Rex the Conqueror pt 2

Written by , on 2018-02-07, genre zoophilia

I bit my bottom lip as Rex stared at me,I was naked, his cum sticky and dry down my thighs from last nights breeding,I was hungry, my wrist still sore and i am locked in the cage until Sunday.Rex ate his food and drank some water.
I dropped to my hand and knees, and crawled over,Eating some of the biscuits, at first I used my hand but Rex growled, so I ate like him, and drank water, like a dog.
Now I am in the corner of the cage,looking at my scratches and marks from where he had grabbed and raped me,my pussy is red,and sore,I sat in the water bowl to clean off the dried out cum.
Now Rex is back up and circling, I squish into the corner as he rushes me, he grabs my neck and again drags me away from my protected corner,I cry and wimper as he again rapes me, biting and scratching me, fucking me hard, no mercy,taking my pussy and breeding me, his long thick cock filling my tiny cervix,his knot stretching my pussy, His cum, filling me full,my pussy wet, open, and I cum, again, again, crying as Rex makes me his bitch.
He takes me about six times that day,that night i have to cuddle up again for warmth.
Day three and Rex hasnt touched me, by lunchtime I realise ive reacted to the dog biscuits, my throat swells and i cant talk,I lap at the waterbowl as Rex comes up and licks me from my clit to my ass!
I moan and submissively push my ass and pussy up, giving my holes to my master,he laps and licks as i moan and wimper,I cum heavily,collapsing.
I wake up,its colder and Rex is next to me,I tuck in,stroking his fur,I feel safe,Ifind myself stroking his tummy, he rolls on his back like a big puppy as my fingers make their way to his cock,,
His pink tip is out licking my lips nervously I slide my mouth over him,sucking his thick cock, caressing his balls i straddle him and slowly slide myself onto his cock, moaning, pushing it deep,riding his growing cock,back and forth,,panting,sweating,gasping and pushing myself over his growing knot, cumming as his knot swells, wimpering as his cum floods me, cumming again as I am filled,I roll over so he is on top, wrapping my legs around him,
"Ohh Rex " I whisper cumming again,eventually falling asleep tucked in.
Day three and Rex and I are like a honeymooning couple, eating,fucking,sleeping ,fucking,licking,fucking.
I am so happy I dont want tracy to come back. Rex is pacing, I get on my hands and knees and pee a little, he sniffs it up and he is ready again, I play a little teasing, slipping away, he gets angry, as I giggle he shoves me down, this time his aim is high and i am gasping for air his hot cock pierces my asshole.
His grip on my neck is firm as he pushes into my butt, my screams sound like a woof due to my throat as he pushes in, I am back arched tongue out as he takes my anal virginity,I cry and simper, but my ass loves it, I love it,I am his bitch, and i want nothing more.
Screaming into the ground as his knot blocks my ass, his warm cum distending my bowl like a warm thick cum enema.
I tell him I love him, he is my master, I am his bitch.
With my ass leaking cum I tuck in and crash again.

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