Best night of our lives

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I feel like I need to write about the greatest sexual experience of our life which happened only 2 days ago and share it because to me it would be a crime not to… I have written the following from memory of the last couple days as best I can in the best detail I can give with my girlfriends help. Names may have been changed for privacy.

Some back story, I met my girlfriend Chelsey in college and we have been together for the last 4 years we are both 24 now. I have had sex with 14 different women (so I have been around a bit and tried some things but this was a first) before meeting my girlfriend, and I took her virginity two months after we started dating. We are completely in love and I have remained entirely faithful to her. She is stunningly beautiful, roughly 5’8 with a toned fit body, dark brunette hair which falls just below her shoulders in salon quality curls and waves, bright green eyes, a sexy round ass, and she is busty with perfect 34DD breasts and the tightest pussy I have ever had. Along with all these amazing assets she is the kind of girl that arrives at her professional job early, works hard all day comes home and dives into her books while she waits for you to get home. She is very sweet, very intelligent and completely innocent; a good girl, one in a million and the total package. Last year while she had gone home to visit family I decided I needed to get myself off and searched for some porn that could help me out, and I came across a video in which the women looked a little like my girlfriend, I decided on this video and began to play it. I soon realized that I was thinking about Chelsey but not about fucking her, I was thinking about watching her get fucked! I was so turned on and close to cumming I hardly even considered this thought! I imagined I was sitting there watching this other guy fuck the love of my life better than I ever could! I came harder from this then I ever had before in my life from watching porn. I laid on the bed completely drained, wondering why the hell I had thought of something like that and brushed it off as getting caught up in the moment, I had no idea what I had just learned about myself. For the rest of that week any time I watched porn I found myself searching for that particular star and it always ended with her being replaced by Chelsey and me giving myself the same lame excuse. When Chelsey came home I was finally able to stay off the porn sites, but later that night while we fucked; that same idea crept into my thoughts! I came immediately and filled my condom full! I gave her the excuse that I missed her while she was gone, but I knew now that this was a fantasy that was not going to go away. The thought of another guy fucking her turned me on, it was the most frustrating realization in my life. I found on the internet that this fetish was called cuckold and was believed to be common but not normally ever expressed. I started to wonder how I could ever tell her this. But the macho side of me said there was no way I was going to bring it up or ever let it happen. Over the next year I continued to let this fantasy play out in my head. I never thought it would become a reality.
We moved in the beginning of July 2016 to our new apartment complex in a new state, it’s a decent place with low rent since it’s located somewhat out in the boonies. After two weeks of getting things set up we decided one evening to have a few drinks and go down to the hot tub of the complex to relax and maybe meet some of our neighbors. I made Chelsey her favorite drink, a bright and colorful vodka based drink which she hid in a water bottle, I openly carried my six pack of beer. Chelsey wore her pink with zebra stripes two piece bikini; the bottom fitted the sexy assets of her body, her tight stomach complimented with her small penguin belly button piercing, and her tits filled out her bikini perfectly. People came and went from the pool. I often caught men staring at Chelsey but I was completely unphased as I am not the jealous type and knew she isn’t the type to give them any attention. I enjoyed watching these guys drool over her. For a short time we had the pool area to ourselves and then Dane showed up. As Chelsey and I played in the pool, splashing each other and all the typical ways you would tease your girlfriend, Dane walked in. Dane was impossible not to notice, he is roughly 6’3 and probably near 200 lbs or more of muscle, I am fit and athletic slim but on the shorter side at 5’7, and Chelsey at 5’8. Dane towered over both of us. After some more time in the pool we went back to the hot tub where Dane was now sitting. The first thing I noticed was the guy looked rough; jail house looking tattoos and scars, dirty blonde hair which hung to his shoulders and five o clock shadow. As we got closer I noticed the way he stared at