A cuckold evening out

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Thursday evening at the dinner table to was telling my wife about a recent craving I was having to eat her pussy after she had been fucked. She smiled and asked if I had anyone in mind to do the fucking? I told her not really but he needed to be black. She wiggled in her chair and asked why does he need to be black? I told her that the black guys always shoot deeper inside her and their loads are larger. She said that she would work something out for tomorrow night.

All day at work Friday I kept thinking about our conversation the night before. I wasn't wearing a chastity device that day so my small cock got hard a couple of times.

I hurried home and when I walked in the house at six thirty my wife was already dressed and ready . She was wearing a gray cotton dress that came a good four inches above her knees. And since it was slightly cool out her legs where covered in black nylons. She allow me much time to check her out as she rushed me back to the bathroom for a shower. She told me my cloths where laid out on the bed and to hurry up that she was horny.

After a fast shower and shave of both my face and pubes I went to get dressed. Right on top of my cloths was my wife's favorite chastity device. She likes the extra short stainless with a screw in stem that goes up my urethra. She claims it makes her wet knowing that my cock it safely locked up. I put the cage on but held off on the urethra tube, I called her to insert it. She likes that part. After licking the tube she inserts it through the end of the device and finds the opening of my penis. A little adjustment and it slides right down into my penis. She screws the end tightly to the cage. She kisses the stainless ball on the end of the tube then hopes up. After a quick inspection of the lock to make certain I am totally unable to get out she steps back. She called my name and as I look up from my imprisoned little guy I see she has raised the hem of her dress to show me what's under her dress. She is wearing thigh high lace top stockings. They are pulled up so the lace actually is touching her smooth shaved pussy lips. I've learned she does this do when she walks they rub her lips. I said no panties? She said they are in my bag. I'll put them on after I've been serviced. OK that's all get dressed I'm horny she said.

She left the room and I looked down at my cock trying it's best to get hard inside the short cage. It had the A ring pulled away from my body and my balls where being pulled too. I told it to just give up there is no getting out the key is on a chain around the wife's neck. I got dressed and met my wife in the den.

She said we going to get her fucked before we go eat supper. She directed me to a motel just outside Atlanta. Once in the lobby she kissed me on the cheek and told me to hang out there that she was going up to the room alone. I tried to ask who she was meeting but all I got was a blown kiss as the elevator doors closed. I found the WIFI and sat down to watch some of my favorite fuck movies on XHAMSTER.

Time got away from me and in about hour and a half the elevator doors opened and out walked my very satisfied wife. She had a smirk on her face and her hair was slightly messed up. With a bounce in her step she walked over to give me a kiss right on the lips. There was the obvious taste of cum on her lips. Are you hungry sweetie she asked? I said yes. She said good let's go eat , I've got you a big desert warming up in my nasty cunt.

In the car as we drove to the restaurant she couldn't help but raise her hem and play with the wet crotch of her nylon panties. She prefers nylon because it doesn't absorb any of the juices and keeps everything nice and gooey down there. Ooo smell my fingers she said. She rubbed them under my nose. There was the strong smell of a mixture of her pussy and her lovers cock.

We both wanted to get the meal over quickly and get to some good messy pussy eatting. We hurried home to get started. It had been over two hours since the fucking of her pussy and she was extremely ready for me to clean her. She left the stockings on and pulled the panties down very slowly. The crotch had strings of cum linking her pussy to the nylon panties. Oh baby I said your pretty pussy it wrecked. She said I know. He was mean to it, she said he f***ed his big fat cock into me without any foreplay. He fucked me so hard I came on his third thrust. As she let her legs fall apart her pussy lips followed them by spreading. This left a small black hole where he ruined her. The lips where shinny and her clit was totally erect. It was peaking out from under its hood. I started by sucking it into my mouth and working it over. Her thighs closed on either side of my head. I pushed them apart and went after the relaxed hole. I ran my tongue in as far as possible and begain sucking the cum out of her. I swallowed a lot but made sure to smear some all over my face. She likes me to kiss her with her lovers cum on my lips and face.

