Cum filled desire

Written by , on 2018-08-29, genre zoophilia

This story take place in my past first, I was no older than 8 my big sister and I found a dog we named him moonshine. I loved him we would play but he'd always try and hump me , I was 8 I didn't know anything that wasn't a vagina. One day alone with moonshine we played he started trying to hump me again, so after a while I let him I wasn't sure what was happening but it just felt right, well that was until his tip stuck me in the asshole. I was afraid and confused so I hit him and layed down in pain he started to lick me I thought it was an apology after that I left him alone. A month later we had to give him up. Here I am 10 years later ive done my research and been through so much life... I did research and found a hole undercover sexual love for animals dogs, horses , ect I still grew more and more curious. Is this really possible? Why does it turn me on so much?! I got so overwhelmed with the curiosity I befriended a guy name joseph he had a grate dane mix boy is that dog beautiful, the size of his sheeth was larger than my hand I could tell. He was going out of town for a day I made up a bullshit story explaining why I couldn't be at home n I offered to house sit for him and baby sit his little doggo. He agreed and left. I was so excited I couldn't help myself I showered that morning fed him and took him for a walk, it got dark outside and I just couldn't hold it any more.. I took doggo in Joseph's bedroom I let him chill while I got under dressed and started walking porn. I was laying on the bed legs spread wide so when I got really wet he could spell my throbbing pussy, it worked as planned he walked over to me and stuck his nose right on my clit, gosh I was so ready I could of screamed. It was cold and wet at first til he started licking away I just layed back and let him till he was ready to hop on me and start to grind I lowered my pelvis so he could feel the slit of my pussy. He struggled slightly then entered with full force filling me with his big red dick it felt so good and wet every thrust he took my breath away then he stopped I could tell he was uncomfortable in the position so I turned over and spread my lips for him ,he hopped on top and mounted me with no hesitation I could feel him growing with every thrust the sound of the wetness like playing in a puddle I started Cumming as soon as I felt on squirt of warmth hit my cervix it felt like being squirted with a hot water gun he started going hard and deeper I could feel his knot growing in side me I started thrusting back to help him fully fit in my tight pussy it hurt so good I didn't want it to end he hopped of my back and turned around I reached under me and grabbed his two front paws and snatched him under me I couldn't let it end just yet I was on top grinding his knot against my gspot he was still cumming as was I. I didn't stop until it shrunk and popped out cum leaked out of me all over him and the floor it was amazing

To bad that didn't really happen the beginning was true but not the end.. Well yet lol

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