Chelsey, he looked almost hungry and I felt jealousy and adrenaline kick in. I also noticed that he had drank one of my beers and had helped himself to a second one. Chelsey looked nervous and I hesitated a moment unsure of how confrontational I could be towards someone like this but Dane simply said something like “sorry man, didn’t think these were yours, I owe ya a new pack” I relaxed a bit back to my laid back self and told him not to worry about it as we sat across from him in the tub. He seemed to hardly hear this and seemed to be much more focused on Chelsey, but I figured who wouldn’t be as the jealousy continued to nag; but he was not shy and made no attempt to look at her discreetly. We all got to know each other; Dane is 49 years old and had recently drifted to the area, he just opened a car mechanic shop in town, never married proclaiming he lives free (as a faded tattoo on his chest states), not too shocking he is a motorcycle guy and happens to live 3 doors down the walkway from us. We talked to Dane for the next few minutes, though he seemed not to hear much of what I said and asked Chelsey all about herself and had even began to lightly flirt with her, even though it wasn’t immediately returned he persistently continued. I noticed I was beginning to get hard and talk less as I watched him flirt with her. I could tell Chelsey was a little tipsy at this point and was beginning to flirt back a little, which was new for her but I figured it was out of curtsey. We decided to head back to our apartment (not before I tucked my semi hard cock into my waist band below the bubbles of the tub) when we got back I teased Chelsey about the “old” man crushing on her and I was sure this had blown over, but not without some regret.
One week or so later.
Work takes me away from home for three days at a time on average. On one of these times I noticed a voicemail from Chelsey. I listened to it and she explained how her car had finally crapped out (mine was an hour and a half away). I called her back and told her I got her message and I would fix it when I got home she then explained that she had called the mechanic shop and Dane from our complex had answered. He told her he would pick her up and give her a ride to work and have her car fixed by the end of the next day. She told me about how much fun the ride had been and that she would get a ride back home from him after work. I was jealous as shit and didn’t love the idea but what was I going to do? I had two days left before I would be home. That night I found myself jerking off to the thought of Dane railing her.
August 19 2016
When I got home things were at their normal pace I had the next four days off with Chelsey and planned a getaway for the two of us. Chelsey went off to work (her car now fixed) and I figured I would spend this day relaxing and watching TV. I heard the sound of a motorcycle in the parking lot, this was followed by heavy footsteps in the breezeway then a knock at the door, and I knew exactly who was on the other side. Dane towered over me, greased stained blue jeans and a sleeveless black shirt. (Jackass) is the thought that came to mind, of course I didn’t say that out loud as he could easily kick my ass. Dane held a six pack of beer and said it’s the beer he owed me. I was completely surprised by this and decided it’s probably better to be friends then enemies so I invited him in to help me kill the six pack. Dane lounged on the couch and cracked open two of the beers, and handed me one as I reclined in my chair. We talked a bit about engines, cars, and of course the conversation steered to women. He asked me where chels was today, I told him at work and that she would be home around 7 tonight. I thanked him for fixing her car and getting her to work he said he’d do it anytime. I was beginning to think Danes actually an okay guy. Then out of the blue he says “she must be a fun fuck huh?” a bit surprised and caught off guard (thinking this was two guys just talking) I said oh yeah she can be, I took her virginity a few years ago. Dane: “Lucky guy, you’re the only one that’s ever banged her?” I told him I was. This made me uncomfortable I told him I didn’t want to tell him anymore about her and mines sex life. Dane seemed not to hear me, and before I could change the subject he said something that made my stomach drop. “Hell I wouldn’t mind getting her second” Forgetting the obvious size difference between us I asked what the fuck he was talking about. He looked me dead in the eyes and I immediately recoiled. Scared for the answer I asked him if something happened while I was away. I didn’t know what I would do when he answered. There was no way I could take him. He was twice my age and a smoker I could smell the cigarettes and saw a crumpled pack in his shirt pocket but the size difference between us was intimidating. He said no he hadn’t banged my sweet girlfriend. But