After I had her cleaned of all that mean guys cum I asked to be unlocked so I could have sex with her. She raised her head up and looked at how my little penis was trying to get hard inside the short cage. She said no. That little thing won't do me any good after that piece of man meat that's been in me. I tried begging and she denied me release. She took my balls and squeezed them to the point I raised up on my tip toes. She sucked on the small stainless ball that had a small amount of precum leaking out. She got out of bed and took off her stockings then put on a night shirt that just bearly covered her naked ass cheeks. I undressed and put on a pair of pajama bottoms over my jailed Peter.

That night I woke up still wanting to fuck. I toyed with the idea of trying to get the key off the around her neck. I decided that wasn't a good idea. So I eased the covers down and very carefully spread her legs and begain to eat her pussy again. At first she was asl**p so deeply that she didn't know what I was up to but I think she must have had an orgasm because again her legs tightly held my head between them. She grabbed two hand fulls of my hair and she pulled my face so tightly into her pussy I couldn't breathe. I stayed as long as I could before having to push myself back to get a breath . A quick gasp then she pulled me back into her wet folds. After she had an intense orgasm she pushed me away. Leave my pussy alone you bastard she ordered. Now go to sl**p she said. She rolled over facing away from me. I never went back to sl**p.

Just as the sun was coming up I eased out of bed. I started the coffee and went out on the back screened in porch to enjoy the coffee and relax. In about an hour my wife came out. The sun was up and as she sat Indian fashion on the love seat I could easily see her naked pussy. As she sipped her coffee holding the mug in two hands I asked if she was enjoying herself. She said yeah this is nice, setting her relaxing. I said no not that, I mean showing me your pussy like that. She never took the coffee mug from her bottom lip as she said, oh can you see my pussy? I said you know I can, you can probably feel the breeze on it. She said yes I can it feels nice. After the beating it took last night it needs a rest. I asked who was the guy that fucked you? She said just a friend, do I know him I asked? She said no you don't know him. Is he black I asked her? Did his cum taste black she asked me? I said I can't tell but there was so much of it how did one guy cum so much? She said he had not had sex for ten days and that he lives my white married pussy so that combination made him empty his balls into me. I told her how he had stretched her opening to the point that it was an open hole when I ate it. She ran her tongue on the rim of the mug and said yeah I know. He hurt me with his meat. I asked if her pussy hurts this morning? She said I can feel my heart beating in it. She then uncrossed her legs and pulled them up so her feet sat flat on the cousin. She let her legs fall open and said eat my pussy. I said what ? Now? She said you made me talk about his cock and now my pussy neefs attention. I got on my knees and begain licking the lips slowly. She took one hand and grabbed my hair and f***ed my face into her pussy. Eat my cunt you fucking pussy she barked. I noticed that she was soaking wet so I sucked her clit like a small cock. She came in a matter of minutes. After her breathing slowed down she told me to get away that she was going to shower.

I stayed on the deck as she showered. When she was done she came out on the deck dressed in a white mini skirt and white tank top. She was braless and her nipples where hard. I asked where she was off to? She raised the hem of the extremely short skirt to show me her uncovered pussy and said back to the motel to get my pussy tore up, you want to go? I said no Ill wait here for you. She said OK I'll be home when he is finished fucking me. Are you carrying panties I asked. She pulled a pair of white nylon bikini panties out of her back pocket. See you sometime this evening she said.

It was nine thirty that night when she came home. Her nipples where about to poke through the thin white cotton of the tank top as she entered the den. She pulled the top over her head and tossed it at me. Her tits where covered in love bits. As I was looking at her tits she dropped the mini skirt and hooked the panties with her thumbs and pulled them down. Her upper thighs and pussy also had love bits. She put her hands on her hips and told me that he had a friend with him and her ass was full of a black man's cum along with her pussy. That night I stayed up all night eatting her ass hole and pussy. She could relax her butt hole and allow my tongue in as far as I could stick it. Then she would clamp down on my tongue with her butt hole. That following day we both laid in bed all day. It was Sunday so it didn't matter. Her lover asked her to get a ace if spades tattoo above the cleft of her pussy. I asked her if she was going to? She said yes, and another one on the outside of her right ankle. That way all the black guys would know she was available for sex.

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