Lauren gets a collar

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So at 19 I think I know it all, I am clever, cute, I can still wear my high school outfits, and my boss Karen loves me,but apparently no one else does, so after several complaints she decides I need a weekends discipline.
Its Friday, so I sign the papers and head out on the town.
Next day I am making my way to a secluded house for a weekend retreat. I arrive and find its just me and Karen, she greets me warmly, I am red faced as she is Gorgeous and obviously fancies me.
I play along, she holds my hand.shows me around,then makes me a coffee,
" So we should start soon" she says,I nod vacantly.
"Do you like dogs " she asks
I feel sleepy,
"God no filthy creatures" I yawn.
"Good this will make the weekend so much more fun " she smiles as I drift off.
I awake with a start, my mouth is dry and I feel all weird, I try to situp, but cannot , my arms and legs are folded in on themselves and I am in some type of body suit.
I roll over and find I can only move on my elbows and knees very awkwardly.
Calling out 'help'I only hear
"Woof Woof"....I gulp, a shiver runs down my spine.
"Woof woof"???WTF???
I make my way very awkwardly outside, I am in a fenced area and I can roughly make out in the reflection of the kennel tin I am in a doggy suit.I immediately start wimpering and waddling in a circle, trying to writhe, force my way out, all I can do is wimper and cry, nothing, no one is coming,, I start to sob when I see two bowls, I suddenly realise my thirst amd hunger is high. I waddle over on elbows and knee's and lap at the water, it is soothing, gulping down I look up and eye off the food, it looks mushy, and runny, oh my god I an so hungry, I shove my face in gulping, swallowing, it tastes terrible but my hunger is to much, I drink some more water and hear.
"Oh good girl good puppy" as the gate swings open Karen comes in I am so relieved I actually wiggle like I am wagging she smiles and pats my head.I wimper, tears forming.
She kneels next to me,
"Awwww poor baby, its ok, in a few days you will be back to normal" she comforts me and then says,
"Now SIT " she barks the command and snaps her fingers.
I look at her perplexed,she pushes my ass back onto the grass, its wet and I realise my ass,and tits and pussy are uncovered,patting me Karen slips a collar around my neck and stands,
"Heel "she commands and drags me off,I follow as best as I can as she tugs the lead, tsking she says,
"You are going to need some group training Lauren"
With that she heads to another caged area dragging me behind.
She whistles as we aproach,and out of the kennel two other girls in doggy suits appear, they run? up to the gate barking and wimpering wagging and doing little circles.
I laugh at how silly they look."
"Sit Ginni Sit Tracy " Karen snaps at them and they immediately rest back on their asses, wriggling wagging, Karen leads me in, they do not move, only eye each other than me.
Karen pats them both.
"Good girls " she says as she kneels,Karen pats her thighs"Come girls hug Mommy"
The two hop up and wag and wiggle lick and roll against her as she pats them both, she tickles the one called Ginni who rolls onto her back spreading her arms and legs wide, I see her nipples harden as Karen tickles her giggling as she does, the other girl rolls in her back to and as Karen tickles her Ginni is back on her hands and knees and circling me, I turn and Fall, she rolls me over and starts sniffing my body, I wriggle and squirm as she licks my nipples and sniffs me, her nose makes its way to my pussy and she nips at me, making me writhe.I am helpless as she climbs over me,her pussy stinks as she rubs it in my face and her ass covered in shit she grinds them in my face obviously saying I am above you bitch I let out a painful welp sound as her teeth nip at my little pussy.
"Ginni "Karen yells as she grabs Ginni by the collar, dragging her off me,Ginni yelps.
Karen ignores me,and grabbing a piece of garden hose pulls Ginni away,smacking her ass and pussy hard "wack"
As i watch Ginni getting told off Tracypup pushes me onto my feet then licks my face, I smile and she comes up behind me and slides her tongue from my clit to my ass,! Gasping as I fall forward my ass in the air she sucks and licks me gently, I arch a litle pushing back,,, mmm as I watch Ginnis ass turn red.
