High and Dry

Written by , on 2016-12-24, genre voyeur

Last summer I was going to bed as I looked out the window. Across the street in the bedroom of the other apartments I saw the light was on in the bedroom of my neighbours. I immediately saw that they were going at it like rabbits. I mean he was fucking her hard from behind. Since it was quiet outside and both our windows were open I could hear the distinctive sound of his hips banging on to her ass. The soft moaning made it really hard for me not to keep staring at them. I have to admit that I was aroused a bit so since I was only wearing my boxers I put one hand in my shorts and gently started playing with myself. I could see him banging her harder and harder. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail and all I could think of was "Grab it and pull it you damn fool!" but he wasn't.. He came with a load moan and slowly pulled out. After some kissing he went out the bedroom leaving her behind. I could tell that she didn't climaxed because she didn't moan the way a woman would if she orgasms. My suspicions were confirmed because she was gently playing with herself. She stopped when he entered the room, he was half dressed and had a phone to his ear. "Probably his wife on the phone?" I said to myself..
He left her after a quick kiss. She stood up and went out the room too. I thought the show was over so I turned on the light in my bedroom and got ready for bed. As I passed the window again I saw that she was back in bed. She laid on her back and was fumbling her breasts. She had beautiful breasts, nice and firm. She twisted her nipples and that made her moan gently. It didn't take very long before her hand was between her legs rubbing her clit. Slowly I pulled out my dick and playing with it. She went on for a bit and then stopped, she looked out the window directly into mine and saw me standing there, playing with myself. I never felt to guilty in my life. She stood up and went to the window to close the curtains. I took a step back and put my dick back in my shorts. Then all of a sudden she pulled the curtains open to reveal herself to me. At first she was shy but I could tell that the thought of a man jerking off to her aroused her. She started rubbing her boobs gently and she turned around to show her ass. I couldn't believe my eyes that she was putting up a show for me. I played along and I started rubbing my cock. She looked at it and licked her lips. Then she opened up the curtains more and walked back to the bed. She kneeled on it with her ass towards me, then she started rubbing her vagina. Slowly at first but soon she went faster. From time to time she looked back and caught my eye. I was stroking my hard cock and I enjoyed the view. Then she opened up the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a dildo. She was sitting on the edge of the bed leaning back and put it in her mouth. Then she slowly put it inside her wet vagina and I could hear a loud moan. Clearly she wasn't satisfied with the way her lover left her high and dry.. Perhaps she was planning on doing this al along but now she had and audience. Her dildo went in and out and I was stroking my cock in the same tempo. She was still looking at me as she went faster and faster with her dildo, she was about to cum because I could hear her moaning louder now. I could feel a sensation building up in my balls and when I saw and heard her cum I couldn't hold it in any longer and blew my load with a load moan. I could tell that she heard that because I saw her smile. Her legs where still shaking a bit as she put the dildo away and got up. My warm load was dripping from my hand and I held it up to show it to her. Obviously some of it went against the window. She walked up to her window and licked her lips, indicating that she wanted to lick it up. She blew me a kiss and went out the bedroom. I went to the bathroom to clean up my mess and when I came back with a towel to clean up the rest the lights were out and the curtains were shut..

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