Sophie's Dog (#1)

Written by , on 2024-02-18, genre zoophilia

Crisp uniform, protective vest and a control stick.
From the park, to the pound and into the cage.
Quick, efficient, professional, authoritative.
I'm alone here, with you, now.

You push yourself up against the cage to get close enough to scan my microchip, "Hello, Sam" you say, smiling at me, through the bars of the cage. I ignore you.
You know who my owner is, now, and you call her.
You call Sophie, even though it's the middle of the night. You tell her that I'm here, at the Pound.
I hate you.
I'm stuck here, waiting for Sophie to come and get me out.
I'd better be extra good, when I get home.

Thinking about what is to come, I collapse onto the bottom of the cage and start moping, dejectedly trying to think of a way to redeem the irredeemable. Nothing comes to mind... I sigh... I'm screwed.
It's dark, it's late... the sun will be rising before Sophie turns up... and it's not going to be the happy reunion.
You come over and look at me... I don't know why you are bothering, I'm caged, it's not like I'm going anywhere.
I sigh again and turn my head away from you... leave me alone!.
I hear you sigh too... and a soft tapping sound that makes me look back towards you. You're bouncing your finger off the bars of the cage, edging it into the cage, trying to provoke a reaction.
I don't bite humans, it's not the way Sophie brought me up... and it's not in my nature either. I'm not going to start now, no matter what you do to provoke me. Sophie wouldn't approve and I'm in enough trouble, with her, already.
Go bite yourself! I growl softly.
You pull your finger back out of the cage, and look at me for a few seconds, before going back to your Office and do whatever it is you do in there.
I ignore you, I try to sleep.

The tapping on the bar is louder this time, you're back, more insistent this time... talking to me. "Wakey, wakey, Sam!" you open the cage door and slip inside, closing it behind you. "Here, Sam!" you hold out your fingers to me and try to wheedle me to come closer... but I back away, instead... something about your manner is strange. Why are you trying to cajole me, into doing something for you?
I want to be as far away from you as I can get.
It doesn't work... you open the cage and follow me, even as I back away from you. You push your damp hand against my nose, rubbing a slick moisture over it... it smells strongly of you and of something else, I try to paw it off, then I try to lick it off, but it's still there and on my tongue now, too. Both the smell and taste of you registers simultaneously. I shake my head, trying to get the rid of the taste of it, I work my jaw and tongue to get more saliva flowing, but then you jam your fingers into my mouth, holding my bottom jaw to stop me from doing it forcing me to swallow.
Even now, I don't want to bite you, so I back away, back away. You keep on praising me, saying I'm a good dog, good dog... I twist my head, pull away... this time you let me go, kneeling back, watching what I'm doing.
I need a drink, to wash out my mouth. I move to the water bowl and start to lap it... you reach out and take hold of my sheathe.

Your grip is firm, I feel it through the skin, your fingers fitting snuggly around me... you start compressing it... I feel your grip getting tighter, tighter and you start pumping my skin, up and down, along my shaft, at the same time.
I tense up... I've never been touched like this before... the sensation is unique, wonderful... it blows my mind.... I lose control... everything starts to stiffen up... legs, body... everything.... you're watching me closely, peering under my belly at what you are doing to me. Your breathe is warm on my belly and your hand is warm on my skin, as you watch my reaction to your stimulus.
My cock swells up in a way that I've never experienced before... I turn my head to watch what you are doing, amazed to see the tip of it slip out of my sheathe. You take it between your lips and I suck in my breathe as you suck it into your mouth. You roll your tongue roughly around me and I pump myself deeper into you, the sensation of being in a hot, wet, compressive space, of cock slipping in, deeper and with your tongue wrapped around me... I don't want it to stop! I grip your head with my front paw's, the better to get myself further inside you... your mouth and throat are convulsing around me... and you're making a combination of little moans and choking noises. I turn my head around and lick your face, not wanting you to ever stop making me feel good. Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop.

My cock and in my nut's are pulsing.
I feel the tension increase, I'm getting bigger, longer, thicker, I'm trying to fit more of myself between your lips, your mouth needs to be wider... wider... open your mouth for me! I try to force myself into you, but your mouth isn't big enough to cope with the bulbous mass, at the base of my cock. I'm trying to make it fit and you're trying to take it too... you're gagging on it... you can't get your teeth out of the way... you gag on it, you choke, you bite me and I haul it out of you, I slid everything out your mouth... it takes a second or two. I look in amazement at what you have done to me!

It has changed!, I'm changed... I'm huge... it's a distended, swollen, monstrosity, hanging half way to the floor... it's a deep red colour, with thick, dark, veins woven up it in an intricate pattern, it's engorged with blood, the sharp, tapered tip is throbbing, flexing, squirting liquid out. It patters over the floor, it splatters on your face, until you capture me between your lips again... you suck and swallow, suck and swallow, taking all of the liquid that you can.

You make a pleased sound, let me slip out of your mouth and tell me I'm a good dog. I feel like my soul has been sucked out of my cock... I'm feel like I'm exhausted... I just stand there, feeling the slow pulse in my cock slowly diminish... with it's fading my cock shrinks back inside the sheathe. I lick it clean.
I press you with my muzzle, give your face a couple of licks too.
Thank you, woman.
Thank you for this thing that you have done.
Thank you.

A honk of a horn, the roller door starts to rise, you exit the cage and go to welcome the new dog.
He's bigger than I am.
I watch you with him.
I watch and learn.

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