he stated he wanted too and that he probably could have the other night. I thought to myself no way in hell would she have sex with someone like him. I was pissed and his casualness offended me and made it much worse. I am super laid back and easy going but at this moment my hands clenched into fists. I was about to kick him out, but first I had to make something very clear to him. Chelsey would never cheat I told him, perhaps more unsure of myself as a small bit of doubt crept in. I don’t know what kept me from just telling him to leave it might have been fear or interest in the exchange between us but either way I could not bring myself to do it. He continued to lounge on the couch with a lazy uninterested expression. Dane told me about how he picked Chelsey up from her work and taken her on a high speed ride, how they raced around for two hours and how she didn’t want it to end, he explained how tight she had held onto him as he pushed her adrenaline. I was quite. And I told him she hadn’t mentioned any of this, Dane said she probably didn’t mention how wet her pussy was after the ride either. “Don’t get pissed junior, women love excitement even the good girls maybe they love it even more and the vibration of a bike don’t hurt either”. He told me how he pretended he didn’t see her soaking through her jeans while she tried to pull her shirt lower after dropping her off “maybe she was embarrassed or maybe she wanted me to get a good look at those tits”. “I bet if I tried I could of fucked her in your bed that day and you’d probably never find out but I’m not that kind of man” I could feel my face turn red. I remembered how excited she had been on the phone; how turned on she sounded and I knew he was telling the truth. Somehow this guy more than twice mine and Chelsey’s age had made her soak her panties. I realized my cock had become rock hard from the thought of this and worst of all there was no way to hide it this time. Dane saw this and leaned forward off the couch into my face his breath reeked of beer and cigarettes and I’ll never forget what he said “I’ll give you one hell of a show tonight, and she’ll have an awesome time if you let her” I tried to speak but couldn’t find any words. I realized deep down I wanted this to happen. I always fantasied about one of my friends or her co-workers close to our age seducing her. Dane was the complete opposite of these other guys and I realized then that I wanted HIM to do it, I wanted HIM to take her. I thought back to jerking off in my hotel the night he had given her a ride home. Something about him being older and rough looking made it more appealing. “Is your lady on the pill?” he asked. My stomach could not drop any lower. I nodded and said “she takes it every day” And then managed to say that she wouldn’t fuck him even if I begged her myself. Dane only smirked and said she would likely fuck him even if I begged her not to. “I know this is what you want, I knew it that night I met you. You liked watching me hit on her and now your little dick looks like it’s gonna tear your pants” he was right, my dick pressed painfully against my pants. I adjusted myself. I confessed to him that I wanted to see how far he could take it, and would let him as long as he respected mine and especially her limits. He said he would come back that night then since he was tired of pulling his dick to just the thought of her. He stood up and walked to the door. I was going to ask why he wanted her so bad, she had a boyfriend and was half his age completely different from what I thought his type would be, strippers and dive bar strange. I decided it didn’t matter what his reason was. She was young, sexy, and he wanted her! She had become his conquest. “She’s going to have some fun with or without your permission, I don’t want to go behind another man’s back so you should play ball. But if she turns me down tonight that will be the end of it and I won’t push it” he said. All I could manage to say was “okay”. I felt weak, defeated and he was in charge. Dane finished his beer and left. My cock was dripping precum and I had begun to shake. I came to my senses and realized I had to come up with some way to keep us both out and busy tonight or our relationship may be ruined. I had no idea how this would turn out and paced the apartment. But I realized this was what I wanted, always wanted! But I thought there is no way Chelsey will do this. It’s all going to blow over and maybe Dane won’t even show up. I went as far as writing a text message that said something to the extent of let’s leave on our trip tonight and another text that explained the encounter I had with Dane. Maybe I should just say I want you to have sex with this other guy but I decided if she reacted the way I suspected she would then she would think I had lost it. I decided to let whatever would happen tonight happen. I deleted both text messages.
