SADISTIC wife mommy

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SADISTIC wife mommy

She turned on me once I had ED and was too small and limp to fuck. At least she knew I needed daily cock pain and abuse. She enjoyed using me that way. “Mommy” kept me naked home but I wore a long coat if we went out and adult underpants as I was allowed to piss freely in them. Once in the gay theater the coat came off easy. I sucked countless cocks and wore cum to dry on. She wanted to go. She had a good eye. On the country road home she spotted thorans. Pulling over she cut a bunch. A gloved hand stuffed my pantys back and front. Droplets of blood began to form. I enjoyed the piss and blood. Mommy told me to sleep with the soaked plastic on my head.

Morning found my sore cock in her hot hot coffee cup. Hard to take at first. I drank my piss like all mornings. I looked forward to it. Some of the flesh had peeled. Mommy decided this would be an ongoing thing. Any flesh attached would be removed after a week of scalding. Sounded good to me. A new bag of 100 straight pins with round colored heads was placed on the table. I was instructed to hang all of my meat to dangle over the chair edge. She sat on the floor between my legs. That's better she said. Pins first went all about my sack. Next pins down the underside of my cock. Now place your legs back over your head. The rest will be planted in your ass hole rim. I enjoyed it. She spanked the spot hard for a bit. They would remain till morning. He took the cock/sack ones out under order.

In the evening she told him she was to Bar-B-Q his cock on the back porch. Cigars and cigarettes were placed with matches. First she lit my pubic bush. It flashed quickly. A final spot was turned to ash. Black stubble remained. She held open the piss hole as she lit a cigarette and cooked the opening. I nearly passed out. Cigars Next to form shaft and sack craters all over. I needed this and she knew it, Then Mommy peed all over it. The cock Bar-B-Q was the best yet that I would beg for. A few ball punches and time for bed,
The next day brought a party of her sick friends starting at noon. Bi men and women were Invited to use me as they wished. A woman shit in my mouth right off. Next a big black stud ripped up my ass with his giant pole. I ate cunts and cocks wearing all cum. Now and then some piss drinking. One lady jerked me off over her tits. Other gals asked to be pissed
on. A guy with a riding crop worked my cock some. The fine black guy cunt fucked mommy at her request. It was great to watch. I rubbed her clit and grabbed her nipples as they fucked. He rode her hard. He also was to have her ass hole. He fucked her ass hard and deep. I don’t know how she took it. He pounded her butt forever. The party went on through the night.

The next night, Mommy wanted more black cock. Besides she insisted I watch how real men fucked. She wore a long see through blouse only. The place was comfortably full. I got us drinks, she leaned under the pool table light. What a show as a group of young blacks formed. The gang bang started.

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