Tickle me please

Written by , on 2018-02-08, genre bondage

I have always loved being tickled,as a young girl my friends and I would have competitons to see who could could hold out the longest before yelling stop and the one who yelled stop the soonest would then be tickled twice as long as the one who held out longest.
I always lost.
I would then be pinned down,and tickled without mercy screaming and thrashing.
As we got older the rules changed.
At 19 we still would meet, my grandmother had a cellar below her garage, and we would sneak in late at night. So now in the cellar was a single bed frame, to be tickled upon,and now we would tie each other down,and for me a gag would be used.
One night only two of us could make it,myself and margaret, margaret was new to the group and I found her intriguing.
She suggested new rules, I agreed when she promised me to stop on a safety word .
So I stripped for her, she watched.Intently.
I laid on the bed and she tied me spread armed and spread legged,I felt very excited, my nipples were hard and stiff, and she almost licked her lips as she ran a finger over them making me shriek and jiggle.
Then she reached into her bag and before I could say anything jammed a ball gag in my mouth, smiling she whispered,
"Just in case you say your safety word before I am done"
"Mmmphhh mmmm MMMM! "I protested,
Margaret smiled as she undressed,
"Of course I will tickle you without mercy,I set this up telling everybody else nobody was coming, just so I could have all to myself"
"Mgphhh mmm MMM mohh mgghhh"!I exclaimed.
Margaret laughed as she straddled me,
"Mmmm soo sweet of course I will turn you into a dribbling mess"
She tickled me relentlessly, my nipples, under arms, thighs, breasts and my pussy, tickled me as I squealed, cried and drooled down my chin, sweat ran everywhere and her laughter filled my ears. After an hr she asked what would I do to be let go, I said
"Not enough dear" she laughed and started again, eventually she made me pee, a big spray that went every where,then she teased my clit until I came,then she made me cum again, and again, and again.
The next time she removed the gag I said to her.
"Please Miss Margaret I will be your slave just please let me go".
She released an arm, and made me sign a contract,
Then she tied me over the bed end and spanked me red,
Finally she fingered me again until i came three more times.
As I knelt before her, she told me how I was her property, and as such would be used as often, wherever and whenever she saw fit.My life would never be the same.

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