Sometime before 630 that night I heard a knock on the door, I figured maybe I can just ignore him. But he’ll come back when Chelsey is home and she will let him in. He walked in and handed me another pack of beer and exclaimed “least I can do for someone who’s gonna watch his girl get banged”. I told him that it wasn’t funny and that I was already nervous about the whole thing. He knows I’m scared of him and worst of all he knows how bad I actually want this to happen. He ordered me to put the beers in the fridge and bring six. I noticed that giving into him gave me a strange calm feeling. I thought am I really enjoying having him order me around? This seemed like some sort of alpha male bullshit and I realized then maybe I really am a cuckold and it’s something I should embrace. I put the beers in the fridge, pulled six out and gave three to Dane. I told him again that Chelsey wouldn’t even touch him and when he gets shut down I’m kicking him out and I don’t want to see him ever look at her again. He stared at me until I had to look away “Deal” he said. “I said before and I’m a man of my word, your lady turns me down I won’t bother either of you again”. “You could kick me out now little man but we both know you wanna see where this goes”. He was right about that. This had been a fantasy that played over and over in my head for a year now. I began to feel some excitement that it might actually happen. The conversation was civil from this point on, and despite everything I was able to relax and somewhat bond with him. Dane told stories of cruising across the country by motorcycle, I told my surfing and outdoor adventure stories and we even did the typical let’s compare scars. I realized that Dane was actually a very cool and surprisingly laid back guy, and I was beginning to see how women would be drawn to him. He has long shaggy blonde hair, faded tattoos that looked they had been done with a safety needle. He needed shave with long salt and pepper stubble. Over 6 feet tall and cut from probably decades of manual labor. He is good looking guy in a rough way I realized.
While I sat watching TV with Dane I heard the door knob turn and in walked Chelsey. She happily beamed when she saw us. Her dark hair had been pulled into a messy pony tail and her green eyes flashed brightly as she walked across the living room hey beautiful I said as she leaned into my chair, I could smell her sweet bath and body works perfume and her lips met mine in a warm loving kiss that made my hair stand on end. She stood up and I noticed Dane had been watching her bend over. I felt an excited adrenaline rush. She gave him a wave again thanking him for fixing the car and the discount she was given and asked what we were doing, Dane responded by telling her he and junior (referring to me) were just drinking beers and getting to know each other. Right man? He asked giving a big grin. Yeah I said, he came to payback the beer he owed. I was trying to give myself some power over him. Aww you didn’t have to pay it back she exclaimed! Dane flashed a grin and said something about her being a sweet thing which I saw immediately bring some color to her cheeks and I noticed she no longer would make eye contact with Dane who stared intently at her. “Are you going to have some drinks with the guys’ chels? We need a pretty ladies company” Dane told her and flashed her another confident smile. When I heard Chelsey giggle and shift nervously, my stomach made another flip as I remembered hitting on her when we first me and getting same reaction I thought of how hungry my stare had probably been that night. I got her to go on a few dates before becoming an official couple then it took two months to punch her v-card. I noticed she was playing with a stray stand of her dark brunette hair. She said she would shower and comeback for a few drinks. As she left the living room I saw her looking back not at me but at Dane. I realized I was holding my breath I gasped. Dane laughed and said just relax man. My jealousy returned in a mix of indescribable lust. I honestly couldn’t think of anything else to say, I knew I could not fight this powerful lust which had built for over a year and I accepted the fact that I wanted him to fuck her better than I ever could or will. I gave in to my desire and was rooting for Dane now and at the same time fighting my jealousy. I started to wonder if he had done this before to other couples and maybe this was his thing. I didn’t ask
We sat in silence watching TV until we heard the shower shut off and I heard Chelsey in our bedroom. She walked back into the living room now dressed in her normal comfy clothes a pair of pink checkered lounge shorts with love written across the ass and a sexy black sleep shirt that clung to her body and big D tits. Her dark hair hung wet and untamed. As she walked into the kitchen and you could just get a teasing scent of her body soap, her pink shorts hugged her bottom, I saw Dane noticed this and he had that hungry look on his face; a big alpha male staring at his conquest I thought. I felt my dick move. Chelsey came back with her bright vodka drink and crawled into the chair with me. The following half hour was chill and we watched the first part of a preseason football game. Chelsey was approaching tipsy and her white cheeks began to have a red tint. Dane had started playfully flirting with her and now I noticed she had begun to flirt back as she became less inhibited and soon she had all but forgot who she was laying on in the chair. I had tried to flirt with her and hold her attention but this became a losing battle as Dane had smoothly gained her complete focus. He was entertaining both of us and skillfully stealing her attention and I have to admit I even liked the guy. The old guys dirty clothes, shaggy long hair and muscles decorated with scars and faded tattoos gave him some sort of attraction that I could tell was becoming irresistible to my girlfriend I could almost feel her slipping away as my cock began to twitch. Now I was curious to see how he would seal the deal. He saw his opportunity and took it.
