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Mommy X

We four boys were lucky to have a sex-crazed kinky Mom like her. We were 11,13,15, and 18. Some of us weren’t old enough to understand how good we had it. Mommy stopped wearing clothes when home. We also remained naked at all times. She had a great body and shared it with all of us. We never had a Dad. I suspect he couldn’t match her taste for perversion and lust. All the boys played with each other. Jerked off, sucked and fucked one another, and came in mom’s mouth any time we could. There was always plenty of porn and videos laying around. Dildos, toys, and such as well. They all got plenty of use.

Breakfast call included link sausages that we all stuck inside mom’s cunt. We would extract them for lunch. She liked the full twat feeling as she went about her business. She dipped her tits in hot syrup and we licked it off. She also drank our piss. I always looked forward to that. The boys did the same. Toilets were for shit. We all ate some and cleaned the bowl after. Lunch was fun removing its contents and eating it all. Our small hands fit inside with plastic spoons.

Mom placed two clear plastic pitchers in the shower. Her signal her period was to begin. Once full of blood and piss she had us gather and pour it over our heads and her tits and cunt. We all smeared together then showered. At night Mom wanted straight pins with round plastic heads planted in her big nipples and ass hole rim mussel. She moaned as over 100 were installed to be left till morning. She enjoyed the pain. She sucked us all off as a reward. Our 18 YO fucked her over an hour.

Breakfast began with a 2-quart enema. A nozzle up her ass between the pins. The container of milk was tied in a bow around her neck. The pitchers were on the table. Soon Mom filled them with an enema. It was poured on the oatmeal. A couple of us had extra. What a treat! Soon the pins would be pulled out. Mommy stated she wanted something else in her flesh. She wanted us to toss darts into her giant tits with long nipples. To stab her flesh deep. I jabbed the first one deep in her nipple with my fist. She moaned and told the boys to stab Mommie’s tits. Soon she was a bloody mess. More, more she said as her loving sons kept ripping her massive tits up. We left a dozen darts flush to her skin as deep as they would go. Mom dabbed the blood and shook her tits like a wet dog.
She looked great and wore them all day. Later she gathered us for a cum facial left on her face to dry.
We jerked off several times a day The next idea Mommy had was great fun. One I enjoy frequently. Wrap your cock or brothers in super rough sandpaper.Jerk it to make it bleed. The winner had the most blood dripping at climax. I liked to keep my cock raw never letting the top layer of skin grow back. Mom had clamped six nasty looking construction clamps to her entire cunt lips and shook them around for us. They bit into her meat. Come night time she did a demo on the oldest. Mom nailed tacks around the form of his ball sack into a board. Then he walked with the board attached. Two of us had to pee. Mommy opened her mouth and took it all. Another great time!

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