Breeding Suzie


I'm 34 and now married to my neighbor's daughter Suzie 22, I moved into my house in November of 2019. I soon got to know my closest neighbor's Rebecca and her daughter Suzie, Rebecca never married and was more interested in her career and had gotten pregnant at 25 and decided she wanted a career more than marriage and never told the father of Suzie she had gotten pregnant. With her career doing great she bought the house I moved next too, and they both lived there, keeping mainly to their selves. Suzie isn't a scholar and prefers the artistic more than career. As the pandemic came in 2020 and we were hanging together, and one thing led to another. I started fucking both of them, Rebecca was the first, but Suzie soon joined in and as we were now lovers. We continued on after the lockdown was over and somewhat relaxed and let out guard down you could say. Suzie got pregnant early 2021 and had our son in November. We've decided to live together and have bought a new house together and have sold our other houses. Suzie loves being a mother and is again pregnant and it allows her to do her painting and care our son.
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