The Inheritance

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I just inherited property and money from my uncle David. He never married and lived in quiet valley 12 miles out of town. Everyone around there called it Creepy Hollow and claimed that it was an old Indian burial ground. My Parents wanted nothing to do with it and so uncle David left everything to me. I was working away at the time of his death and just got back in time for the funeral. But had to return straight after, I finally got home a month later and at the reading of the will, I was told of the condition attached to the inheritance. I had to stay 7 days and 7 nights at David's old house. I'm Ross 27 single and afraid of nothing, so of course I said no worries. I asked the lawyer was it to be straight away or could I wait until I was on holidays in a couple of weeks. He said There was a year time limit, I must complete the condition within a year. No Problem I said, but as the weeks went by and the more stories I heard about the place my resolve started to weaken. Four days before starting my holidays, I asked the lawyer did I have do the task alone, No you can have friends or family with you and mustn't be away any time during night, but could leave during day for a period no more than 4 hours. My family coming with me no chance, but I had some friends who were into anything. So I asked them If they were brave enough to go there with me. Everyone said Yes, so 7 of us would brave the house. There was John and his brother Allan, George and his wife Gwen and Keith and his sister Audrey and me. We headed out on the first Monday of my holidays and they all had gotten leave to come. We all head out in our cars and on arrival, everyone started to look around for their bedroom or sleeping place. There were 3 bedrooms and a in closed porch. John and Allan took that, George and Gwen took the back bedroom and Audrey took the middle bedroom and I got the master. Keith claimed the lounge, after putting our stuff away we went looking around the place and out buildings, then the property. It didn't look bad in daylight, the house could use some repairs and painting. Nothing major. The first night John and Allan tried to pull a joke on us and ended up scaring themselves. They claimed as they were coming down the hallway leading the dinning room and lounge room they saw in the big mirror at the end of the hallway their reflection and claimed there were 3 heads looking back at them. They looked behind to see who was following them, but one was there. But turning back there were still 3 heads in the mirror looking back at them. They slept that night on the loungeroom floor next to Keith. Who they claimed next morning snored like a chainsaw. No one else believed there story, but the next to get a scare was Gwen and said while the bath someone walked thru the wall and straight past. Her scream was heard allover the house and on investigation the bathroom was made from a part of an old hallway and old pantry. Where the figure had come was an old doorway that had been sealed up. Gwen wouldn't leave George side after that. Keith could sleep thru anything and I guess the ghost or ghosts just couldn't wake him, om the third Audrey was in her bedroom and started to hear talking and could seeing anyone. On getting out of bed she head to my room to see if we were talking and it was coming thru the wall. She entered the room it was dark and I was in bed asleep. Then she said A figure walked towards her from the hallway and she jump onto my bed scaring the hell out of me. By the time I was able to look there was no one there. But Audrey wouldn't return to her bed and wanted to stay with me. I said I sleep naked and I'm naked now. She I don't care I'm not sleep alone and she got under the covers with me. I laid my head back on my pillow and said Sleep tight. I was just started to nod off, when I felt Audrey cuddling up to me. I like this and put my arm around her, soon I started to get aroused. Trying not think about and get to sleep, then I felt Audrey hand on my cock and asked Did I do this to you. Yes don't worry it will go down after awhile I replied. But she started to stroke and I was enjoying it and started to feel her up as well. Then I asked her How about it you want go for it. Alright she replied and I had sex with Audrey and the next day, we headed off to a small creek out back and had sex again. We slept together that night and every night since. John and Allan claimed to have seen ghosts sitting around the kitchen table. But the rest of our stay was uneventful, for the most part. On finishing the task, the lawyer handed me a hand written letter from my late departed uncle David. In it he said That the house was haunted and if you stayed 7 days and nights the ghost wouldn't bother after that and that include your family. The final line of the letter stunned me. It said I'm sure you and Audrey will very happy together. Uncle had never met Audrey and I can't recall telling him anything about her. Six months later me and Audrey married and she is expecting our first in June, it's a boy and we have decided to call him David. His letter is now framed and above our bed. Keith lives with us, George and Gwen only come to visit in daylight and leave before nightfall. John and Allan come and stay and want to bring a medium. But Audrey won't let them disturb the house spirits as they are at peace with she says. Mom and Dad have been once for our wedding and did stay the night, but they didn't look rested next morning. They didn't see any ghosts, they couldn't relax enough to get to sleep. I guess.

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