Boss's Dog

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I hadn't realised that my boss owned a dog... not until she brought it to work after it's yearly check at the vet. She'd left it out in her SUV (windows down) until work was over for the day.

I saw the dog on the way back in from lunch and, being interested in big dogs, I wandered over, as casually as I could, to take a closer look.
Oh! He was a big boy! A Saint Bernard that filled up the back of the vehicle, making it move on the springs, as he moved to look at me, when I got too close to his owner's property.
I felt it start as soon as I got a good look at him. I wanted to be that SUV. Filled, rocked gently... and moved around by that big dog, have him inside of me. Gripping me, shagging me... he'd be so big and heavy, I imagined everything that might be possible with a dog like this... coveting something that my boss had, that I never would.
I sighed regretfully, then went back inside, to work. What a waste of a good looking dog!

Months passed... one day our boss asked if anyone would do her a favour and look after her house, just for a week, while she was away! I put my hand up as fast as I could... and since I was the only volunteer, she'd asked me to do it for her.
I was more than happy to look after her house for her, but not for free... I planned to use her dog, as payment.

She'd said goodbye to the dog, then to me and then drove off... I called the dog inside and closed the door so he couldn't get away from me. It was just him and me now... standing in the Hallway... and I was so ready for him. I stop pretending that I'm not interested in him, drop the uncaring act that has fooled my boss into giving me this opportunity... he's going to be mine.
I kick my shoes off and take off my panties... drop them by the front door. I wouldn't be needing them for a while. So wet. So horny. I'd been thinking about being alone with him for months...I wasn't going to waste time now.

If the dog noticed, he chose not to react. I doubted my boss has ever shown him anything like this before... I pictured her underneath him, eyes wide, loving it... no... not her... but I will show him.
I take his head in his hands and hold it steady, sliding myself up against his face, feeling his whiskers, the short soft fur, his nose... I nudge him against me, my fur mingling with his, my softness meeting his nose... he sniffs at it, I feel his inhalation as he takes my scent in, I feel him exhale, I feel the warmth from inside his body. I arch my body to get more, rub him up and down on me, rub myself on him, use him to stimulate my thoughts and move my skin... wanting him more and more.
Nothing can stop it from happening... soon... soon... soon... I want him to penetrate me, I want to feel the moment that he first touches me with it... that's always what I remember, when I'm penetrated by a new dog, for the first time. The anticipation, then that moment... and then the rest of it.
I'm thrusting myself at is face now, thinking about how good he's going to be, my crotch making contact with the gentlest of impacts, enough for me to use it to arouse myself... but it's still enough to make the dog pull back, unsure what I'm doing.

That's OK... I've got a week to seduce him. I doubt that it will take me that long! He is a dog after all... how long do you think it will take for him to accept what I'm going to offer? How long could he resist having a willing piece of arse, like mine?... not long.
Happy with how things are going and being urged on by what I'm feeling, I turn around, bend over and push my butt out and back at him... I feel his nose again... this time it's him that initiates contact, he's interested in me, I just know it. I feel his tongue, slowly touching me, slowly tasting me... slow and tentative for the first couple of licks, then more firmly once he gets a taste of me and likes it... his licking is stroking me rapidly now, intensifying what I'm feeling for him, pure carnal lust rising up inside me. I'm not going to wait for later. I'm going to do him here, in the Hallway, only a minute after his owner has left him in my care.
I turn towards him, he follows my arse around, still interested in licking me, but not likely to do more without a little bit more encouragement.

How does this feel, dog? I drop to my knee's and wrap my fingers around his sheathe with enough pressure to feel his meat, it's furry length is longer than my handspan and I feel the heat of him as I start to tug on it. Instantly, the dog stiffens in my hand and tries to mount me, but he's coming at me from the front, throwing his legs around my shoulders, latching onto me. I duck my head under the avalanche of white fur, taking his weigh on top of my shoulders as he aims his lower body up towards my face.
His cock is protruding out from where I'm gripping him. He pounds it up at my face, I let it come closer, aiming it, moving to suck it into my mouth. I taste the dog's sweet jizz as he ejaculates massive squirts into my mouth... yum... yum!... swallowing hard and fast to keep up with the flow from him to me. It extends further and further inside, it feels like he's fucking my throat. His belly and sheathe are slapping against my face, the bristles on the end of it are rubbing my lips, and his knot emerges from the sheathe, quickly slammed past my teeth, swelling as it goes... my mouth is being forced wider and wider as the dog is pulls me backwards. His claws are hooked into my woollen jersey... it's being dragged up to my shoulders, where it rugs up and catches on my arms, giving the claws something to hold on to. I'm losing control of the situation... the dog is fucking me, in a frenzy now. I want more than him fucking my face, I want him to do me properly... so I turn again, getting his cock fall out of my mouth, wet with my spit and his jizz... turning, turning feeling him fucking my neck, turning, my rib's, turning, my side, turning, my butt... against my butthole... hot cock burning with his heat... now his clawed feet yanks my jersey back down to my waist, it tightens on my shoulders, pulling me back, pulling my willing arse onto the tip of the cock waiting to invade me.

