Make it hurt

Written by , on 2020-08-04, genre S&M

Make it hurt

My cock wanted and needed abuse and pain. It was small and limp due to ED. But it was greedy for torture. About once per month I can get my wife to beat it with a rod. But she’s not really into it. So I run ads but all want money and I won't pay. I’d like to hook up with a couple. I’m bi and like each. A sadistic couple would be perfect. I love cocks and tits. To suck a cock and work on tits and get abused is the mission.

I spoke to a married guy at the adult bookstore. Bingo! He was looking for a kinky threesome. Back at his place his wife was naked and a doll. Great boobs. She said hi and punched my cock. An ideal greeting. He told me to get naked then sucked my cock dry. I grabbed her tits to have more fun. She asked if she tortured my cock, would I fist her cunt. Deal. I sat between them on the couch. I sucked him off and went for her fine tits.

She opened a box that contained cigars and cigarettes. She lit the cigar herself. He stretched my pole and held it tight. She began sliding the hot red ash up and down. Next she held it in various spots. Black craters formed on my meat. I wanted scars. The cigarettes were somewhat less intense. Some of the marks bubbled up. Excellent work. A box of sounds was next. He forced the second size into my bladder. Piss began to drip so he backed it out until it stopped. The wife licked up the puddle.

Then she wanted to be fisted. I had never done that but she encouraged me. He smeared lotion on and in her cunt. I was looking forward to doing it. It was not new to her. I forced my hand into her and kept pushing. What a feeling and she was happy. After about one half hour she was ready to move back to my cock. She used a razor blade around four of the cigar burns. She cut small cuts to circle them. It turned bloody but we were all turned on. She also gashed my nipples with the razor. The husband had to piss. I offered my mouth. He flooded me so I was pleased. He wanted a fat dildo up his ass. So I compiled. He took about half which was a lot. My cock really hurt but I wanted more of this torture. Next she wrapped a chain around her hand and began punching my balls. Intense, but good. Next my ass hole took 50 straight pins all into the rim. I enjoyed that. She made me pull them out.

Her next creative venture was to combine acetone and Indian ink. The strong solution was to be brushed into the dried black cock burns. The mixture burned some. The idea was for a perminate eye catching hole.
I was displayed and proud of what had been done, She scraped tooth picks in for depth of marking. Once dried she used high grit sandpaper on all of it. More blood for our entertainment. We all had blood on our hands which was super. The upper layer of total cock flesh had been removed. What a turn on.

He suggested returning to the bookstore. All three of us took a window glory hole. The couple fucked as I sucked cocks. I kept ny cock out so all could see. No one had ever seen a cock like that. A crowd gathered to look.

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