He asked if millennials played drinking games anymore. Chelsey never drinks more than to the point of tipsy and I had already crossed that line at this point given the situation I was putting them away quicker than usual. She claimed she was already close to her limit but Danes simple answer was you don’t have to drink if you play the game right. The game was dare. No truth just dare. Chelsey and I played the game before in the dorms of college and I knew from experience if the dare was too big she would back down and if she was walking her line of tipsy she would quit. I thought to myself with a mix of satisfaction and disappointment that he had reached a dead end. She agreed to play and the dares began mostly harmless and we were actually having fun.
A couple turns around and it was Danes turn again. As he leaned back on the couch He said “Alright let’s see those tits” My heart raced and I held my breath waiting to see what she would do. Almost as if I popped back into existence at that point she looked me in the eyes with a panicked look and asked should I? I told her it’s only a game you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I expected her to say she was done playing and then leave to the bedroom leaving me the job of kicking Dane out but without another word she turned toward him and pulled her shirt up reveling a small diamond belly button ring and a red black laced bra. She grabbed the bottom of her bra and pulled up. Her perfect tits now bare with small blue veins and little pink nipples were uncovered were fully exposed to Dane and I saw him fight the urge to reach out and touch them. I had to fight the same urge. A twing of jealousy passed through me but gave way to excitement. She smiled and gave a little dance, covered herself and sat back down her face was red but there seemed to be some pride that she had leaped from her comfort zone, My next turn and I considered daring Chelsey to drop out of the game but how much fun would that of been so I dared Dane to give me a hundred dollars. He responded by telling me to go fuck myself and chugging down a beer. Danes turn and this time and he dared me compare my cock with his. Chelsey turned red in the cheeks and told me just to drink the beer a let it go. But I could see excitement in her eyes and I thought maybe I could call Dane on his bluff and he would puss out I looked at her with all my confidence and said I got this. I was now in the land of drunk as I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Dane did not back out, he stood towering over me and undid his stained jeans and pulled them down to reveal to my horror a very big dick. At soft he hung as big as my cock could get solid and his balls (which I hadn’t exposed yet) I gussed were 3 to 4 times mine. I was absolutely embarrassed of my tiny dick and zipped my pants back up and sat down as quick as I could. I could feel my face turn red as I regretted the decision. Chelsey was completely focused on Danes cock. It occurred to me she might have never seen another besides mine. Chelsey met Danes eyes and looked away as she did. Her breathing was fast and I knew her pussy was probably very wet now. Dane slowly put his monster dick away and said you shoulda took the drink. A weak “yeah” is all I could muster. Chelsey came out of her fix and noticed my anguish she crawled back into the chair and gave me another warm kiss and hug she whispered we don’t have to play anymore if you don’t want to. Her affection helped me regain my composer and I confidently said I’m not going to puss out.
I got up and went to use the bathroom and go to the kitchen to get more beer to drown my shame. When I came back to the living room I half expected to walk in on something but Chelsey remained in the chair engaged in playful flirting with the biker I sat back next to her. Chelsey’s turn to dare and she dared Dane to lick the bottom of his boots which he kicked off and slowly ran his tongue up the bottom of both. I gave Chelsey a lame dare which she finished without any problem.