Oh!... it burns, it burns!
I gasp as he makes my arsehole gape wide to accommodate him, there's no subtlety, no niceties... one inch, then all of it.... the sound of his meat entering mine is a slap, slap, slapping sound accompanied my a deep felt pain that penetrates even deeper than the cock does... this the part where I whine like a bitch, groan, beg him to stop, try to crawl away the pain... with a smaller dog, I might have had a chance... get off the end of it, take a break, try again later.
But not with this dog, he's too big, too powerful.
He just drags me back against him, making my squirming arse meet his thrusts square on... and each thrust is deeper. Even starting off, his cock is thicker than any other dog cock that I've ever had before... my eyes are popping out of my head, I'm making little screams of pain as each thrust bites in deeper... hell, I'm even screaming in anticipation of each short, sharp, pointed thrust. My arse might and my face does, have tears in them.

He's so big and heavy, so forceful in pulling me back, fucking me forwards that my arms buckle at the elbows and I my face and chest wind up pressed against the ground. He fucks me into the tiled floor, bulldozed forward under the weight of his body. The dog doesn't care, he ignores my reaction to the pain, he just fucks it further up inside me, as his weight bears down on me. I feel myself stretching... sideways, lengthways, in every direction, all at once... I'm begging for him to go slow, be gentle, like I always do, but he's worse than any other dog that I've ever known... crushing the outside of me, hammering it inside. He's only paying attention to what he wants... and he wants to fuck me, deeper, deeper deeper... I'm arching my back, trying to guide his cock to somewhere that doesn't hurt... there's like a blockage inside me that he's trying to get past but his knot is coming up against the outside and I groan as the entrance to my arse is pushed inwards and the tip goes deeper. I lean away from the invasive sensation, but the dog is having none of that. My jersey stretches backwards, my arsehole stretches inwards, outwards and his knot slowly passes through the doorway of my tortured anus. Now when he thrusts it doesn't go any deeper, the knot is swelling up inside of me, his cock is swelling too... after 20 or so mores thrusts, he's lubricated the inside of me or maybe I have... enough that the burning sensation fades... just like it usually does... it's just that this dog is so much bigger than any other dog that I've allowed to take me. I wipe the tears away from my eyes and settle down to enjoy the next part... the good part, the best part.

He's so fucking big! The biggest that I've ever had... and I was FULL of him.

The dog is panting heavily, pumping nineteen to the dozen, working that cock of his around my arse, at about the same rate. It feels huge already, even though I can feel it getting bigger still. I feel his come starting to trickle out of me, I'm full of him, there's nowhere inside of me left for it to go... if he'd been in my pussy, I've been well and truly impregnated by now. I imagine how he would feel there, lower myself onto my fingers and work both my fingers and the dog's meat around to please myself.

That's what I'm here for! Big dog!. Big cock! Good sex!
I change the angles that his erection is presenting itself at... do some of my own pumping, loving the push and pull inside my knotted arse... creating the right sort of movement with the dick inside me, getting the dog to do it how I wanted it. Good dog!, good dog!, good dog! Working at getting hot and sweaty, smelling the dog, rubbing his scent onto my skin, feeling him all over me, inside of me, fucking him faster and faster, moving my fingers faster and faster, outside, inside... until I can't contain what I'm feeling anymore and my orgasm explodes through me.
Now I'm the one being forceful, now I don't care what the dog wants, fuck him! This is about me now. I'm the one fucking the dog, making him do what I want him to do. I'm in charge and I'm going to take all that I can from him.
I want you to fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me hard, you beautiful bastard!
Again and again and again.

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