Rex the Conqueror pt 3

Written by , on 2018-02-07, genre zoophilia

Its day four, I am a mess,my hair is everywhere,I cant talk at all, my pussy, ass and throat all sore.
I sucked Rex's cock until he blew in my throat, and I made sure he got my ass again.
Havnt tried to walk and my wrist getting better.
I am anxious at Tracy's return, I cuddle Rex all day, crying at the thought of how much has happened, how I have come to love it.How I love being Rexs bitch.
I am laying on my back legs spread as Rex licks me to another orgasm,his long tongue deep in my gaping pussy,I roll over as he takes me, his long thick cock so deep I cum over and over.
Moaning and wimpering as his cum fills me again. He turns and I look up to see Tracy staring,jaw dropped, bags in her arms staring.
Rex drags me backwards to her.
She says,
"Goodboy Rexy, I see you have a bitch, a breeding slut"
He manages to get his knot out, happy to see his miss.
She pats him thru the wire,
She puts her hand out to me, then points at the ground mext to him.
"Sit bitch" she commands, I scurry over and do so,
"Good girl "she smiles patting me " Good little breeding slut"
I wag my ass as she smiles, she walks away and calls back,
"See you in the morning you two for your morning walkies!!"

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