They came to my farm

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I inherited the family farm direct from grandfather in 2016 as he wanted not sold after his death. As I was the only one to agree to run the farm and not sell it, it became my farm, and the others got some cash ($7500 each). One thought he would challenge the will, but having accepted the cash couldn't without first paying it back. Having already spent it, he couldn't pay it back. The other 3 accepted the will and then went their own ways. My mother's father and she had predeceased him only had 5 close relatives. With me the second eldest of them and the spendthrift the oldest. He was the only other male and son of my late mother's only sibling her older sister also deceased. Of the other 3, 2 were my younger sisters and the other sister of the spendthrift. Fast forward to 2020 and the pandemic starting, I was quite well off on my farm away from most people and pretty safe as a result. The spendthrift believed all the bullshit and was soon the late spendthrift at 34. His sister and mine decided it wasn't safe to be in the city and didn't want to be there in the lockdown. So, they all came to stay with me, I was 30 almost 31 at the time and my cousin 30 (4 months younger than me) and my sisters 29 and 26. The farmhouse has 3 bedrooms a sleepout (covered in landing) 1 bathroom. I took the landing and they each took a room, and we settled in as the lockdown started. I preferred the landing as I got up early and got to work on the farm. I would return for breakfast and meals. The women looked after the house and meals, but overtime started to assist me with the farmwork. My cousin sneaked into my bed one night wanting sex and I fucked her and after several late-night visits we were caught in the act. By my youngest sister who wanted in on the fun as she called it, which now included threesomes. But we were a bit loud, and my older sister came and caught us all. She was a bit angry at first because she was left out, but then joined in the fun. Sex became regular for me as at least one of them wanted fun regularly. It was my oldest sister, who got pregnant first as we messed up and with one pregnant the others soon followed. After lockdown ended and all tests showed no problems found, they decided to continue their pregnancies. Now years later, I've 5 children and 3 willing lovers. We keep to ourselves mostly, those that know us the most think my cousin is my wife and the others my sister. Also think the children belong to me and just my cousin. We didn't tell them that they assumed it, we just didn't correct them.

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