms and his long cock grew hard again.

"Stand up, babe; I want to fuck you against the mirror." His voice was rough.

I could feel his cock against my buttocks and I shivered. I stood up and faced the mirror, holding onto the railing in front of me. He lifted my right leg up and braced it against the railing. With my stiletto heels we were in the perfect height for this position.

"My purse" I whispered, reminding him of the condoms. He took them out and put a condom on his grown black dick.

He spat into his hand to lube his cock up again with the condom on and I shivered at the roughness of it all. He started to slowly insert himself into me but I did not want it slow.
I rammed back myself onto his cock and moved quickly back and forth over my g-spot. He understood and grabbed my hips; ramming his cock into me deep and fast.
I looked to the side and saw the top of my body pressed against the mirrors in front of me and his cock plunging into my cunt in a wild way…
It was too much to bear and I had a new intense orgasm from seeing it.

George kissed my neck as he felt my orgasm and he kept pounding me.

He fucked me for a few more minutes, my juices slipping over the condom. I looked at him and begged almost crying;

“Fuck me in the ass"
His eyes widened for a second, but he felt how relaxed my body was and how wet I was…

He thrust into me a couple more times to get me to orgasm one last time and as my body relaxed again, he pulled out of my vagina and slowly invaded my asshole with his hard black dick…

"Yes, just like what I needed…” I moaned, feeling his huge erection opening my stretched anus…

He slowly started to thrust in and out until I widened enough to accommodate his cock. When he knew I was comfortable, he increased his thrust slowly until he was pounding me again. I started shivering from the pleasure.

"Cum in my ass, please" I pleaded as I cum again and again.
George pushed again and again until he unloaded his warm semen inside of my asshole, making me cum again.
Then he leaned against my back and kissed me. He slowly slipped out of me and undid my restraints. We both collapsed to the floor and I kissed him as I removed the condom with a tissue and put it into my purse.

I leaned over him and stroked his cock. He opened his eyes in surprise.

"I am not done with you yet, mister. I want you again."

I kept stroking him until he was hard again and pulled out another condom.
I slipped it on him and then sucked his sheathed cock to lube him again. Then I pulled him onto me as I wrapped my legs around his waist.
He thrust himself inside me, knowing I would be wet. He leaned back and pinned his arms to the floor to increase his angle in me and braced his feet on the mirrors behind him.

He slowly started to slide in and out of me, just a few inches in me running over my G-spot. I whimpered and moaned from the pleasure. Without warning he thrust deep inside of me, hitting my cervix. I screamed and clenched my thighs making my heels dig into his skin.

"I cannot hold it anymore" He whispered.

"Yes, fill me with your hot cum." I moaned softly.

He fucked me wildly, screaming his release deep inside of my sloppy cunt.
I could feel his cock throbbing with the orgasm and then I clenched my cunt around him in response. He shook from the contact but stayed inside of me.
I moved my hips, moaning and scoring his back with my nails and his butt with my heels until I had another wild orgasm. He collapsed on top of me and slowly pulled out. We wrapped ourselves around each other.

When we started to dress, finally the elevator moved again.
Few seconds later I was at my floor, kissing goodbye George.

I had a warm bath tub, relaxing as I touched myself, recalling the good sex session I had had with that huge black man.

As I reached a new orgasm with my fingers buried deep inside of my body, I thought I still had two more days on that boring conference and I was planning to use the elevator more often…

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