A week with Karens sister.

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Tracy looked down,I nuzzled her,She let me tuck in but I could tell she was worried.
Ginni was still in hospital,
Karen had brought me out on my third weekend and we had found Gini very unwell,
Karen had taken her immediately.
Tracy had showered and dressed normally,she was talking but not much.
I chose to get into my doggy suit to comfort Tracy.Rex and I had not even mated.He paced and stressed the whole time,knowing Ginni was unwell.
Sunday afternion came.and a woman called Stephanie came ro the door,Tracy had to go to the hospital.I was to go with her.
She pit me on a leash and les me to her car.
I was nervous,Stephanie spoke kindly,saying 'good girl 'and 'you are a cute puppy'she smirked a little as i wagged,we drove further away from civilisation,and then down a dirt road,and then down another smaller road again.
We stopped at a small house,nearby was a large shed.
Stephanie helped me out,I sniffes the air,somerhing smelt weong,I felt nervous.Steph patted me
"Its alrighr puppy,this is where Ginni comes once a month"
I cocked my head to rhe side,I hadnt heard about that!
Smiling she led me out to a smelly kennel,I stoooed as I saw them,I saw two rows,one side was big males,mutts,,,growling,staring,not the gorgeous Rex,junkyars guard dogs,and on the other side,four girls dressed like me,but they looked frightened.
I wagged as i was led in and went up to the fence,the girl next to me approached slowly,i sniffed and she turned backing up,,i sniffed her ass,it smelt like cum,and her pussy was freshly fucked,I lapped at it,as she lifted and lowered her self so my tongue was either in her gaped pussy or gaped ass,,she responded by pushing back against the wire as i sucked and licked.I was turned on,I had missed out on this due to stress of Ginni being unwell and as a horny little bitch I dived my tongue in deep.i tasted her cum,,it wasnt a squirt like Ginni,more like Tracy,a shudder,,a tense and another shudder,,i then lightly held her pussy lips with my teeth,,appying pressure to her peehole,she wimpered,,trying to pull away,I held firm,she arched back and I was rewarded with her golden chamoagne,,lapping as it sprayed off the wire,,lapping,,drinking,,after she turned around and licked my face,,,wimpering at me,smiling,I noticed the other girls had watched and were all wagging,obviously seeking attention.So had the males,they were all drooling,slobbering,I shuddered at their stares.
Rex had beautiful noble eyes,these had dark,vicious eyes,
Steph appeared smiling,grabbing my lead she led me to the big shed,the other girks had scuttked into their kennels and I felt their eyes watching me as I was led away.
In the shed I was placed in a small cage.
Behind me four cages,either side two rows of seats,I watched as the seats filled,Men and Women,watching,waiting.
They all clapped and cheered as four males were walked in and paraded,they were put in cages behind me.I turned and saw them panting,leering,
Steph came over and announved me and rhe thene was me trying to get to the safe zone.
I was released,waddling in a panic to the other side as I was cheered and jeered.
Tears streamed as I hears the gates open,ferocious snapping the males fighting as I was rounded up.
The first dog was on me,a big black brindle beast,he rammed in me,,I was face first in the dirt as he drove a big Doggy cock deep in my frightened pussy,I yelped as he rammed me.
Deeo thrusts rounding me out,his cock swelling longer,,i gasped at his speed,power,,I wimpered as my cunt was filled and I pushed back as his knot jammed in,panting as he fucked me,the people cheering
"Fuck that bitch "
Grunting as I was fucjed hard,droling doggy cum past his knot,cumming hard on his cock,,squealing as he turned,crying as he dragged me backwards,cumming again as he tried to pull out.
I was suddenley grabbed around the head by a big black shepard cross,as I tried to squeal it jammed its cock in my mouth,the crowd went wild as my eyes bulged,gagging for breath as the cock slid in my throat,,luckily I was able to stop my mouth being knotted but his cum sqyirted down my throat into my tummy,a thick squirly warm mixture squirting in like a shot from an icing gun,i gagged and spat our cum,as it ran all down my chin,with a big pop first dog pulled away and I was cheered as cum drooled out of my gaping hole,within moments big paws grabbed me and a Mastiff cross pushed his big,fat cock deep,big long slow humps that made me grunt "Wooooofff Woo ooo ooff" I let out,he fucked sliw due ti his size and I submitted straight away,moaning,crying with delight as his long cock filled me to my womb,gasping as I came hard,his knot so big I actually whined half howled as I came over and over,cum running out,when he turned to knot I was rolled onto my back,I was under him completely and I came again,moaning whistfully.
when he pulled out my pussy was a cum filled mess,I managed to turn and again another dog was on me,but Steph had remived the other three,she came in and guided this Doberman cross,,,into my ass.
Steph held me firm as his coxk rammed in,I squealed and cried,growled as I was held dien,his cock buried in my ass,deep,,and I wailed loudly above the crowd as his knot expanded,causing me to faint.
I awoke,it was dark,I was alone,my ass and pussy and mouth all sore,sticky and smelly.I tried to move but my leash was tied to a post.I wimpered,finally Steph came in,she was drunk,called me names,
"Fucking cum dump dog,"as she staggered about,she tripped over my leash and landed on her ass,if I could laugh I would have,she got up,dragged me outside.then grabbing a piece of garden hose whipped my ass for being a 'stupid fucking whore mutt'.
Shoving me in with the other girls.I thought I would be safe,they turned on me,all biting me,pulling my arms and legs in different directions,nipping my ass and swollen pussy,pissing on me,humping my face,after the first girl I licked through the cage came over,she had not attacked and she helped me into a corner,laying with me.I slept exhausted.
It was a week of that,daily fucks by four to five dogs,a beating,a group attack by the vitches,a bit of care by the youngest.I learned my place,I would lick the other girls in the morning,all four of them,which avoided the afternoon attack,and lick the youngest in the afternoon,she would lick me also,by day five I was nearly cumming as the dogs were released and I would roll onto my back for the Mastiff,his ling slow strokes would make me cum deliciously,,mmm.
When Karen picked me up I was so happy,I was taken back ti the beach house,Ginni was all better and Tracy was happy,I was greeted by bith veru happy and I felt Ginni was glad to see me to,Rex took me on the spot and I was in heaven as he did,rolling onto my back after so Ginni and Tracy could lick me clean,I felt a part of a magical circle.A member of a breeding bitch circle,and I love it.

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