Making and breaking of a cuckold - 3 The emasculation

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Max lifted Gemma up into his massive arms and carried her up the stairs. I was still kneeling there 5 minutes later when he called out to me. "Peepee, I want you up here".

I scurried up the steps and Max was standing at the door of my bedroom in the nude with his huge semi-erect member jutting out at me. I admit I was gobsmacked at his endowment. I stood there in awe until that back of his hand was unleashed again. Shit it hurt.

"You will always stay on your knees in my presence cuckold. And don't make eye contact. The only time I ever allow my boys to look me in the eye is when I am painfully squeezing their tiny little balls in my hands. I love that look of pleading and weakness, the knowledge that only their fear of displeasing me keeps them from struggling or trying to save their useless manhood".

This was insane but I lowered my eyes to the floor and said, "Yes Boss".

"Good boy. You will learn. Seems my whore still has some feelings for you peepee. She's begged me to allow you to kneel outside the bedroom door while I pound her so you can hear her screams of satisfaction. I said sure, as long as you do something for me. So here are my shoes. You will lick them clean, including the soles, while you're kneeling there listening to us. I think I stepped in some dog shit on the way here so lap that up too faggot".

The Boss threw his shoes at me and struck me on the face with my eyes downwards. The door shut. Faggot! I hoped Gemma hadn't heard that derogatory term. I picked up a shoe and started licking it clean. There was dog shit there alright. What could I do? Surely he didn't expect me to lick that off. Actually, he did and, in fact, he gave me specific instructions. I figured I had better do a good job or the Boss would hurt me.

I knelt there for an hour listening to my wife, who the Boss described as his whore, scream and moan.

Finally the door opened. It was the Boss.

"After my slut showers, you're taking us to dinner cucky".

"Yes Boss". Shit I was weak. Couldn't I say anything else? Couldn't I push back even slightly? The Boss sensed what was going through my head and said, "Stand up peepee". He then proceeded to grab my balls in his large powerful right hand and started to squeeze.

"Look into my eyes cuckold. These balls belong to me now. They are MINE. You will surrender all pride, dignity and masculinity to me. When I snap my fingers, you will rush to do as you are told. Anywhere, anytime. Or the day will come when I don't stop squeezing".

The pressure on my balls was unbearable but there was nothing I could do. To try to fight the Boss would be suicidal. To try to stop him having his way with me was more than hazardous. I maintained eye contact as instructed and tried not to call out but it was impossible to not contort my face with the enormous pain he was causing.

"Remember this peepee. I didn't come over here so we could be buddies. No, we could never be friends. A wolf is never friends with its prey. I will be the Master who you slave for, the Dominant whom you suffer for; the God whom you pray forgiveness from. I could use a little groveling bitch to amuse me and that's going to be you cucky".

"Yes Boss".

I was defeated, emasculated and my wife appeared at the door.

"Everything under control Max?" She took one look at me and saw Max's vice like grip on my balls and she laughed. "God, what was I thinking of when I married this loser. Did you tell him he's taking us to dinner darling?"

"Yes Gemma. Cucky's in a very cooperative mood. The faggot even volunteered to lick that dog shit off my shoes while I was stretching your holes. Go figure, eh; it takes all types. Go and bring the car around the front cucky".

"Cucky", said Gemma, "I like that. You heard your Master cucky, get to it".

So, Gemma was going to be part of the problem too. As I turned to head to the garage Gemma called me back. "Oh by the way cucky, you will call me Mistress from now on. And one more thing. Your Boss wanted to ban you from any contact with my body but I have negotiated with him and you have his permission to touch my feet. In fact, you can start now. On your knees and grovel cucky".

What choice did I have with the Boss standing menacingly beside Mistress? So I dropped to my knees and kissed and worshipped her feet. She was obviously pleased with my submission to her and kept me there for 10 minutes.

"That's the way it will be from now on peepee. You will be my footslave. Now get the car".

"Yes Mistress".

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