Making and breaking of a cuckold - 4 The restaurant scene

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I held the door for them to enter the car and they sat together in the back seat. They started fondling each other the moment I took off. Then Gemma threw something into the front seat. It was a hat.

"Put it on cucky. It's a chauffeur's hat. I bought it for you a few weeks ago". They both had a good laugh as I donned the cap. So, I thought to myself, this had been planned for a while.

We arrived at the restaurant and I parked right outside and opened the doors for them. The Boss spoke,

"Give me your car keys peepee. You can keep your phone so I can buzz you to come in and pay the bill when we're finished but you are forbidden to make calls or send texts. I'll check it when I return. What's your PIN?"

I was staggered but I gave him my PIN. I thought we would all be having dinner together and felt I was owed some sort of explanation from both of them for their behavior.

Gemma moved very close to me and beckoned me to lower my head to hers with her index finger. As she started to whisper in my ear I was intoxicated by her perfume, presence and beauty. How I longed to be her husband again.

She whispered, "I want you to stand at attention beside the car wearing your cap while we're inside cucky; you know, as a sign of respect for your superiors". She positively glowed with triumph as she turned away and they walked into the restaurant hand in hand.

Once again, I was flabbergasted by her audacity. I was her boss at work 6 months ago and now she was treating me like garbage. It was so unfair. Nevertheless, I stood there at attention for the next 1.5 hours while they dined.

My phone bleeped. It was an SMS from the Boss which read, "Rhonda at the till is ready for you to pay the bill cucky. Tip her $50".

My phone bleeped again. It was from Gemma and said, "As per Joe Cocker's song, you can leave your hat on". I could imagine them killing themselves laughing over that one.

I entered and approached a young woman standing at the till with the nametag Rhonda, still wearing my chauffeur cap as instructed. Before I could say anything she spoke,

"Cucky I presume? Hey, you've been in here before and that woman with the big blond guy is your wife. Hang on, he told me your name was cucky but that's not true is it, that's what he's turned you into, his cuckold. Well I never".

I just stood there lost for words. What could I say?

"That's why you've been standing at attention beside your car for the past few hours; he's making you do it to show you and everyone else he controls you. All the waitresses were wondering what you were doing. My oh my, this is hilarious".

I finally worked up the courage to say something. "Could you please give me the bill Rhonda?"

"You're a male who can't even hang onto his wife cucky; I don't think a coward like you should be ordering me about".

"Please Rhonda. He'll flog me if I don't get this done. He's told me to give you a $50 tip".

"Tell you what cucky, let's make that $100 and I'll share the extra 50 with the other waitresses. Then I'll let you crawl back and stand by the car like an idiot. Good deal? Oh, and by the way, what does he make you call him?"

"Boss, he makes me call him the Boss".

"Oh that's just too funny, but it's right. He's obviously your superior in every way and you should have to treat him like a God".

I paid cash to Rhonda, including her $100 tip, skulked back to the car and stood at attention.

Gemma and the Boss kept me waiting for another 15 minutes before they appeared at the door of the restaurant. They spoke to Rhonda on the way out with frequent looks in my direction. It was awfully embarrassing cause I knew my subjugation by them all would be the topic of conversation.

The Boss and Gemma approached the car and I went to open the door for them. As soon as he was close the Boss smashed me across the face again with the back of his huge right hand. I swooned and Gemma moved in and kneed me in the nuts. I went down on my knees.

"What did I tell you cucky? You stay on your knees in my presence. When we approach the car you kneel and bow your head. Am I clear?"

"Yes Boss".

"Kiss our shoes and apologize peepee".

I did of course and heard and, as I kissed Gemma's shoes, the Boss placed his large right foot on the top of my head and pressed down, keeping me there for several minutes. There was no need for it, he was doing it just to humiliate me even more in front of Rhonda.

"Now mine cucky, and you can lick the tops of my shoes". As I started, cheering and clapping broke out from all the waitresses, not just Rhonda, who had gathered to see what the Boss was going to do to me. It was a comprehensive victory for him and a dark moment for me. I knew I could never return to that restaurant.

The Boss and Gemma high-fived each other then he spoke, "Stand, turn to the girls at the restaurant and bow cucky".

I bowed to Rhonda and the other girls as instructed and the cheering broke out again. Rhonda called out, "Come back soon cucky, we've got heaps of dishes out the back for you to wash and we'd all like our shoes licked clean too".

Gemma then grabbed my earlobe and pulled my face down to hers. "Good boy faggot. Now you can drive us home".

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