Making and breaking of a cuckold - 2 The confrontation

Written by , on 2015-11-17, genre domination

"Your wife's told me about you Peter and what a wimp you are. You can't even satisfy her in bed so she's asked me to step in for you".

Max crashed his backhand across my face again. I went down on my knees. He grabbed me by the hair and spat in my face.

"That's what I think about males like you peepee. Gemma tells me your penis is really a peepee so that's your new name. From now on, you don't have sex with your wife; she's my property and her pussy is off bounds to you. Do you understand me or do you want me to beat you to a pulp?"

"Please don't hit me any more Max".

Max kicked me in the balls as I knelt before him. "Weaklings like you aren't permitted to address me by my name peepee. You will address me as Boss".

As if to emphasize his control, Max then stepped back and drove his right foot deep into my ball sac. I convulsed with the pain but he kept me upright by gripping my chin.

Max had disabled me. I was helpless kneeling at his feet before him, dizzy and wracked with pain in my balls. I was totally at his mercy and he could have killed me if he wanted to. I later found out he was an accomplished MMA fighter and instructor so I never stood a chance.

Max lifted my chin up and spat another big glob of spittle into my face. My defeat was total and I just wasn't in a position to do anything to resist so I looked at him and said, "Yes Boss".

Gemma clapped her hands and called out elatedly, "I knew you'd break the wimp easily Max. He's a pansy and a pathetic excuse for a man. The last thing the world needs is weaklings like him spreading their seed and creating new losers".

"Though, people like you and I will always need servants Gemma".

"True Max, but I'm not going to be the one producing them".

"OK peepee, you can kneel beside me now". I got there in a hurry; that large right hand of the Boss' had instilled fear into me.

"I like how eager you are, boy. I'm going to rest my beer can on the top of your head as you kneel, while my hands roam your wife's body".

I had never felt so stupid in my whole life, kneeling before the Boss desperately trying to balance his beer can on my head while he was making my wife groan during what was presumably foreplay. Yet I knew I had to obey him or he would make me suffer. He finished the can and tipped the dregs over my head to add to my humiliation.

The Boss studied me for a reaction but I just sucked it up. "Now peepee, I'm taking your wife up to your bedroom and I'm gonna fuck the eyeballs out of her. You will wait downstairs and not leave the house or use the phone. If you disobey me, I will flog you to within an inch of your life. And if you try anything stupid like calling the police, I guarantee your wife, my new whore, will support my version of events. Am I clear peepee?"

"Yes Boss". I was disconsolate. There was obviously nothing I could do now, I would have to wait for Max to leave to take control of my life again.

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