Danes turn again and this time he claimed it would be for the win. He dared Chelsey to give him one of those sweet kisses she had been giving me all night. Stating that’s what happens when you make a man lick his boots. And if her car needed anymore work he’d give her a freebee if she won the game. She sat staring at me with her bright green eyes I could see goosebumps forming over her soft skin and I told her it’s just a kiss it won’t mean anything and her car would probably break down again soon anyway. She agreed and gave me another long warm kiss her tongue met mine and I could taste the sweetness and alcohol of her drink. She confidently said she’s got this and joined Dane on the couch.
I was on the edge of my seat as she scooted close to the giant man who took up most of our small couch. He sat towering over her and leaned forward. His huge hand dirty and scared moved over her soft cheek as he drew her face towards his. I thought of the beer and cigarettes and repulse that Chelsey would have. She closed her eyes as she pursed her soft lips. My semi hard cock seemed to struggle for space in my pants as Dane pressed his lips to hers and held them there. Time seemed to stand still and I waited for Chelsey to pull away but instead she moved forward, her lips loosened and I saw Danes tongue slowly beginning to explore her lips. Chelsey’s tongue met his and she loosened her mouth further allowing Dane slip her his tongue and fully explore her mouth in a deep kiss. I thought of her taste and how he must be indulging in her sweet perfume. I began to rub my throbbing wood through my shorts as I watched Chelsey give way. He took his time exploring her mouth before he slowly made his way back to her ear. I knew he was gently biting and letting his tongue play with her ear lobe. She made no attempt to stop this and she opened her eyes in some panic as she looked over at me. Her eyes were wild and bright with lust. She saw me slowly rubbing my cock through my shorts and knew I wasn’t going to do anything to stop them, she knew then that I was enjoying this. Dane lightly grabbed a handful of her damp hair and worked his way down her neck licking and sucking her I knew how sweet she would taste she let out a small gasp. His tongue traced the base of her neck and collar bone as his he held her hair with one hand the other lightly explored her body through her shirt. And made his way up to her breasts gently rubbing and squeezing.
My heart was breaking but I didn’t give a shit as my dick pressed painfully against my pants. This was actually happing and it was better than I ever could imagine.
I watched him pull the front of her shirt down and run his tongue along the top of her tits and into her cleavage. She played with and pulled his hair as she pushed her chest to his face. He came back to her ear and asked if she liked his cock. She whispered yes. Then she asked if she could play with it.
I knew that there was no going back now, even if I tried to break it up she would probably leave with him. She was far gone! And I had ceased to exist.
Dane let go of her and reached down beginning to undo his pants. Chelsey sat straight on her knees next to him excitedly waiting. The beautiful girl I loved. I knew if I rubbed myself I would cum very quickly but my dick ached to be let out. I unzipped and let my 5 ½ “out. I was dripping precum. Chelsey was too fixed on Dane to notice. Dane pulled his jeans down to his knees and his enormous cock flopped out against his leg. His cock was semi hard and already 7 inches or more. I sat only a few feet away close enough to see all the detail. A bulging vein ran the length of his cock to the enormous head of it. Chelsey had a wild look in her eyes as she reached down and wrapped her hand around it and began to slowly jerk Dane off. She placed her left hand on his knee for balance while he grabbed her head for another deep kiss. Her tongue fought with his while she stroked him. Dane was growing solid! His cock was very long with a big mushroom head. He released her face and what happened next made my heart sink and my cock throb Chelsey leaned down with her ass up and ran her tongue up his cock, then slowly took him into her mouth.
I gripped the side of my chair to keep my hands from going to my dick. I watched my girlfriend with his dick in her mouth slide her lips slowly up and down. Dane leaned back and closed his eyes while he moaned and told her to get as far down as she could. She struggled with this. Dane held her hair and began to jerk his cock in her mouth. He let her come back off it. A long sting of spit and precum ran from her mouth to him. It was like watching a professional porn. She gasped for air and stared hungrily into Danes eyes. He told her to suck his balls while he slid his pants of completely. His cock twitched. Chelsey knelled in front of him and I watched her suck his balls. Something she had never done for me.