"Stupid fucking dog, bad bitch, naughty girl"Karen says as she whips Ginnis ass and pussy.
I am nearly cumming when I see Ginni is arching as the hose hits.Her yelps almost sound as if she likes it.
Suddenly Tracy flips me and I am on my back, she then mounts my face, her ass is also grimy, she starts to face fuck me and I feel my mouth forced ooen as her pussy twitches and my mouth is used as a piss hole.
I try to squirm as I gag and half swallow,Tracy is grinding and my mouth overflows. She leaps off and as I roll over Tracy smiles and then sits as Ginni is squirted with the hose.
filthy animals i hear myself say. Tracy is grabbed and I watch Karen squirt her ass and pussy clean.
She smiles at me and does the same,
"Now play nice,I will be back"
As Karen leaves the other two watch, and wait,I turn and try to seek shelter, but they are on me,my face pushed to the ground they are tounge deep in both holes, I cannot move and I dont want to, I feel erotic and filthy,I lay there as they probe my holes, nipping my pusy a little as I feel my pussy pulse and as I cum they keep licking, I try to move but am stuck,Obviously more in tune with their suits I am subjected to the wants and needs, I am rolled onto my back and this time Ginni sits on my face and pisses all over my head,and Tracy pisses on my pussy as well, They roll me on to my elbows and knees and Ginni puts her ass and pussy to my face, I try to turn but tracy grabs an ear and growls, I lap at Ginnis pussy and asshole as I wimper.
I lap and slide my tongue in deep, her ass and pussy open, they taste like cum, i keep licking until I feel a shudder and Ginni squirts in my mouth and on my face, its not pee, its cum and I lap at it,,, greedily,Tracy is next and I soldier on, lapping, licking, sucking her pussy until she whimpers, but she doesnt squirt,I lap until she moves,they both then lick my face, although Ginni still looks at me a little nasty, I just wag and go with it.
After Karen came out, patted us all and told me what a good puppy i am, she then licked her fingers and slid one in each if my holes, i gasped as she checked out my pussy and ass,
"mmmmm very tight" she smiled, she then said its time, the other two girls got excited and started behaving weird,Karen walked off,I watched as Karen led a massive German Shepard in,
"This is Rex "she smiled, he came past the girls as they leapt about but he bee-lined for me, shoving his nose into my holes, I gasped and tried to get away, frightened as the girls tried to get in the way, but Rex smelt new pussy,
He came around for the mount, I squealed as he jabbed at me, the girls tried to bite at me, pissed at me,I wimpered as Rex growled at them, and at me,
Karen laughed and laughed as I tried to get away. I was afraid of Rexs large cock but he pushed my face down and slid in with one big shove,
I let out a loud "OOOFFFF" Sound as I felt my tight little pussy rounded out to a baby arms fatness,I arched as he fucked me so deep.I swear his cock was in my womb, I cried as the girls nipped my ass,and as Rex raped me, I couldnt move, he filled me so deep I came again and again,then his knot forced in, I felt my eyes bulge, I couldnt breathe, gasping, wimpering, as the girls watched me cum once more as his cum flooded my womb.I sobbed as he kept slowly pushing in, his cum leaking out, Tracy and Ginni lapping my legs as it trickled down, I came several more times, disgusted, revolted at myself, When he eventualy plopped out both girls lapped and licked at me and at Rex's cock.
Karen put leads on the girls and led them out, Rex bred me six more times,each time I cried,cried,and cried.
The girls growled and barked each time,at one part I even saw them attack each other,Tracy won, and I watched(if not slightly gleefully) as she rubbed her filthy ass on Ginnis face.
I remember vaguely as Karen led me from the kennel. Slipping in and out of consciousness as Karen bathed me.
I awoke,at home, had I been dreaming, I stood and walked in to the lounge, my pussy,and Ass ached, and I saw a collar on the cable, my dream was a reality, I got a collar.

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