Home made Firewater.

Written by , on 2018-05-15, genre incest

I'm Abe 50 average for my age, I distill my own firewater, I've been making it for years and I don't sell it, only give it away sometimes. Mostly I use it for drinking, running an old generator and as rubbing alcohol. I recently went to a family, were I put some in the fruit punch they had for the abstainers. I wanted to see how it would affect them, I wasn't disappointed. They were falling over and could hardly sit in a chair, Jean 47 my widowed cousin couldn't say more than 3 words without giggling and kept saying that she loved everyone. So I said " Come out back and show me how much you love me". Then I led her outback and I kissed her and she giggled. I got my cock out to show her, then pointed to it saying " You going to suck it or giggle about it". She looked at it and then went down and started to suck my cock. After a bit I got her up and fucked on the bonnet of my car. After I took back to the motel the family was staying and done her again in my room. I then rolled over and went to sleep, in the morning I woke first and showered. On finishing and returned to sit on the side of the bed next to Jean. Just then she woke up and looked at me and then under the covers, she said " Did we have sex last night". " Yes, at the rear of the church hall in the carpark and back here on our return and again about 2am and then about 430am. You were insatiable". I said. I lied about the last 2 times, but what the hell. I was just having fun with her. She was ashamed that she had behaved in that way. I said " Don't worry about it, we only had sex with each other and you can't get pregnant and we did enjoy it a great deal. Still she was concerned that we were first cousins and it was incest. I told her not to worry about it, I'm not telling anyone and unless your planning to tell them all. No one will Know. Adding, But if your still horny now or later I'm always available. The following week I was delivering firewood to her cottage as I did once a month. She like most people in our parts have wood stove in the kitchen for cooking and heating the water for hot showers. While talking to her after stacking the wood near her back door. I asked how she was going and she said " She was a bit sore for a couple of days following the wedding night sex with me. I replied " Because your leaving to long between fucks. remember I still available if you want". I was expecting her to get angry, but she said " How about a quickie now, if your not in too much of a hurry". I'm never in too much of a hurry for a fuck. So we went to her bed and had sex and are doing every 2 weeks and on public holidays as well. Sometimes I stay over at her place or she comes out to my farm for the weekends.

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