Allow me to hurt

Written by , on 2020-08-08, genre S&M

Allow me to hurt

She answered my ad for a gal who needed pain. Average looking but pointed nipples pushed at the see-through blouse. She had very large tits.We finished our coffee and walked to her place. She acted as if she was in a daze, All the better. I told her to get naked which she did at once. Her great body would be a pleasure to torture. I had her sit with her legs open fine cunt. I removed the dildo she wore going out. I slapped her clit three times. She moaned. Good sign. I think she was high which was no problem.

I had her suck me before I worked Her hot tits over. I have ED so I can’t fuck. I can still jerk off anyway. I came down her throat, she thanked me. I slapped her tits, punched them, and pulled on her nipples as hard as I could. I stuck a dildo deep into her ass hole. Next I sucked on and bit her boobs. She liked it. I decided to remove flesh off her tits with sandpaper. I wanted them raw! She took it well. Several blood droplets formed. I went back over those spots with the sandpaper again. Her bloody raw tits looked great.

I poured the old type of mouthwash that burned into her cunt, She began to cry but said nothing. I let it drain out. Next I got a wooden dowel to beat her tits and cunt. Fifteen whacks to mark each tit. Five swats for her hairy cunt. I decided to burn off her bush. It flashed fast. I put it out quickly. Black ash remained. I rubbed the area with the mouthwash as she tried to move. Straight pins we installed into her nipples and clit hood. I nailed her tits to a board. She took it well. I pulled the ass dildo out of her ass. I lined the rim with pins. She could remove them later. She enjoyed how they felt when she walked to strut. She was a good pig. I informed her she was to impale her tits with knitting needles. She thanked me for the opportunity. She pushed the first foot long needle out the other side slowly. The second one went more quickly. While hard to do I am sure she liked doing it stating that would not be the last time.

I emptied a box of dried on soap steel wool squares filling her cunt. Told her to exercise grinding her cunt. Blood began to flow. I removed all pads except one. I rubbed her cunt hole with the pad for more blood, a welcome sight for both of us. She smeared it all over her tits, I had to piss and her mouth was my target. She jolted a bit and took it all. As a reward, I told her it was Ok to remove the knitting needles. She wanted to wear them home to play with. What a slut! She did take out the ass rim pins. She asked to keep them. She was marked up good. She asked me to take photos which I did from all positions. She asked to suck me again. I drained deep in her hungry mouth.

I had her piss on me and enjoyed it. She drank more of mine. We made plans to meet again. I told her I was a switch and she could work me over. She lit up and said that would be ideal. She took my cock and squeezed it hard, This was going to be a good situation.

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