Sunday driver

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It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, not unlike most I suppose. It was getting a little late in the day, and I was starting to think about getting ready for the week ahead. Outside the rain had been falling off and on throughout the day, and the air smelled sweet like it does after a good rain. Fall was definitely in the air. I was staring out the window, lost in my own thoughts about what the week would bring, when he said, “let’s go for a drive.”

I lept at the chance to have something to do, not thinking about where we would go or really what we would do. Just excited for a change of scenery. He seemed oddly excited about a Sunday evening drive, and I should have probably guessed something more was up. I was still wearing the clothes I had on from being out earlier in the day, black tights with a black tank top under a brown, cozy sweater. I hadn’t bothered with a bra today, since it was also a laundry day and I like the smooth feel of the tank top on my nipples. Nothing would show through the heavy brown sweater anyway.

I jumped in the passenger seat of the car, and away he drove me, down through the farms, freshly harvested fields and turned dirt passed by the window. There was an occasional car passing in the opposite direction, but we were mostly alone on our drive. We chatted from time to time about various things. I’m enjoying the drive and drawing closer to him through our conversation. In fact, I’m feeling like I want to fuck him immediately when we get home. He knows how to seduce me, and boys, it is rarely with a picture of his dick, although I enjoy that too. I’m here on this site after all, and who doesn’t like to see a big cock fucking, but if you really want to get a woman relaxed and feeling safe in the intimacy, then you have to talk to her and work the mind before the body will become unbridled and willing to try anything. That or get me just a little d***k. Ha!

We’re passing by unknown fields, through winding roads, and he leans slightly my way and lays his hand op my inner thigh, and I get a shiver through my pussy. His pinky finger occasionally touches my now wet pussy, and I am only thinking about mounting him when we get home. He has other plans though.

“Take off your clothes,” he says completely out of the blue.
“What?” I reply, somewhat surprised by his request.
“Take off your clothes,” he repeats. “I’m not going to ask again.”

I sit in silence for a moment, contemplating the risk. It isn’t dark really, and there are other cars on the road, and we are passing by the occasional house. This isn’t a real rural, isolated area. I don’t mind showing my body, obviously, but I don't make a practice of walking, or driving, around with my tits hanging out for others to see. This site is more of an escape for me, because in the “normal” part of my life, people would never expect what I share here. But, he did ask, and I am VERY wet at this point, so I decide to take my tits out of my shirt.

“That’s not what I said. Now take off your clothes,” he says, now with a little more f***e in his voice.

I’m fully in the moment at this point, so I obey, although I’m very nervous too. I slide my tights off and throw them in the back, tits still hanging out of my shirt. Then comes the sweater, so all I have now is my small tank top, still with my tits hanging over the top, but he didn’t say leave the top, so I slip that off too. He keeps driving, but I can tell by the bulge in his pants, that he’s also looking.

I’m fully naked in the passenger seat at this point and visible to any car or anyone who might be on the road too. We are nearing a small town, and I reach for my sweater, just to cover up, and he pulls it away, leaving me fully exposed. I am both terrified and completely tantalized at the same time. Before I know it, my right hand slides down between my own legs, and I start rubbing my pussy as he continues to drive. His large, calloused hands reach over and grab my tits from time to time and he squeezes and tugs while he drives with the other, rubbing my nipples and giving them the occasional gentle pinch between his finger. I am moaning in pleasure as I rub my own pussy, cars passing with the thought of someone seeing me grinding my hips against my own hand and the softe leather of the seats in his car.

He is clearly loving every minute of our drive now as am I, but I need something other than my own fingers in my pussy. He must have known I’d get to this point, because without hesitation as the thought leaves my inner voice, he says “reach down under the seat.”

I’m fully his now, so I obey, and I reach down under my seat and find my favorite dildo. He just smiles as I turn on my pleasure and slide it immediately into my dripping wet pussy. He continues to drive as I fuck myself, over and over with the giant substitute for his cock, but I’m about to take control. I need a real cock to play with. I lean over to his bulging pants, and he moves the seat back just a bit, so I can unzip him and let him free.

Mmmmm, there’s what I need! With one hand I continue to fuck my wet pussy, but I take his cock with my mouth and begin to suck him while he drives. I wonder what the cars passing are thinking. Can they see me fucking myself? Is this even smart to do while he is driving, but I don’t care, I need that cock in my mouth. I need it. I lick the shaft of his cock with my wet, hot tongue, all the way from the balls up to the tip. He loves it when I flick my tongue on his head, and I am all to willing. My hand is moving faster now, fucking my still wet pussy with my vibrating head. Nothing else matters to me now. I need his cum. I want his cum. I’m fucking him now with my mouth, moaning with his big cock down my throat, sliding in and out, working my tongue. Over and over, in and out, sucking hard. My hand works my own pussy with the big substitute for the cock I have in my mouth. As I feel his leg tense, I know he’s about ready to blow a hot load into my mouth, and I feel myself begin to climax. His cock leaps in my mouth, and his cum slides down my throat, and out of the corners of my mouth, and simultaneously I feel my own body begin to quiver as my orgasm ravages me, but I don’t lose focus and suck him while I moan in ecstasy, drinking his cum with eagerness befitting the moment.

When his cock stops pumping, I slowly lick the remaining cum from him, and look at him with some running down my face. I couldn’t hold it all, it was coming so fast. He smiles back at me, and says nothing. There really wasn’t anything to be said. I lay my head back on the seat and wipe his cum from my face with my fingers, tasting them mixed with my own taste. We drove for a little while longer, and I didn’t want to dress immediately. In fact, I may never wear clothes in the car again

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