I sat only a few feet away but I no longer exited in her world. Dane looked me sitting with my dick out and gave me a smile.
Dane pulled his shirt off reveling all muscle. A well-built chest thick with hair that ran down his abs. He had the kindness to clean up his pubes. (lucky for Chelsey). He threw the shirt at me and it landed across my lap. The sensation brought me close to orgasm but I controlled it and threw the shirt on the floor.
While Chelsey continued to blow him he reached down and pulled her shirt up, she sat up and allowed him to slide it off over her head. She immediately put his dick back into her mouth. Dane undid her bra and she let it fall from her body. Dane reached under her; he rubbed and squeezed her perky tits. She let out muffled moans as he messaged her pink nipples.
I heard him whisper something like you little fucking cutie. He sat her up on her knees and brought her between his legs against the couch. He ran his hands down her naked back to her ass and squeezed. She continued to stroke his dick staring pleadingly up at him with her beautiful eyes. Dane pulled her shorts down behind her so I would have a good view and rubbed her pussy through her panties. I had never seen her so wet before in the four years we had been together. I was no longer jealous. My heart raced and I had never been harder in my life! I knew when the time was right I would cum harder than ever before in my life. He rubbed her pussy until her breath became shallow and fast. Dane pulled her panties to the side and rubbed her uncovered pussy then slipped his middle finger into her. He worked her with his finger. She gripped his legs hard as she shuddered. I could hear how wet she was and I knew she was cuming all over his hand. I heard her stammer “fck-k me”
Danes staying power was indescribable. I could have never made it through this it may have been age or alcohol but either way he held on. When I heard Chelsey ask him to fuck her I was at my limit. My cock tingled in a small orgasm and some cum began to ooze out and run down to my balls.
He stood her up in front of him and pulled down her love shorts he squeezed her ass as he kissed her firm stomach and let his tongue play with her belly button pricing. He slid her panties down and picked them up and through them into my lap. I undid my pants and slid them to my ankles but kept her panties in my naked lap. A pair that matched her red black lace bra, a set that she had bought for our last valentine’s day. Chelsey straddled him. He tongued and sucked her tits. I watched his solid mushroom cock rest against her ass. Then He raised her and positioned her pussy on top of his cock. He used one of his hands to hold his cock steady and the other to guide her body down as he slowly worked his way inside her. All I could think about was how tight I knew she was! Chelsey pressed her hands into his chest as she worked more of him into her. The big head finally slipped into her sweet pussy and Dane started to work his cock deeper into her. I watched her slowly slide down his rod and passed the point of no return and I groaned as an intense orgasm washed over me. Cum erupted and landed on the front of my shirt. I stayed hard and horny and continued to watch. Another man was fucking my girlfriend.
Dane eased himself inside of her allowing her to stretch and take him deeper until his balls pressed against her ass. He held her in place while he went back to sucking her tits. Chelsey ran her hands through his dirty long hair holding onto him as she began to move her hips back and forth. I watched her ride him and listened to her sounds as her movements intensified. Her back arched and body shuddered as she came. He wrapped his arms around her and started to fuck her hard intensifying her orgasm! His balls slapped against her ass, he pulled her hair as she began to verbalize her pleasure in a massive orgasm. He pushed himself deep inside her and held her in place, her body was trembling as she rested on top of him. Dane smacked her ass and pulled her off his cock. He rolled her on to her back and pulled her towards him. He pushed his dick inside of her and started to pump her pussy full of his cock. Her tits moved back and forth with the rhythm of Danes thrusts as she let out more gasps and moans of pleasure. I realized that I had never brought her anywhere close to this in our 4 years.
I felt another wave of orgasm pass over me as I oozed more cum which ran down my dick and onto Chelsey’s panties. I couldn’t resist anymore and started to jerk myself.
