Abuse my privates


Abuse my privates

At 21 I had some big nipples and tits. My pass time was torturing my cunt and tits. I enjoyed and needed the pain I delivered. I used a jackknife on things a lot. Today I used the corkscrew attachment into a nipple fully then left it in to hang down. I wrote ads in porn materials looking for a helper. I had my own apartment. I took the knife out so I could slash my cunt lips up. I had them bleeding soon. I love blood mixed with piss to drink. When the blood stopped I went to the local XXX bookstore/theater. I was well known there. Lots of cocks. Cum baths and gangbangs. Even a few golden showers. I’m pure slut and I am addicted to freaky kink. Many men had fucked me home. I got an email response to an ad. He sounded truly sick. I supplied a photo, phone, and address. He called and I was naked in front of him the next day. He was all over me. I asked him to stab my tits a few times. He was hard in a flash so I sucked him first. A fat big mushroom head cock.

He knifed my tits several times. We enjoyed it blood and all. I also asked for his piss down my throat. It was great. I told him I wanted my tits sliced for chest bone-deep cuts on each. Starting from the top to hang and fold over. I called him Dick. He agreed to slice me good. The next day Dick was back with some tools. We needed plenty of rags for the blood. The cuts were to be an inch apart so we could pierce all of it. I was stone drunk to help accept the pain. Dick cut the first then second tit deep. It was great to see the cuts flop down. He also removed my cunt lips knowing he would pierce deeper.

He let me sandpaper his cock. I got some decent blood flow going. It was fun removing a layer of flesh. Later Dick pierced the top of a slashed tit. Six with a large gauge needle and placed bar studs in to keep the sound down.

Dick finished The piercings on the first tit in the morning. They came out great. No one had a tit like mine. He butchered the second tit. He would pierce it after lunch. After it heals I’ll display it at the bookstore for my buddies. Dick ate my cunt and I pissed in his mouth which he enjoyed. I took his piss as well and wore a lot. Dick surprised me clamping the uncut tit bottoms. They were heavy. Dick brought some sounds so I could fill his cock hole. So I did it. I selected a fatter one so it would hurt more. I went into the bladder. Piss flowed. I jamed some Twinkies up my cunt and had Dick fuck me with them in. Messy so we showered when he got off. I asked him to stick straight pins in my ass rim. He had fun doing 30 or so.

After three weeks I wanted to go th the bookstore with Dick. We both wanted some cocks to suck from the gloryholes. I removed my blouse for the show. All the guys loved the new me. We sucked cocks after. I was covered in cum and we both swallowed a lot. Back home Dick said he would bring his staple gun. That sounded good. I was lucky to have found Dick. There was always more to do,

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