Flashy pain

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Flashy pain

I plan to cut off my areolas. A small circular area, in particular the ring of pigmented skin surrounding a nipple. I’ve thought about it for a long time. I enjoy pain and need it. I’m 21 and live with my Dad, Soon we decided not to ever wear clothes unless necessary. He offered to help with my body modification. I had a super hot body with very large tits, a nice ass, and a hungry cunt. Dad said I could always fuck guys home and party. He had a tasty cock that was big and fat. I fucked him often. We pissed on each other and drank each other’s urine daily. Great arrangement!

I had to dress to go to the store. I only wore see-through sleeveless button-down blouses and killer shorts. I always pulled my shorts down to give a show to truckers. I spent a lot of time naked in truck cabs at truck stops a “lot lizard”. Brought a few drivers home too. I’m a proud kinky slut. I had a few gang bangs at those truck stops. Home again Dad agreed to hold tomorrow open to help cut up my tits. I left the nipples in place. Dad sharpened a mean jackknife blade. He went slow so the scar would stay nice and round.
He removed the top layer of round flesh perfectly. He repeated on the other tit. I was so happy. It took a long time to heal but I scraped it to add marks. The truckers took double-takes. I enjoyed Dad planting straight pins in my full tilt and cunt. I took a load from him and left it in my mouth. After a bit, he flushed my mouth with warm piss. Um!

My tits had scared over solid. Time for a few dozen straight pins to stick in the cut area and nipples. Dad came in. I told him they felt great all stabbed up. He put a few in my cunt lips as I sucked him dry. I decided to get some cocks at the XXX bookstore/theater. I knew the owners cock well so I could do anything there. I striped at once. A few guys moved in. Some asked about my mod. I got a booth to suck in. After six, I went to the theater to spread out. I got fucked good plus ass fucked. I had a few guys piss on me and cum all over. On the way out I sat in the men’s room urinal. I was soon soaked and drank a bunch also. I pulled down my shorts in the car. It was dark now. I wanted the truck stop action. I was dried off by the time I jumped out of the car to walk between the big rigs and shower stalls. I got a guy who invited me to his sleeper cab. We fucked no charge ever. I took a shower with one guy and sucked him good. I headed home. Dad was there naked. We hooked up once I got naked. He ass fucked me good for a long time. Next my cunt and slapped my tits till they bled. That was super. I needed my pain and he delivered. We watched some porn and Gail asked
If she could join us and get fucked. I said sure come over and get naked. Dad liked her body and fucked her silly. The porn was real kinky. I loved it. Gail ate me out on the couch as Dad watched. It was a great night. We all agreed.

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