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Breeding Suzie
genre: straight
I'm 34 and now married to my neighbor's daughter Suzie 22, I moved into my house in November of 2019. I soon got to know my closest neighbor's Rebecca and her daughter Suzie, Rebecca never married and was more interested in her career and had gotten pregnant at 25 and decided she wanted a career more than marriage and never told the father of...
wrote on 2023-11-01 | by Arthur the Breeder
Breeding my Neighbors
genre: straight
I'm 34 still single and nothing special in looks or build and have a fairly good career that lets me work from home. Which is just outside of a small town on 4 acres, my closest neighbors are 2 sisters 38 and 34 and like me nothing special in looks but have great bodies. They are into home remedies and grow herbs and other medicinal plants which...
wrote on 2023-09-19 | by Changed for the better
Breeding my old Teacher
genre: straight
Me and school weren't a good combination, I hate being there and saw it as a waste of my time. I left as soon as I could and trained as a mechanic. My last year in school I had a newly minted teacher I'll call Lauren fresh out of college and she tried to help me. But I was too hardheaded to accept. Fast forward a few years I was now (8) a fully...
wrote on 2023-08-08 | by Stupid Student/Mechanic
Breeding my then aunt
genre: straight
My aunt by marriage was in a tight spot, my uncle wanted a child, and she hadn't got pregnant yet. My uncle my late mother's older brother was wealthy and impatient he was 64 and wanted a child as soon as possible and had married a woman 30 to a child prenup in place. I was his only other heir, and I would get a fair share regardless of his...
wrote on 2023-08-07 | by Horny Nephew/Husband
Breeding the sisters
genre: straight
Back in 2019 I had an accident and was laid up for about a year, my own fault while riding my dirt bike on a hill track. Slipped off the track and broke both my legs and right arm and injured my lower back several cracked vertebrae. After being in hospital for several weeks I was able to go home, and I use to live alone. Quite well off and no...
wrote on 2023-07-12 | by Horny, Horny Man
Hired a Family for breeding
genre: straight
I decided I wanted to have children before I was too old. I was already 37 and wanted to be able play with children as well. I wasn't in any relationship and none in my foreseeable future. I read about surrogates and thought that might the way forward, but then heard some bad stories and dropped that idea. While watching a story about homeless...
wrote on 2023-07-03 | by Horny Breeder
Breeding the family
genre: straight
I decided before finishing university to build my career than find a wife and have children. I expected I would progress quickly in my career and would be married and starting a family by the time I was 33. But it was wishful thinking as my career was going very well, but not as quickly as I had thought it would. I finally got to the level I had...
wrote on 2023-06-17 | by Planned Life
Breeding my Aunt
genre: incest
I'm a wild child according to my grandparents, always up to something or another. Nothing illegal, I didn't go on with education passed high school and worked here and there. My father's younger sister is a lawyer and overweight and was career driven and when she turned 34, she suddenly decided to have a child. But having not been active on the...
wrote on 2023-04-03 | by Breeder Nephew
Breeding using my brother
genre: straight
I'm a lesbian and I've a partner who really wanted to have a child. But we were shortly to marry, and she wanted any child we had to be both mine and hers. Which was hard as I don't have a penis, but I do have a younger brother who is really timid around women. Even me, but that has more to do with me teasing him growing up. He was in his last...
wrote on 2023-03-09 | by Lesbian Sister
Breeding the Staff
genre: straight
I'm very well off and self-made, worked very hard built up my business and now set for life. But work hard building up mu business I neglected my love life, meaning I didn't have one. Anyway, I have a large house and employ 4 women, who don't have the right papers to be in the country. Not a worry to me as I pay low wages and they can't complain...
wrote on 2023-03-07 | by Family Maker
Breeding Bitch
genre: zoophilia
I was going to do it. My desire was winning over my fears. My dog breeder and I had discussed it and she had convinced me to try it. I could make a lot of money. I was going to be one of her breeding bitches. Her male dogs would breed me and I would have their puppies. They would be sol and I would make $1000 - $2000 per puppy. I already...
wrote on 2023-01-27 | by JayneM
Breeding my sister in law
genre: straight
I'm Bruce 34 and married to Lacey 32 and have 3 children, we live next to my older brother John 38 and his wife Jean 37 no children. John works on a oil rig and is gone for weeks at a time. Lacey told Jean was depressed as they had been trying hard to have a child and hadn't succeeded. Jean had got tested and no problems with her were found, but...
wrote on 2021-10-18 | by Bruce O
Breeding my Neighbor
genre: straight
I'm David 46 and work from home mostly, I'm not a people person prefer to keep to myself mostly. In November 2019, the only house close to me sold, It had been vacant for years and I had even thought about buying it myself. But hadn't got around to it and then suddenly there was a sold sign on it. Oh well I thought I would've to get use to...
wrote on 2021-10-14 | by David F
Secretly Breeding mom
genre: incest
The phone rang in my apartment, I casually walked to it and answered, “Hello” I said, “Martin, I need you to tell me exactly what happened that night you came to get me from that party I got dru...I mean...where I couldn't get home by myself” I heard my mom say to me over he phone. “Wait mom...what are you talking about” I said...
wrote on 2020-11-09 | by Incestlover 59
Breeding the Neighbors
genre: straight
I'm Mark 33 single and live and work my own farm of 450-acres, my house is 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and is at the end of a row of houses in our town. When I bought the land 7 years ago the farmhouse was a wreck, one whole had fallen away from the house and the roof had a big hole in it and all the windows were broken and the doors and walls were full...
wrote on 2019-11-20 | by Mark
Breeding with my Mother
genre: incest
I'm James 21 single and live with my mother Rose 40. My father left us when I was 10 and mom worked hard to keep us. Last July she lost her job and was worried how she was going get another job. I work full time at a factory and said We would be okay. I had an invitation to a wedding of a friend and didn't have anyone to take after splitting...
wrote on 2018-11-26 | by James F
Breeding with my old Teacher
genre: straight
Long story short. I'm David 26 average a carpenter. Back when I was in high school I had a crush on my english teacher Miss Russell. Who was 26 at the time, I didn't have courage to try anything with her at the time. After I left high school I went into carpentry and I got really good and was able to buy my small house at the young age of 22....
wrote on 2018-04-23 | by David
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