Mommy X Pt 4

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Mommy X Pt 4

Mommy came into my room to watch me finish up my bloody sandpaper jerk off. She sucked it to get the fresh blood. She loved it. She was so happy she told her “pain boy” a secret. She was going to put on her slut clothes and go to the Adult bookstore to play. She mentioned a special treat for me. She returned home later with a man. A special friend who knew all about me. She got him out of his clothes then he sucked my cock and fucked my ass. That was great. The other boys took turns sucking Moms’ friend. He also pissed in all of our mouths. He fucked Mommy as we watched with glee.
Come morning, Mom’s friend was still there. He enjoyed our tradition of stuffing cunt. Today was hot scrambled eggs. He had to leave but first, he had all the guys fist his ass. What a blast. Last, he came in my mouth and Mommy had my three brothers wack off in my mouth for four loads. I was allowed to swallow. What a rush! As my reward, Mom sanded my entire asshole. She would do it on a regular basis.

Mom was so turned on she had our 18 YO fuck her as we worked her tits and clit over. My youngest brother got the cream pie. Mom soon needed to refill a pee pitcher. We emptied-drank it during the day. Mom brought a giant fat dildo home. It had straps to force it in place. We got over ¾ up her. She wore it all afternoon. What a sight. Mommy took the toilet brush all the way next. Very rough inside as she went in and out with the handle. We added some cereal into her cunt for extra discomfort. The brush wore it to a powder. Mom told me she wanted to do something very special to my cock. I agreed right away.

She took me to the bathroom and sat me down. She said she was to pierce my cock below the head on the underside. She informed me it would HURT.
I still wanted it even more now. She did it fast but the pain was special and I told Mommy. She installed a very large heavy ring. It was perfect and I would feel it always. Mommy said she was proud of her “pain boy”.
She told me we could attach heavyweights to it, heat it, fuck Mommy. After it heals, we will fuck. Mommy wants to feel it, Remember that. The brothers were not ready to be pierced but played with mine all the time. After it healed, Mom sucked my ring and all. She wanted her boys to watch us fuck, It was glorious. We screwed for two hours as the boys were all over Mom. She was so happy she attached a 5-pound weight to the ring to stretch my cock. She said we would add more weight later. The pulling felt great. She mentioned straight pins down the underside for soon. A week later she installed the pins. They were temporary for fun. Mommy said she would plant pins in my tits later. Sounded good to me. I needed to piss. Who would get it, Mom or the boys? I gave it to Mommy as she had been so good to me. Mom wanted a smores campfire. So we got things ready. The first six went up mommy’s cunt. Ours were good.

The doorbell rang. It was Moms friend dropping off more piercing supplies. Weights, needles, equipment, and such. But he had to go. Mommy was happy. She was going to pierce me all over. Great!

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