Chelsey began to breathe fast again and Dane began to pound her pussy harder. She gripped the end of the couch above her head to white knuckle! She began to cum again letting out sounds that drove me crazy! I was on the verge of cuming again! Dane laid across her pressing his hairy chest against her tits. Her legs squeezed him and her nails dug into his back as he took long deep thrusts into her. I watched from behind them, I could see his big dick moving in and out of her and the wet slap of his balls. His ass flexed with each thrust and then I heard him into her ear say “I’m going to fucking cum”. Alarm jealousy and adrenaline caused me to cum again to a point the room blurred out. Chelsey said something in audible but obviously she didn’t want him to stop. Dane fucked her hard thrusting deep into her sweet tight pussy. He gave a deep thrust and buried his cock in her as he grit his teeth his ass flexed and he let out groans of orgasm. He was Cumming inside of her! I knew it, I never even had sex with her without a condom my heart broke into a million pieces but lust kept me watching.
Dane laid on her, both of them catching their breath, his cock still deep her; I swear I could see his big balls throb as he emptied them. Chelsey’s body was shaking (I figured maybe she was still in the middle of her orgasm) then she finally loosened her arms on him Dane sat up and pulled his cock out of her. I knew what would happen next, a huge load of his cum began to run out of her and down to her cute ass to the couch. She continued to lay on the couch her face was flush as she continued to catch her breath, her eyes looked dreamy distant and relaxed as his cum continued to ooze from her pussy and form a small pool on the couch.
I sat back in my chair trying to decide if I was dreaming. I looked at my 5 inch dick still hard; to the cum soaked panties laying in my lap.
Dane pulled his pants on took his shirt gave me a light shoulder punch and walked out the door. I listened to his steps fade down the hall.
I picked up mine and Chelsey’s clothes and walked back to our bedroom. I was in a daze. I through our clothes into the basket and changed into new boxers and a shirt. I got Chelsey new panties and pajamas. Fuzzy pajamas with a fuzzy bear with a heart on them. I thought shes so innocent and sweet. I can’t believe this happened. I brought her the clothes and she got dressed. We didn’t say a word to each other. There wasn’t any tension just no words. We both had forgot who we were. I got a towel and wiped Danes pool of cum off the couch but I knew Chelsey would still be dripping with it. Most likely the rest of the night. I knew he had dumped an enormous load into her. I turned to go back to the kitchen and she stood staring at me in hear fuzzy pajamas. Before I said anything she hugged me tight and said “I love you” I squeezed her tight and said I loved her to then I kissed her. A deep kiss even with the knowledge of what had happened. Her eyes showed nothing but love and I could feel my heart melt. She asked me if she should shower I told her she didn’t have to. I wanted her to stay full of cum. I don’t know why I did, it was just an urge. She took my hand and pulled me back to the bedroom. She cuddled up next to me in our bed and we held each other tight. And fell asleep.
We have been on our getaway for the last few days and in some strange way were even more in love than ever before! I don’t know how this will affect us when we get home tomorrow and most likely see Dane. But we’ll see. Chelsey and I have talked about it and agreed that I needed to write about this experience and share it. It’s too good not to and whether you believe it or not is up to you. But one thing is for sure I’m glad it happened and I wouldn’t change a thing. If anyone else has had a similar experience please share!

In case anyone is wondering…
Chelsey is on the pill and takes it daily
Things aren’t awkward between us at all
We are both honestly attractive people and college educated professionals. The point of that being don’t think you’re above trying something crazy. It’s healthy to explore yourself but respect limitations of others.
Our sex together is not ruined. We feel much more open.
Dane is a very cool guy and I plan on remaining friendly towards him
We are not married or engaged because of personnel choice
We won’t tell anyone we know about what happened. It’s between us and Dane.
We don’t know how this will play out when we get home or if we will do it again but were both open minded.
Chelsey is considering a follow up to this from her own point of view. She did help write my version. We hope anyone reading will enjoy hearing about our experience and I have tried to make it fun to read from the best of my memory. This was only 3 days ago so it’s pretty fresh. We plan to share this experience on a couple different sights but if anyone is interested in her side well post a follow up.

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